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Lamaze High Contrast Panda Blankie

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Learning Curve / Age: Newborn

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 11:34
      Very helpful



      Great blankie toy for babies

      ***The Product***
      This a baby comforter featuring a pandas head, from the popular Lamaze brand. Lamaze are well known for their range of baby toys, that are usually brightly coloured as well as using a lot of highly contrasting black and white. Both of these colour combinations are suppose to be excellent teaching aids for very young babies, as they can see these a lot clearer than say pastel colours. They also use lots of different textured materials for your baby to explore, quite often with their mouth as that is what a lot of babies like to do! It is about 20cm square, so the perfect size for babies tiny hands to play with.

      There appear to be 2 versions of this toy, i believe that the one pictured here is the slightly older version and the newer one has the pandas head in the centre of the toy rather than the corner and has a triangular patchwork on the front rather than the rectangles. Its suitable from newborn onwards.

      ***The Price***
      This product seems to retail at somewhere between £8 and £10 pounds, although it can sometimes be found on offer, for example camelcamelcamel shows that amazon have sold it in the past for as low as £5.00 and its average selling price is just £6.21. Its currently on sale with amazon for £7.00.

      I bought this product from Tesco direct a few months ago during one of their baby events when all Lamaze products were reduced by 1/3. This made it just under £6, and then it is also included in their baby and toddler clubcard boost category so i used my clubcard vouchers and along with purchasing some other baby products i got this half that price so just under £3....bargain!

      ***Why i bought this***
      My third baby has taken to sleeping with comforter toys like this. My older two never did this, but my baby seems to only settle for his day time nape when he has some material against his cheek. Luckily he isnt fussy on what he has, he is not attached to any one particular blankie so long as he has one. So i wanted to buy a few more blankie type toys. I love Lamaze products, and also my older two boys love pandas, so this was perfect!

      ***My Verdict***
      My baby loves the crinkle textures, and although it is mainly used as a comforter to get himself to sleep he also enjoys handling it and chewing on the pandas ears.

      I have the older version which i prefer a lot compared to the new one, just in terms of looks. I like the black border around the older style one and also i don't like that the new one has quite a lot of pink which isn't so great when you have three boys!

      ***Would i buy it again?***
      Yes i would as it really helps my baby learn to self settle to sleep. I would also consider buying this as a gift for a newborn baby.


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      05.08.2013 19:39
      Very helpful



      Snugly mr panda just not quite for bedtime

      Having foolishly left Mr Cow our sons bedtime blanket on holiday I even more foolishly sent my husband off to buy a replacement, he came back with this blanket and no idea that he had even done anything wrong.

      A beautiful and bright tactile blanket with a range of different textures for little hands (and mouths of course) to explore with a large panda rattle head. A fantastic piece of tactile learning that is not conducive to sleep as of course there is too much going on (fail for hubby!) so instead of making it to the hallowed space of the cot poor panda has been added to the toy box and not even the home toy box, the toy box in the back of the car (on 3 all say ahhhhhh)

      *PANDA HEAD*
      At one corner of the blanket is a large panda head which is of course, a rattle. The rattle is not over load and sounds as though it is a single bell inside the panda head. William is able to make the rattle make noises both by shaking (and shaking and shaking) the blanket and also by squeezing the panda head, though more noise is made during "shaky" time. Pandas ears and arms are made from the lovely crinkly stuff that babies seem to adore though William is more likely to overlook these in favour of shaky shaky. The arms are covered in a black felt which picks up every piece of fluff going, currently our poor panda arms look like he has some form of white spot disease.

      One side of the blanket is made up of 6 different materials in a patchwork style edged with black satin which is tied in knots on the other 3 corners where there is no panda head! When we are in the car and William is busy playing with panda I often look and see him sucking one of the knots and generally gnawing it like a dog at others so I have to assume that it both tastes nice and is soothing for teething pains.
      1. Red satin square
      2. Blue furry square with what I can only describe as a snakeskin pattern
      3. Orange cotton square
      4. Green cotton square
      5. Purple cord square
      6. Yellow velour square
      Each square contrasts to the others and Williams favourite is the yellow square. When he isn't busy stroking this, I often see the blanket being slapped with both hands as he's lying on his belly amid squeals of delight (especially when he hits the head and makes it rattle)

      The whole thing is backed with a red velour material which is lovely and soft to touch.

      *OUR USE*
      As I said the main purpose of buying this was to replace as a comforter, this is far too exciting to do that whilst in the cot however out of the cot William is too old to get full enjoyment from this as he isn't limited in what he can explore as he is (and was when we got this) fully mobile to explore rugs, tiles, carpets, bits of fluff, random peas from dinner etc. I imagine this would have been wonderful as a newborn when you are trying to introduce bits of the world to them slowly. As it is, we still find he likes to use this when confined in spaces such as the car seat. Another use we have from this now he is older is to play the game peekaboo, its a perfect size for him to lift to his face and pop out from behind.

      We bought this from debenhams at the grand total of £9, there are other stockists out there but it seems t be a fairly consistent price.

      Again, as with all Lamaze toys this is a surface wash only toy. So far I haven't put it in our washing machine but I have no qualms about doing so given my experience of putting other Lamaze toys in the machine successfully. As I say, it attracts all sorts of fluff that sometimes a surface wash will not remove. And we must not forget the fact that baby's vomit, regularly, on everything....!

      I'd recommend this blanket for younger babies, it is something you could use from birth and chances are your baby could get totally attached to this and it become the security "lovey" I was looking for, though I do think it is too stimulating to be associated with sleep.
      William definitely gets bored of this quickly due to his age I suspect so it only has a short shelf life (or a 5 minute play window) and so for that I will have to knock off a star. For my husband, well I think he deserves only 1 out of 5 stars for getting it so wrong!


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