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Hasbro Playskool Finger Puppet Glove

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Brand: Hasbro / Age: Newborn

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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2009 22:48



      great time consuming toy

      This sounds like a great toy - it actually does live up to expectations.

      This toy is aimed at the very young. It is very simple - starting right from birth. It is one glove and will fit my hand easily [not my husbands hand curiously - although his hands are excessively big!].

      Colourful and different animals on each finger keep my son very amused. Only a colour change differentiates between each finger - it would have been better to have massively different shapes to the fingers as well for your child to easily see the difference.

      The farm animals are very versatile and as well as the attached book on the palm they are obviously quite versatile with those who have even the minimal of imaginations.

      Pointing to the animals and getting them to try to imitate the noises you make does pass the time easily and the simplicity of the aminals waving at the child is very effective.

      For children too young for books, this toy provides a great starter to sitting down and telling a story and demonstrating naming different animals and associating these with their respective noises.

      We got this toy online from ebay. Pretty cheap at less than £9. It is worth it. It provides a handy easily storable toy which can amuse children with the minimum of fuss.


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        17.01.2009 17:01
        Very helpful



        a great hand puppet toy

        My daughter got passed down this finger puppet glove a couple of weeks ago, and I was interested to see how or if she was going to play with it seeing as it's aimed at very young children to stimulate them.
        The playschool finger puppet glove is based around a farm theme. Each finger of the glove has a padded end with a different character on the end, pig, cow, sheep, chicken and farmer.
        On the palm are of the glove there is a soft small padded book that you can use to tell a story whilst wearing the glove. Inside one of the pages is a squeaker toy as well which adds a bit of extra stimulation to the baby.

        I would never have thought to buy a toy like this for a toddler as they are more into trying to do things themselves most of the time, well my daughter is as she strives to be independent, but I have noticed that after giving us the glove a few times for us to put on, she now tries to put this on herself and wiggles her fingers despite the glove being too big for her tiny hands.

        The glove will fit an adult hand comfortably unless you have extra large hands, but once it's on it's very easy to sit and make movements with the fingers to show the animals, and even create a story from the pictures in the soft book. This story generally changes each time we put the glove on but it can then be as short or as long as we think the attention span will last so this is usually a bonus on our part.

        As we received this second hand I was pleased to see it has worn well over the last six months from when I know it was bought. The glove is made out of what appears to be thick cotton and is sewn together very well. I have bought finger puppets in the past that have fallen apart in the crevices after a while but this one seems to withstand a fair bit of usage.

        Aimed at small children, the glove is designed for this purpose with very bright colours to grab attention and wandering eyes. There aren't many primary colours standing out on the glove but lots together make it attractive.

        I have found that my daughter likes to point out the animals and we make the noises that correspond to each animal. It's yet another learning tool to encourage little minds.
        Having seen this glove in action I am pleased we were given it. I can see it being a great preschool aid despite being marketed for such a young age.
        I have done my research and found you can pick this glove up for about £9.99 or on Ebay for less. I think the price is slightly high but then it does wear well and it won't ever break unless forced I don't think. It won't run out of batteries and the age range can obviously be expanded so for those reasons I think it might just scrape through the price structure.


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      • Product Details

        Baby will have fun identifying the farm animals with this brightly coloured puppet glove.

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