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Leap Frog Learn & Groove Colour Play Drum

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Leap Frog / A childs play drum that lights up / Type: Learning Toy

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2011 13:13
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      Great for kids everywhere!

      As with a lot of my recent toy reviews, this was a new purchase for my sons birthday a few weeks ago. He turned one and was showered with gifts from family and friends. Knowing he would be spoilt so much by our large circle of friends and family I made sure that the pressents that my partner and I bought as his gifts from Mummy and Daddy were well thought out and unlike to be bought by anyone else making duplicates.

      My son has always been very stimulated by noise, it's something we noticed very early on. If there are loud or unusual noises he always reacts promtly and with intrigue and now he's one he often tries to immatate the sounds. He's also very loyal to two cartoons on television due to their noise. He recognises the voices and theme tunes and claps with glee and watches transfixed for it's duration. Recently I tried to get him to watch a few different shows but he wasn't having any of it, and had little or no interest in them at all. Like I said, he's very stimulated by noises.

      Being a typical boy as well he's very rough with some of his toys. Due to his reactions to sounds and his boy-ish nature one of his favourite games is throwing and slamming toys on our tiled kitchen floor. Considering we live in a flat, I pity the people below us! Slamming and hitting things to make sound is enjoyable for Josh so when I saw this product in the shops I made a mental note to put it on his birthday list.

      When the time came to purchase said birthday gifts I bought this particular toy from Toys'r'us online. It cost me £12.99 but has now gone up to £14.99 which is still a very reasonable price. Because it's a Leap Frog product it's widely available so if you shop around I have no doubts you could get it for the price I paid, or at least closer to it.

      The Learn & Groove colour drum is absolutely fantastic for my son! He loves playing with it as much as I love watching him play with! The packaging is bright and colourful and pure green as that is the trademark colour for the whole Leap Frog brand. It was easy to remove from the packaging and came complete with working batteries already inside (when they need replacing you need 2x AA batteries).

      The drum itself is very straight forward and easy to enjoy. It has a thick orange bottom, a yellow centre and green top rim. The top of the drum is a semi transparent type of plastic and there are several green switches in various places. There is also a handle on the top too so that your child can carry the drum round, this was another great features because my son is at that super observant stage now and he notices I carry my handbag around and he likes to carry things like that too to mimic me. So he's often pottering around carrying his little drum. It's not heavy either so it's perfect to indulge that side of his play time.

      The idea of the drum is that it combinates light and sound together while also educating your child. Leap Frog are a great brand for producing toys that stimulate and educate your child and I'm so pleased that they create specialist toys for the ages as they grow to help them learn things in line with their age. The drum flashes with colours when it's tapped or patted and I was pleased to notices it's quite sensitive to touch so you don't need to hit it so much as tap and it responds. It lights up in various colours and places in response to your child which Joshua finds absolutely fantastic!

      There are three musical modes to match this-one if Classic, one is Salsa and one is marching. You choose the setting with a little switch and the drum plays music and sings along to tunes of that genre and the lights in the drum flash along with the tune. There are also two language settings-one french and one english so if you are bi-lingual this is great. I'd not really given much thought to this side of things as no-one in my family speaks any language other than English but actually it's a great addition to the toy. It always makes me giggle when Josh is drumming away to a french song!

      The learning modes of the drum also recites the names of the colours that flash on the top of the drum as they flash in real time, this is great for teaching baby the names of colours. It also counts along with the flashes too with is a great learning tool. I like the fact that Josh can explore colours through assosication of names and colours themselves.

      It's manufacture is reliable and it deffinately feels and looks like a safe, well made toy. I don't worry that Josh would hurt himself with this although I'm not going to rave about the few times he's dropped it on my foot because that's not exactly pleasant! Other than that it's a very durable, withstanding toy that I hope will last and last.

      I would give this toy a full five stars because it's fun and interactive and also stimulates my son while educating him too. Josh loves to get excited about his drum, he oftens squeals with excitement after banging away at it for an age! And it's size and weight is great too. There is absolutely no reason that lots of other children wouldn't love this drum as much as mine does!

      Deffinately one for the Christmas lists!


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