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Hello Kitty Bike

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Brand: Hello Kitty / Type: Ride and Sit on Toys

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2013 11:03
      Very helpful



      Lovely little bike

      Please note our bike is a different colour way than the one pictured above.


      Last Christmas we decided to buy both of our daughters a bike as their main present as our youngest daughter had not long turned 2 and my eldest daughter was getting too tall for her bike. I searched online to try and find the best deal as I wanted to find the best deal for my money and came across this one being sold by Tesco for £25. I was very surprised when I got into the store and found that it actually was selling for £25 as I initially thought it may have been a mistake on the website.


      The bike came packaged in a brightly coloured cardboard box, the box not only pictures the bike but is also very brightly coloured behind the picture and had a large Hello Kitty logo on it. When we brought the bike home my Husband opened it to check all the pieces as we had bought it a couple of months in advance, the box was easy to open simply needing a little cut through the sellotaped holding the box shut.


      The bike was very easy to build and my Husband built it on his own with very little cursing in the space of about 10 minutes. The tools for fixing the bike together came inside the box so there was no need for any extra bits. My Husband is like a lot of men and didn't use the instructions however it was very obvious from the piece how it needed to be put together. There is an instruction sheet with the bike and it has both writing and diagrams so if needed they are easy to follow.

      ==The Bike==

      The bike is 10 inches and is meant to be for a child aged 3 and up, I tried Emily on the bike in the store as at just turned 2 years old she didn't realise it was for her. Emily is tall for her age and in the top 5% of the population so I wasn't surprised to find that she was tall enough to sit on the seat and reach the pedals.

      The bike is pink and turquoise in colour and the colours are very vibrant, it is lovely colours for a girl in my opinion. The bike is from the character Hello Kitty so it has a large plastic piece which fits on the front of the bike with the character on it and then it has a pink padded seat with Hello Kitty pictured on there too. The bike has a number of transfers that come with it of little colourful hearts which have different patterns on them which your child can put onto the bike, you are shown on the instructions where the stickers are intended to go but your child could choose where they put them themselves.

      The bike has easy grip handles made of soft rubber so they are comfortable to hold and it comes complete with stabilisers which at this age my daughter needs, the stabilisers are even and the bike doesn't rock from side to side like I have seen with other bikes. The bikes pedals are on the front wheel and we have found this to be a bit of a problem as for all Emily was tall enough to reach the floor from the seat of the bike she actually wasn't able to reach the pedals.


      On Christmas morning we had both girls bikes built up in the front room and we covered them with sheets so that they didn't notice them, when they had finished with their other presents we told them to pull off the sheet and their faces were a picture when they saw the bikes. Both girls jumped straight onto their bikes and we ended up with a bit of banging and crashing between the 2 of them as they tried to ride them around the front room and into the kitchen.

      The bike has quite a low connecting bar from the front to the back so Emily was able to get on and off it by herself, Emily spent about an hour of Christmas day back and forth using her feet to move reminding me of a scene from the Flintstones. Emily is nearly 3 which is the recommended age for the bike and she can now reach the pedals properly however considering she is so tall for her age I think a lot of 3 years olds would probably still struggle to reach the pedals.

      The bike has had loads of use and Emily loves riding it although she still struggles to actually get moving to begin with and often requires a bit of a push to get her moving. The bike must be comfortable as she never seems uncomfortable and she has never had a sore bum when sitting on it even now that she is wearing knickers rather than the padding of a nappy. The bike can be adjusted and Emily currently has it at the lowest height so I would say we should get a good year from it yet which makes it even better value.

      The front panel on the bike has faded in the sun but other than that there is no damage or even scratching on the bike it is still in perfect condition even though it has been played with a lot.

      Emily absolutely loves her bike, in the winter she wanted us to bring the bike inside so she could play as I wouldn't let her out in the snow with it (evil Mammy)! Emily plays with her bike every single day and it is taking her a while to realise how to ride properly now she can reach the pedals and still keeps moving it with her feet but as long as she is happy I don't think it really matters.

      The stabilisers can be removed so that it can be a 2 wheeled bike however I can't see that there will be many children needing to take the stabilisers off on such a small bike and I think even Emily at not quite 3 is looking a little bit big for it just as it is so neat and compact.

      This bike is fantastic value especially when you compare what we paid for her older sisters Hello Kitty bike. The bike is durable, easy to build and plenty of fun for a young child the only thing that lets the bike down is the position of the pedals and for this it loses a star as I feel Emily would have been riding confidently by now if they had been better positioned.


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    • Product Details

      What a great way for your little girl to be active and have lots of fun! The Hello Kitty Bike comes with removable stabilizers for when she starts to get a little more adventurous! The Bike has a super robust tubular steel frame. There are also front caliper brakes and the handle bars are fully adjustable so the Bike will grow as your little one does. The Bike is designed showing the cool character of Hello Kitty on it so your little one will look great whenever she takes a ride! Features - Super robust tubular steel frame - Adjustable handle bars - Suitable for use from 3-6 years

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