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John Lewis Toy Car Keys

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Brand: John Lewis / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Cars & Vehicles

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2012 12:59
      Very helpful



      Fairly realistic baby keys which my son loves

      My son received the John Lewis toy car keys for his first Christmas when he was six months old. He was already obsessed with my car keys so I thought these would make him feel like he had his own set.

      - The Keys -
      The keys consist of three plastic keys, one with a yellow head, one green and one red. The 'metal' (grey plastic) key bit is slightly different on each key. These are attached to a turquoise plastic ring which is then attached to the electronic fob. This is silver and dark grey plastic with four buttons and corresponding lights on the front side. There is a red button with a picture of a motor cycle which when pressed makes the noise of a revving motor cycle and the red light lights up. There is a orange button with a picture of an old fashioned horn which when pressed makes a "beep beep" sound and the orange light lights up. There is a green button with a picture of a car which when pressed makes the noise that some cars make when they are being opened with a fob and the green light lights up. There is a yellow button with a picture of a house which when pressed sounds the "ding dong" of a door bell and the yellow light lights up. On the back there is a panel that can be unscrewed to access the 2 x AAA batteries required for it to operate. The keys actually came with batteries that lasted over six months before needing changing. This is very easy to do as long as you have an appropriate screw driver. On top of the fob there are a few thin slots in the plastic so that the speaker for the sounds is clearly audible. It really is a very simple little toy but there appears to be enough to keep a baby entertained. I think it looks quite smart and more realistic/less babyish than a lot of toy keys.

      - Where Me Keys Where Me Phone -
      At six months old my son mostly used these keys as a rattle as the keys actually make quite a good sound when shaken. He didn't really press the buttons as they are quite tiny and I don't think he had the motor skills or the understanding to be able to do this. He liked it when I pressed the buttons for him. This was certainly more popular than a very babyish toy mobile phone we also received for Christmas but still not as popular as Mummy's keys of course! As he grew my son became more capable of pressing the little buttons and began to really enjoy this aspect of the toy. I have found this is the perfect toy to keep in the changing bag for when we are out and about. On many occasions my son has entertained a room full of people in the Doctors Surgery waiting room by pressing the buttons over and over again while laughing hysterically! I like that the sounds are quick, not too irritating and are fairly realistic. Although I have never known a key fob make the sound of a revving engine or the ding dong of a door bell! At 14 months old my son still plays with these keys and shows no sign of becoming bored. As well as helping my son improve his sensory development and motor skills I think they have a few uses for the future: to teach colours and also for pretend play for older children. Overall I think this is a lovely little toy and has certainly kept my son entertained.

      - Age Range -
      These keys are recommended from 12 months. I don't see why they can't be given to a younger baby and my son certainly enjoyed them from around six months, although didn't really press the buttons until he was around eight months. The John Lewis website actually states "Warning! Not suitable for children under 12 months" but there are no sharp edges or choking hazards so I really don't understand this.

      - Price and Availability -
      The keys are available from John Lewis and are priced at £8. I think this is quite reasonable and seems similar to other brands that make baby keys.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      I would definitely recommend these keys as I couldn't fault them in any way. They look good, sound good, entertain my son, are small enough to take out and about, have a few uses and are reasonably priced.


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