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Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set

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Brand: Leapfrog / Age: 12 months+ / Type: Playsets

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2010 21:15
      Very helpful



      Great fridge toy

      This toy has to be one of the best inventions ever. I mean, if any of you out there have children and fridge magnets, I'm sure you know the two always mix.

      We have fridge magnets everywhere because both my kids have a habit of picking them up and carrying them around the house and dumping them in obscure places. So when I saw this toy I knew I had struck gold.

      It's very simply a little farmhouse which fixes to your fridge, washing machine, basically anything which magnets stick to. And with this little farmhouse comes a selection of animal magnets, which are all in two pieces. I.e. you get a cow's head and a cow's bum, a duck's head and a duck's bum, also a horse, sheep and a pig.

      Now these little magnets stick to your fridge, but they also fit into a little housing on the front of the farmhouse, and when you stick two pieces in, it doesn't necessarily have to be two pieces of the same animal, you hear a little jingle! This is very rewarding for a child.

      If you happen to put in a cow's head and a horse's behind, you will hear this little song:

      'A Cow Horse?!
      A cow in front, a horse behind, put them together and what do you find?
      A cow-horse????
      That's silly!'

      It's quite funny, and whatever animal selection you place in there, you will hear the relevant song. It also makes the noise of whatever animal is in there.

      If you happen to get a match, for instance you get the cow's front AND behind in position you will hear this:
      'Moo - Purple Cow!
      You made a match, look what you found,
      You made a match, hear a cow sound ....Moooo!'

      It's really good, and whatever animal you put in the correct place you will hear a similar, if not the same version of the rhyme above, obviously changing the name of the animal.

      Also if you stop playing with it for a while, it will moo at you, or quack at you, just to remind you that you can still play with it if you like!

      There is also a little chick button on the top of the unit which when pressed will play a tune or two. I think this is for the younger child who cannot quite fit the magnets in position; they can press this and be rewarded with music.

      I really like this toy, it's a simple idea and design, and the songs are really catchy - I find myself singing them at random points during the day.

      Both my children (age 1 and 3) love this toy and they play with it every day, usually when I am cooking tea, preparing lunch, washing up, emptying the washing machine - you know, when I am carrying out 'kitchen tasks' they like to be near me. And before this toy, they were usually hanging off my legs, pleading for my attention, but now they will stand at the fridge messing around with the magnets, listening to the silly tunes, swapping and changing the animals and generally enjoying themselves!

      If you have a child who likes to be near you in the kitchen, get this toy, it will keep them busy while you are busy!

      It can also be played with anywhere, it doesn't have to be in the kitchen.

      Takes 3 x AAA batteries but the toy comes supplied with these.

      I can't remember how much we paid for this but it was less than £20, it doesn't seem to be available at the moment, but I have seen a couple on Ebay for varying prices.


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