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Lamaze Play & Grow Stretch Giraffe

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lamaze / Age: Newborn

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    4 Reviews
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      13.12.2013 11:12
      Very helpful
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      nice one

      Before our new baby was born we took Little B to Toys R Us and asked her to choose a toy for her new brother. Little B took this task very seriously and spent a lot of time studying the baby toys before eventually selecting this one and declaring that it was for the baby. We took this giraffe home and it sat in the baby's room for a few months waiting for him to arrive. This giraffe came to the hospital with us so that it could meet the new baby right away and since his birth this toy has been a big part of his life. I wouldn't say this is his favourite toy but it is certainly a well loved one.

      choosing it

      Lamaze make a variety of young baby toys. When we were in Toys R Us there were quite a few to choose from and what I noticed is that they are all very bright with very dazzling materials. Mrs B informs me that this is because young babies do not have good vision and can only see strong colours so these bright toys are aimed at catching a baby's attention. This toy is a giraffe and as you can see from the picture it is extremely bright with lots of crazy patterns all over it. It really doesn't surprise me that when Little B went to look for something for her new brother that this stood out to her as it is such a bright and happy looking toy. We have had Lamaze products in the past and always been pleased with them so didn't hesitate to buy it.

      The toy

      This is about 25cm tall so it is a good size. Baby B couldn't hold it for a long time but was able to interact with it. It is quite a solid toy, well stuffed as it's not too squashy like some teddies. It has a lot of elements to it. At first glance it looks just like a bright giraffe but when you really look at it you can see lots of little details on it which babies will enjoy exploring. It has four legs and these are made from a really soft, silk-like material and these are only lightly stuffed so they are extremely soft and squishy. Baby B liked to squeeze the legs in his fists. Each leg has a different pattern on it and then the feet are round and more firm with little tassels hanging off them. These have a shiny material on the bottom which is slightly refective which makes them look very bright. Baby B liked to stroke his fingers along these bits as they're very smooth. The little tassels are made from a satin type ribbon. The body of the giraffe is a material which has lots of texture on it- it's a little rough and has lots of spots on it. Baby B at first would explore these textures. It has a knotted lace as a tail. Around his neck to look like a collar are two firm teething type rings which have different textures on, these are firm so great for teething. The face is nice and smiley with big eyes and a smile. It again has little tied laces as it's ears.


      Baby B at first just used to gaze at this. It has a clip type hook on it so you can attach this to a pushchair or the cot. We used to have it attached to the top of his car seat so it hung down and gave him something to look at. He really liked to focus on it and study the various patterns. It really did catch his attention and help him focus. He then moved on to trying to hold it. It was so cute to watch him trying to work out how to get his hands around the toy and make a lunge for it! He began to explore the textures and various elements. He liked to knock it around so that the teething rings would bash into each other and make a little noise as they did so. He spent a lot of time clutching the legs as they are nice and squashy. He never really used it as a teether toy but then he was never much of a gnawing baby anyway he much preferred to chew his fist than a toy! Now he is very, very nearly two and this toy is in his cot as he sleeps. He sometimes picks it up and has a little play with it but doesn't pay it very much attention now really like he did before.


      I really like this giraffe especially because it has such sentimental value. I think Little B was very cute when she chose this and we will keep it forever for that reason alone. It is a very good brand, we have other products from Lamaze and have always been pleased with them.

      I like how bright this is. It was great for Baby B to be able to focus on it and give him something to concentrate on. Over the first year of his life his ability to interact with this toy really grew and it was nice to see him developing especially at the point when he was beginning to learn to grip and it was very cute seeing him holding this. The amount of detail within this toy is amazing. It's so easy to just think it's a bright soft toy but when you really look you can see how much thought and detail is in this. Some people may say that there is too much going on in this but Baby B has always liked it and it's helped him to develop his sense of touch and his ability to grip. Now that he is nearly 2 he isn't really interested in this anymore which is a shame but it still gives a bit of comfort.

      I think this toy is ideal for very young babies and a young toddler. It hasn't still captured our baby's imagination now so it really is ideal for a baby, as they get older they are looking for more interactive elements or something which isn't so geared at such a young baby.

      I find it hard to fault, I suppose the only criticism is it is difficult to clean especially the body of it as it's got little grooves in and things but considering we have had this two years and it's been well loved it is still in very, very good condition. This is a lovely toy.


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        09.03.2012 15:24
        Very helpful



        nothing bad but nothing special either

        We got given this giraffe for Christmas for T. He was about 5 weeks when we got it and he's now 4 months. The giraffe has a velour type body with a plain fabric checked black and white underside to it's tummy. Black and white is supposed to be appealing to young babies, though this aspect has never particularly interested mine. There are four legs which sort of stretch a little bit and are in different bright coloured fabrics. Each of the feet has shiny, smooth fabric on it and a different sound, one shakes (sounds like small beads), one has a bell, one is crinkle and the other has a squeaker. The giraffe has two antenna and a tail that are knotted velour fabric and the small ears have a crinkle texture. There are two plastic loops round the neck in different textures. There is a plastic loop on the back which can be used to clip the toy to babygyms/pushchairs etc. Tiny little rainbows of ribbons make a mane on the neck and around the hooves. The toy is advertised as being suitable from birth.

        What do I think?
        The toy has remained intact and reasonably clean across use. It wipes down easily. I think little T will get more out of it when he is older and better able to manipulate it in his hands. The stretchy legs aren't stretchy enough to be interesting, and the only result is that the legs poke out at weird angles. The small ribbons around the neck really only provde decoration, larger ribbons like taggies style would be more interesting. The toy is a bit long for being a hanging toy where it's main use is in the early months.

        How did little T play with it?

        5 weeks - 2 months
        Little T mostly enjoyed batting this as a hanging toy in the early months. It had to be positioned at his side due to the length of the legs. I think he was attracted by the bright colours, but the different jangling sounds that occurred when he hit it was a definite plus at this stage.

        3 months
        Little T can just about manage to manipulate the toy at this age. He can't grasp any part apart from the hanging hoop, and struggles to hold it for long - ossibly due to it's size. He seems especially pleased when he gets a foot or the antenna into his mouth to suck or chew.

        4 months
        Little T can now manage to grasp the legs to help him suck the hooves or shake to hear the jangle. He has shown no interest so far in the ribbons on the neck or the checked underside. He can't manage the squeaker himself but always looks interested when it is squeaked for him. He has a coule of times grasped the hoops on the neck but can't manage to let go due to the small gap between the hoops and the neck underneath, so needs help, although it doesn't hurt him.

        With or without adult support, this toy holds little T's interest for 2 minutes to a maximum of 3 minutes.. Overall it isn't a bad toy to have in your collection, but it isn't a must have or anything special either.


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          02.03.2012 22:45
          Very helpful



          Another great toy from Lamaze

          My little girl who is now six months old has amassed quite the collection of Lamaze toys, which for the most part are all of great quality and entertainment value for her. The Lamaze range of toys are all bright and colourful and therefore often very attractive to babies. Toys from the range also tend to come with a hook so that they can be hung from car seats, buggies, cots etc etc. This Lamaze Stretch the Giraffe is a more recent addition to my daughter's collection as given to her by her grandparents. This toy retails at just over £10 on the likes of amazon.

          This toy is slightly longer than many of the Lamaze toys my daughter has, and therefore it a little too long to hang on her buggy, as it becomes too difficult for her to reach. This stretch the giraffe is full of things for babies to play with. The bright yellow body, with four different coloured legs are something that seemed to immediately catch my daughter's eye. Around the neck of the giraffe are two teething rings, which obviously help to give this giraffe a little rattle noise when it is moved.

          My daughter's favourite part of the whole toy however are the legs, which can be pulled somewhat and are stretchy (hence the name of the toy). On the foot of each of the four legs are different things for baby to interact with such as a rattle, crunchy texture and squeaker. My daughter isn't able to press the squeaker foot by herself, but she enjoys her daddy or me pressing it, and she always smiles when we do so. These feet have also proved to be something my daughter loves to put into her mouth to chew on, probably because she likes the different textures on the feet and also the fact that this giraffe is very soft to touch.

          Like a lot of the Lamaze toys this one is suitable from birth, but there is no doubt that a baby really starts taking more notice after a month or so, and certainly with this giraffe my daughter has got even more enjoyment than she probably would have at two or three months old, as she can now interact herself with the toy. I now keep this toy in the car and she likes to play with it, eat it and rattle it whilst she sits in her car seat and this keeps her content for slightly longer car jaunts.

          All in all, this is another good toy from Lamaze. It has enough potential to amuse my daughter for a reasonable length of time. IT is lovely and soft and can be taken wherever, although for my buggy, it is a little long to hang. There is enough activities on this giraffe to keep the attention of a baby and the lovely bright colours will be enough to grab the attention of a newborn.


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          05.02.2009 11:38
          Very helpful



          Excelllent Baby Toy With Lots Of Play Learning Oppportunities

          Gerry Giraffe He Makes Us Laugh

          I bought this for a five month old baby boy Josh who has just started attending my setting. I had read several reviews about the Lamaze baby toys before buying this giraffe and liked the fact you can use it from newborn until baby is 2-3 years old. Gerry is designed to help babies through various stages of development. I let the older children I care for choose a name for him (with a bit of help from Debbie) and we picked Gerry.

          ~What Gerry Looks Like~

          Gerry is quite comical looking with a happy cheeky face, he is very brightly coloured (red, white, black, blue, green, pink, orange) with various patterns all over him. Gerry has four stretchy dangly legs, two of his legs have different rattles, one of the legs makes a rustling crinkling noise when you feel it (Gerry likes his leg being pulled lol) and his last leg squeaks when you press it. Gerry has a large fastening hook attached to his neck so you can hang him up over babys pram, cot or baby bar and then baby can reach up and play with him. He also has two teething rings attached.

          ~Play And Learning Opportunities For Baby~

          ~Tactile And Fine Motor Skills~

          Gerry is made of different materials (silk, felt, crinkly material, fluffy material) and each material has a different feel/texture to it for baby to feel, grip and grab which helps develop his fine motor skills and learn about the world around him.


          Bright contrasting colours and bold patterns help to stimulate babies vision.

          ~Social And Emotional Development~

          Gerry is a loveable character and inspires baby to pretend play with him and enhance his social skills.


          Gerry rattles, squeaks and makes rustling/crinkly noises learning baby about sounds and helping him develop his auditory senses.

          ~Our Experience~

          Obviously Josh can't tell us if he likes Gerry or not but he does seem to smile and chuckle at Gerry and can reach up to grab him. Josh is teething at the moment so likes to dribble and bite poor Gerry but Gerry doesn't seem to mind to much. The older children like Gerry and make him squeak and rustle for Josh which Josh seems to find funny. I would recomend Gerry and other toys in the Lamaze range. Gerry has a lot of play and learning value and will grow and develop with Josh. Gerry is really well made and loveable and I will be buying more in the Lamaze range.

          ~Looking After Gerry~

          On the plus side Gerry doesn't need feeding. He can get a bit mucky though, Gerry can be surface washed when needed to keep him nice and clean. We did give Gerry a spin in the washing machine when he got really grubby (delicates 40 degrees) and he came out like new~poor Gerry was a bit dizzy though.

          ~Price and Availability~

          Gerry can be bought new online at Amazon for £5.35 with free delivery (not in stock at the moment) or E-Bay for £6.99 Plus £1.99 postage.


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          Stretch has clinky rings, knotties and stretchy legs with colourful ribbons.