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Lamaze Play and Grow - Kerry the Fairy

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2 Reviews
  • Suitable from birth
  • Good price
  • Wipe clean only
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    2 Reviews
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      21.06.2014 21:47
      Very helpful


      • "Suitable from birth"
      • "Good price"
      • Cute


      • "Wipe clean only"

      A great Lamaze item which is suitable from birth

      I purchased this from Toys R Us at a cost of just under 10pounds which although sounds a little on the steep side, at the time there was a 3 for 2 promotion running and all Lamaze products so I managed to pick another few items up to making it quite good value. The RRP is 10pounds, it is available from most toy or baby shops and online from places such as EBay, Amazon etc.

      Kerry is a little doll made from material meaning she is quite light and portable, she has beautiful butterfly wings on her back and she measures around 19cm in height so quite a nice size for little hands to play with.

      She has orange coloured hair which is styled in pigtails to the top of her head however instead the pigtails being hair, they are made from ribbon. I used to find that this was one part that Lauren used to touch quite a bit, when she was younger, she seemed to develop a bit of a thing for tags and ribbons and would twiddle with them for ages, especially and nap times. Kerry is dressed in a green top which has the Lamaze logo on it, a yellow skirt and green boots, none of the clothes are removable and are actually stitched onto the doll but they are all made from different materials so promoting the sensory elements of the doll.

      The fair wings are another favourite part of the doll, the too are brightly coloured and made from different materials so have different feel to them when touching. The insides of the wings have that crinkly material which makes a noise when touched; these are great at helping children to understand cause and effect. I remember we used to play a little game when she got a little older where when she made the wings make a noise, I would pretend that the noise made me jump and she would giggle away, to the point she would normally end up giving herself hiccups.

      Hanging from one of her arms is a bright pink plastic flower which has little beads which can move around in the petals so when shaken, it makes a rattling noise. Again, this proved quite popular with Lauren, more so as she got a little older (probably around 6months) and she was able to grasp and hold this. This also became a favourite of Laurens when she was teething as quite often I would find her trying to shove this part in her mouth.

      It is worth noting that Kerry shouldn''t really be placed in the washing machine and she is wipe clean only, however I have hand washed her a few times and I haven''t experienced any problems at all.

      One of the main things I like about Kerry is that she has large white clip protruding from the top of her head which means she could be attached to things easily. I really like this as when she was younger, I would attach to the top of her car seat to give her something to look at when we were out on the car, or I could attach to the side of the cot but the main thing I used to do was attach to her playmate. She used to spend ages just lying underneath looking at, and as she grew older, trying to reach it with her arms and legs. I used to find it really handy to when we were out in the pushchair as I could attach to the bar, I remember that before I discovered these clips, she used to have a bit of a fascination of throwing things on the floor and watching mummy pick them up ? this was great it I spotted she had done it but not so good if I missed it, there have been many times when I realised we had lost something and had to go back and retraces our steps.

      As I mentioned earlier, I did struggle to find a lot of toys that were suitable from birth when Lauren was younger but most of the Lamaze range is. This is no different, it is suitable from birth and they say up to about 24months. I must admit, Lauren played with this longer after that and it''s still in her toy hammock along with all her other teddies and soft toys.

      I am really impressed with Kerry and have no problems recommending. I purchased a lot of things when Lauren was first born that if I had my time again, I probably wouldn''t repurchase and save my money but this isn''t one of them, in fact it would more than likely be at the top of my wish list. Having used Kerry for several years now, she is still going strong and isn''t showing any signs of wear and tear which just proves what a quality item she is.


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      29.11.2011 23:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good doll but a little costly

      I am a big fan of the Lamaze range of baby toys and my daughter has already amassed quite a few only after a few months. I wasn't planning on purchasing anymore myself, since I know that she is already receiving some more Lamaze from family at Christmas, however, I was passing a local charity shop recently when I noticed they had a box of toys priced at 50p. Inside was this Lamaze Play and Grow Kerry the Fairy, in perfect condition, looking as if it had never been used, and so at that price, despite it being similar to the Emily Lamaze doll that my daughter already has, I decided to get it.

      When I got home, I looked up on amazon and found that at full price this Kerry the Fairy doll costs a hefty £9.50, which I do think it too much for this particular Lamaze product.

      Kerry the Fairy is like a lot of Lamaze toys, multi textured. She has a satin skirt, with soft fabric black and white high contrast tights underneath, as well as satin shoes. In her left hand, she has a hanging flower shaped rattle. Her hair is up in pig tails with little bits of ribbon poking out to resemble hair. Her wings are probably the most eye catching part of the doll. She has four separate wing segments, each with their own high contrast black and white pattern on the back, and various coloured edging. On the front each wing has a mutlicoloured bright pattenr such as stripes or spots or swirls, so in either direction your baby should be stimulated. Each of the wings is also crinkly sounding when touched to appeal to baby's senses. This doll can also be hung from a buggy etc by the clip attached to the doll.

      Lamaze suggests this doll is suitable from birth to 24 months, and would be ideal as a baby's first doll.

      There is no doubt that when I brought this doll home and showed it to my daughter, she loved it. SHe smiled and reached out for it, despite not being quite able to grab properly yet. She seemed to particularly like the wings, and the crinkly noises that they produce when touched. She will also try and reach for the rattle, and listens to me shaking it. When she can she likes to chew on the wings and on the hook that the doll can be hung from. So, in terms of a first baby doll, it is a good possibility, however at £9.50, this is where I think it is too expensive. I bought the Lamaze Emily doll for just under £8 and not only is it much bigger than this fairy doll, it also has much more for baby to interact with, and so from that point of view I really think it isn't worth the money that it costs full price, and am very glad that I only had to pay 50p for this - although obviously it is worth more than that!

      All in all, although my daughter does seem to like this doll and her wings in particular, I really don't think it is worth £9.50. IT does have interesting things for a baby to interact with, but not as much as some other Lamaze dolls which cost less!


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