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Ideal Gooey Louie

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Brand: Ideal / Type: Jigsaws & Puzzles

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2014 22:03
      Very helpful



      A surprisingly fun game.

      Gooey Louie is a game that my daughter has wanted for a while but is also something which 'accidentally' keeps disappearing off my shopping list due to the grotesque nature of the game! Last Christmas she finally received the game, much to her delight.

      The game is made by Ideal, is suitable for 2+ players and is recommended for children 5+ years (younger children could definitely play and enjoy this game but I guess the age is higher for safety reasons?). The game comes packaged inside a cardboard box with a horrible cartoon picture on the front of 'Louie' with his eyes bulging and nose dripping. There is also a photo of the actual game on it. The box reads "The fun filled game of nose picking grossness!".

      The game is practically already set up and ready to play. The contents consist of a large plastic head (this is Louie), around 10 'gooey' rubber bogeys (all bright green except for one that is black), a brain (which looks like a long spring with a plastic 'brain' on top) and a set of instructions. There is a door on Louie's nose which opens up so you can put all of the bogeys inside. All of the bogeys look the same, except for 2 (and the black one) which have small hooks on the end. This hook can be hooked on to a a latch inside Louie's nose - this latch is attached to Louie's head, so when the latch is pulled the door on top of Louie's head opens up and his brain pops out! You only need to attach one bogey to the latch and you only need to do this once (unless it ever comes unhooked which ours hasn't).

      The aim of the game is to take turns to pick bogeys out of Louie's nose! He has a big nose, so you can have a good rummage around! When you find a bogey, pull it out. If it's a normal green bogey, somebody else takes a turn. If it's the black bogey, you must take another turn. If you pull the wrong bogey (the one that's unknowingly attached to the latch), Louie's brain/eyes pop out and you lose the game!

      I love the fact that this game requires very little setting up each time you want to play (you just need to put the bogeys and brain back in), this allows us to happily play it over and over, without my daughter getting bored or distracted by other things. Despite the horrible concept of the game, it's actually really fun. My daughter, like most young children, obviously LOVES the concept! Once you get started you almost forget that you're picking bogeys from a nose! The game has a real suspense factor (who's going to get the bad bogey!?) and almost reminds me of Pop Up Pirate. It's a really simple game to play, there are practically no rules so it's suitable and enjoyable for children (and adults!) of all ages. We usually find ourselves giggling throughout the game, especially my daughter who can't control her giggles until the brain pops out. The brain pops out quite fast (not particularly high though) and makes a squeak sound. Another thing I like about the game is that the bogeys aren't slimey or putty-like (they are more like soft rubber) - my daughter previously received another revolting game called Doggie Doo which came with gooey putty that was really messy and effectively ruined the game. I would say that Gooey Louie isn't quite as gross as Doggie Doo either as Doggie Doo made horrible sounds but Gooey Louie doesn't make any noises. Another good point is that the game doesn't require batteries (and I really hate batteries!). Each game only usually lasts a matter of seconds, usually no more than a minute. This has its upsides and downsides, the downsides are that it's over quickly but the upsides are that children don't lose interest half way through. My daughter is happy to play this game continuously and it was a big hit with everybody on Christmas day! I don't always enjoy playing my daughters games with her but I don't mind this one (probably because of the suspense factor, along with the fact it requires no setting up and doesn't take ages to play).

      Gooey Louie is available at almost all toy stores and generally costs around the £20.00 mark. I think it's quite overpriced for what the game actually is, however I do recommend the game, so it's probably best to look around for the cheapest price.


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