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LeapFrog Hug & Learn Baby Tad

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6 Reviews

Brand: LeapFrog / Age: 9 months / Type: Learning Toy

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    6 Reviews
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      28.07.2013 13:04
      Very helpful



      an irritating toy

      When Baby B opened this toy frog for Christmas her face lit up and she wanted to play with it instantly. Once we heard the amount of noise it made and it's annoying accent both Mrs B and I groaned!

      What is it?

      It is made by Leapfrog and when I have just looked it up on Amazon it is described as a 'soothing' toy, I can definitely disagree with that!

      It is a soft plush frog which is 35cm high so quite large compared to o ther soft toys aimed towards babies. In it's tummy it has a keypad which has six different shapes on it all in different colours.
      What does it do?

      It interacts with your baby and helps to educate them about the shapes and sounds. The different buttons on the keypad on it's tummy play different tunes and light up. The frog will tell the baby which button to press "Find the blue square!" And then the blue square will light up to try to encourage your baby to press it. If your baby presses the correct shape it will congratulate your baby, if a different button is pressed it will say the name of the shape.

      On the hands of the frog are two buttons- day time and night time. If you press the night time button it means that after a certain amount of time the frog will stop interacting and will instead play 'calming' classical music to t ry to soothe your baby to sleep. If you press teh day time button it will instead jus keep going on interacting all day long!

      On the foot is the on/off button

      What do your children learn from it?

      As with toys of this nature young children learn how to coordinate their hand/eye skills by being able to press the correct button. They also learn about shapes and music as the toy announces the different shapes that are on it's keypad. The flashing lights help with your child's ability of awareness and depth.
      The frog rewards the correct response in a positive manner which is really nice for when your baby is interacting with it.

      My opinion

      This toy sounds great- a teddy which also educates. It really should be an amazing toy to add to our collection but it just doesn't stand up to our expectations.

      Firstly the frog is v ery large at 35cm high. A large toy is fine for a baby but it has to be sturdy. This frog just is not at all practical for a small person. I never know how to position it for Baby B. If I stand him up in front of her she will then knock him over as she tries to press the buttons. If I lie him on the floor in front of her she can't reach him properly for her legs and the rest of his body getting in the way between her arms and the key pad. If he was able to sit p without falling over as she touched him it would be much better. If he was smaller so she could hold him or move him around herself it would be far more practical. As it stands, it just isn't really geared towards a 10 month old baby. Perhaps when she is older and more able to carry him and hold onto him as she interacts then that will be better but then when she is old enough to do this then I think this frog will bore her.

      The frog has a high 'bore-a-bility- factor. When I say this I mean that he doesn't actually do very much. For such a large toy you'd expect much more. From a tiny mobile phone we have for her it has various settings and does allsorts of things, this toy however is very limited. It plays the same songs over again and shouts the same things "Find the blue square!" There are no settings to chose from - except day/night mode whicih just shortens the amount of time it is on. So for a young baby this quite useful- the baby isn't bombarded with huge amounts of choice, however, for such a large item which isn't really practical for young babies then it just seems rather disappointing.

      The voice of the toy is also very irritating. I can't work out what he is saying at times and I can't work out whether it is meant to be English or American. It speaks with a fake baby voice which is extrememly annoying! It welcomes the baby when it first turns on by saying "Hi ! I'm baby Tad!" however, every time I hear this I wonder if it said "Tad" or "Chad" and it was only when we checkedt he box that we realised he was saying "Tad"! So if it confuses us, what does it do to our baby?!

      In terms of keeping this toy clean it will be difficult as it's the kind of material that will stain. A damp sponge is the best way to clean it. Ours is very clean at the minute seeing as Baby B doesn't play with it for long.

      The toy takes 2x AA batteries which are easy enough to come by and they last a long time.

      I have scored this toy 2 out of 5 stars whichI do feel a bit mean for as Baby B seems to enjoy it when she is able to play with it. If I hold the toy up right for her then she can press the buttons herself she really likes it. She likes to give him kisses and her eyes light up when she sees it. I just think it would be far more enjoyable for her to play with if it was a smaller size or just easier for her to be able to play with without it falling down. I also think for the price (£25 from toys r us) that it should do more than it does.

      This toy is available from toys are us for £25 but also on Amazon for a bit cheaper at £19.99.
      I personally, wouldn't recommend this which is a shame as it could have been so much better.


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        15.11.2011 08:39
        Very helpful



        A bright colourful frog from Leapfrog, that sings (loudly) to your child

        When my boys were first born it was not just Mr Lools and I who felt the need to purchase them toys. My parents took their role of grandparents very seriously as my twins were their first grandchildren so even before my boys were born my mum regularly could be heard saying she had bought them "a little something". Initially clothes seemed to be the "little something" but once my boys were born and reached around 8 weeks old it the "little something" turned into toys. Most of these toys were only little rattle type toys but I remember exclaiming what on earth is that when she came around to visit with the LeapFrog Hug and Learn Baby Tad toy which I first described as being "a singing weird looking frog".

        ***LeapFrog Hug and Learn Baby Tad***
        The LeapFrog Hug and Learn Baby Tad is basically a soft plush frog teddy type toy with learning features. The toy is quite large at around 40cm tall and 25cm wide. The frog is bright green and dressed in an orange pair of dungarees with a bright yellow t-shirt underneath. The frog has a big smiley friendly face.

        On the front of the frog there is a white panel with 6 different shapes all a different colour. These shapes are buttons which can be pressed and when pressed play a nursery rhyme.

        On the left hand there is daytime mode which activates the learning games and nursery rhymes. On the right hand there is a night time mode button which when pressed plays up to 6 minutes of classical music which acts as a "soothing night time" comforter.

        There is an on/off button on the foot of Baby Tad. There is a button in the shape of a pair of lips on Baby Tad's cheek which when pressed makes a kissing noise and says "I love you".

        The toy requires 3x AA size batteries which are not supplied with the toy.

        The Hug and Learn Baby Tad is available from various toy retailers including Toys R Us, Smyths, Boots, House of Fraser, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Amazon. The toy is typically priced at £24.99; my parents paid this amount in May 2010 from Toys R Us however some retailers offer a discount on the Baby Tad toy and you can pick it up for £19.99. For a singing soft toy £25 does seem quite expensive however my boys have got a lot of use from this toy over the last 18 months so it has been quite an economical purchase as the toy has appeal for younger babies and toddlers.

        ***Our Experience***
        My parents bought the LeapFrog Hug and Learn Baby Tad for my boys when they were only 12 weeks old. Obviously the toy states that it is suitable from 9 months however the toy has no choking hazards or small parts that could be dangerous for a young baby. My boys at 12 weeks old could not use the toy fully and the learning features were a long way off but they really enjoyed looking at the brightly coloured soft toy and grabbing at the toy. I would press the buttons and set off the flashing lights and nursery rhymes which would stimulate my boys to smile and respond to the noise and lights. At this age the toy is interesting for a young baby however it is really large and young baby would struggle to hold and pick up a toy of this size. In fact the toy was almost the same size as my boys.

        The size of the Baby Tad toy is great for older toddlers who can carry this toy around however for babies of 9 months who are just able to sit the toy is a little awkward. Because it is so large and not rigid enough to sit on its own the soft toy flops over when pressed by a child. I found myself wedging the toy between cushion and other toys so it did not fall over or having to hold the toy myself in front of my boys so they could get full benefit from the toy.

        Over the next few months my boys would start to laugh and giggle at the nursery rhymes when they were played which encouraged them to clap their hands. The daytime mode was used most because my boys did not really like the night time mode. Leapfrog state the classical music played was to "soothe" babies however my boys did not really respond to this music and would either cry or just push Baby Tad away when in this mode. The night time mode was easy to set by simply pressing the frog's hand. Every time you press the night time button this adds another minute of continuous classical music up to 6 minutes.

        As my boys got to 9 -10 months they were starting to make more use out of the features of the toy for themselves. When in daytime mode the boys were able to attempt to press the shape buttons on the front of Baby Tad. The buttons are a soft button however does take a little bit of effort to press and for my boys it was a little too difficult at this age. By around 14 months they were both able to press the buttons and by the buttons flashing it encouraged them to press the correct buttons when they were flashing. At 14 months they really enjoyed the six nursery rhymes that were played by pressing the various shapes or by pressing the daytime button on the hand and when the nursery rhymes were played would dance along with the upbeat songs. The nursery rhymes include "Hickory Dickory dock", "twinkle twinkle little star", "If you are happy and you know it", "insy winsy spider", "Baa Baa black sheep" and "where has my little dog gone".

        From 18 months old I feel my boys got most benefit from the Baby Tad toy as a learning aid. When a child presses the shapes the toy states "that is the blue square" when a certain coloured shape is pressed. The shapes flash and if the child presses the flashing shape they are "rewarded" with a nursery rhyme being played. My boys now at 21 months can name all of the different shapes on front of Baby Tad and can point at the correct shape or colour when asked. Although soft toys traditionally do not have a lot of development benefits the LeapFrog Hug and Learn Baby Tad has a lot of features to help both babies and children develop. Firstly the toy develops motor skills by encouraging a baby to press the various buttons on the toy. There are also learning skills associated with the games teaching colours, shapes and learning the various nursery rhymes. This is also quite an imaginative toy; my boys both carry around Baby Tad are can often be seen pretending to read to the toy or pretending to feed it items of play food.

        The toy "speaks" with an English accent but although legible because the toy is so loud, I also feel the toy speaks quite fast so you have to listen a few times before you realise what is being said. We also found it quite difficult to understand that the toy was called Baby Tad and it actually sounds like it says "Chad" not Tad because this sounds quite muffled. Children and babies may love this toy but as a parent it is a very loud and annoying toy as it is so repetitive.

        Battery wise although the toy takes 3 size AA batteries we have only had to change the batteries twice in the last 18 months. I think this is quite reasonably by toy standards by only having to change batteries every 9 months.

        Although this is a durable toy which hasn't suffered any damage when it is thrown, dropped and even fought over and pulled in two different directions it is not a very practical toy in my opinion My issue with the toy is because of all of the battery powered functions the soft toy cannot be put in the washing machine. Parents of young children will know how easily soft toys get dirty when in the hands of dribbly teething babies in particular. The toy can be sponged down and wiped which is how I have managed to keep the toy clean. Our Baby Tad looks in very good condition considering it has been played with regularly over the last 18 months but it does concern me that my boys might accidentally spill something near Baby Tad which could stain it.

        The LeapFrog Hug and Learn Baby Tad has been an extremely worthwhile purchase and although at £24.99 for what appeared to be "a singing weird looking frog" it has proved to be an excellent toy that my boys got a lot of pleasure from as babies and continue to enjoy and learn from as toddlers. The Hug and Learn Baby tad is bright colourful and is packed with learning features, teaching colours, shapes, and entertains with common nursery rhymes.

        Although LeapFrog states the toy is suitable from 9 months in our experience we gave this toy to my boys at 12 weeks old as the toy is a soft toy which has no choking hazard or sharp parts. At this age my boys could not really use the learning features or press buttons but took real pleasure from the bright colours, flashing lights and listening to the nursery rhymes and music. As my boys have got older they have started to benefit from and use the learning features and also enjoy simply carrying this toy round with them like they do with other soft toys.

        For parents Baby Tad is very annoying, the voice, the singing and the fact the volume can't be turned down causes much irritation because the phrases and songs are so repetitive especially when your toddler gets so much enjoyment from pressing the buttons on the toy over and over. Aside from this personal gripe with Baby Tad my main criticism of this toy is that it can't be washed properly. It can be wiped and sponged down and luckily my boys have somehow managed to keep this toy clean over the last 18 months however I do feel spillages could potentially stain Baby Tad forever making this toy look quite dirty and tatty.

        A toy that children and babies love and parents will hate!


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        01.02.2010 21:47
        Very helpful



        Great - My son loves this toy

        My son is now 8 months old and this is one of his favourite toys to play with. I helps that it is about the same size as him so he sits in front of it. The six shapes on its belly can be pressed and it tells you the colour and the shape.

        It asks the baby to play and then one of the buttons flashes. If my son presses the button that is flashing it says well done and then plays one of 6 songs, which gets him bouncing up and down where he sits.

        My favourite button is the kiss on his cheek, it says 'I love you' and my baby almost cuddles Tad.

        The two hands are great - the left hand when pressed gives you nice songs to sing along with. The right hand is a great idea. This is the 'time to night nights' and the more times you press it the longer the toy plays a soft song that is designed to get your baby to sleep, my son loves this part.

        This toy really is a hit with my son, and I really think that this will be the toy that makes him crawl.

        One thing to worry about is that if your baby is sick on the toy I am not sure how easy it would be to clean as it has batteries and no obvious cover to take off. I would say that this has enough in it to keep my son interested for the next 5-6 months.

        Excellent toy, well worth buying


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        24.10.2009 14:33



        Not worth the money in my opinion

        I first bought Baby Tad for my niece 5 years ago. She loved it so I thought I would buy it for my son for Christmas when he was 6 months old. Now, this is younger than the recommended age but he was still captured by the lights, the sounds and the colours.

        Baby Tad has two different modes - daytime and nighttime. The daytime mode teaches colours and shapes. The nighttime mode sings lullabyes to get the baby to sleep. The coloured shapes on his tummy are buttons that get pressed which causes them to light up.

        I found the daytime mode to be quite fun and stimulating, but it didn't hold my son's attention for too long. The nighttime mode I found too loud to possibly use as a bedtime comforter so this was just a wasted function on the toy.

        Having seen my niece with hers, where it was her favourite toy that got taken everywhere, and seeing my son with his where if there was another choice of toy he would go for the other, I have a very mixed opinion.

        I think it is a good, well thought out toy but just not for everyone so I wouldn't buy it as a main present. I wouldn't say it was worth the £18.98 that it sells for.


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        15.10.2009 11:56
        Very helpful



        A fantastic gift for any baby

        Baby Tad has been my 2 year old son's bedtime companion since he was about 6 months old and moved into a room of his own. He has been to Spain, and he goes on weekend visits to Grandparents because he is loved so much! Little does he know that the one he currently has in his bed is actually the second one I bought, as they first one got wet dropped in the bath by mistake) and stopped working, and as my son wouldn't sleep without him I had to buy an emergency replacement.

        He is a happy little chap, with big bright eyes, an even bigger smiley mouth and a lovely sing-song voice. He has two functions, daytime and night time, and he is controlled by a little pad on his chest which has 6 bright buttons on it - A yellow star, a purple triangle, a red heart, an orange diamond, a blue square and a green circle. If the child presses these buttons it will describe the shape and colour of the button pressed, so it has some educational value.

        On Baby Tads hands there are buttons, one on his right for daytime and one on his left for night time. The daytime setting is very upbeat, and he will sing to you - If you're happy and you know it, Twinkle Twinkle, Hickory Dickory Dock, Incy Wincy Spider, 12345 and Baa Baa Black Sheep - songs that children will learn to sing too. My son has picked up all 6 of the songs and enjoys singing along with them.

        The night time function is much more soothing, and you can choose for it to play for up to 6 minutes of classical melodies, now I have no idea what they are, but I can hum them for you! The only problem I have with this is that he counts the minutes in his usual voice when you press the buttons, and that isn't very soothing in the middle of the night when you are trying to get a grumpy baby off to sleep.

        Overall I love this toy because my son loves it. It's bright and friendly and he has learnt from it, the buttons are easy for little fingers to press, even at first when they don't really mean to press anything. Although as I said this is the second one we have had, I don't believe it's the toys fault, and therefore I would still say it's a hard-wearing product, although it can't be washed. It takes 3 AA batteries, and even though its played with nearly every day I have only had to change it a couple of times as it turns itself off quite quickly if its not being played with.

        I would absolutely recommend this to parents or grandparents. The price has come down since I bought our first one, I think I paid about £30 for it, but I have sent them for around £20 now. It's definitely something that will last, and if my son ever wants to pass it on I know his baby sister will be more than happy!


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          10.07.2009 16:50
          Very helpful




          My eighteen-month daughter loved Christmas this year. Not just because for the first time she was becoming aware of the food, the fairy lights, and the fact that those brightly wrapped parcels under the tree were things for her.

          Her favourite present this year was Leapfrogs Baby Tad, another interactive educational gem from a company that specialises in these kinds of toys.

          Baby tad is a cuddly green frog in a banana yellow romper suit with a wide smile, bright eyes, and a selection of pressable buttons on his tummy, cheeks, arms and legs. It's just the right size for my daughter to be able to pick him up, hug him, and carry him around, and he costs around 19.99 from most decent toyshops.

          This toy is recommended for children over six months, but is definitely just right for children of around a year upwards when they start to become more attuned to their environment and to learn more.

          Before you can start to use this adorable little fella, you need to insert 3aa batteries into the box in the back of his rompersuit, for which you will need a small cross head screwdriver. This is always the bit I hate, but on children's toys it's an excellent safety precaution to stop your little ones getting hold of the batteries and sucking on them.

          After this you simply switch on using the on off button on his left foot, and away you go.

          So, what features does this cuddly little chap have? Well if you look at his hands, the left one has a moon on it for nightime use, and his right hand has a sun, obviously daytime.

          He has two daytime buttons, which include a shape and colour recognition game, where you have to press on the shape that's flashing, and you a rewarded by a yell of 'Yay, that's the red heart' and a cheery little tune' Or, you can simply press the daytime hand, and one of six nursery rhymes will be sung to your child. Mine loves this, and she sings along with some of the songs, and dances too. She can also, after just two weeks, say square and circle, and point to the relevant shape while doing so, so she is definitely learning.

          On the nightime hand, you can press the hand to set up to six minutes of classical music to send your child of to bed with and help them wind down. It's easy to set the time, simply press the hand once for one minute, twice for two, and so on. There are six classical melodies, including Brahms Lullaby, and Beethoven's Adieux. I find this feature definitely helps her to go to sleep at night, and also helps soothe her during the day if she becomes fretful. There is also a handy volume control located on the battery panel so you can set the frog to a quieter level for nightime use.

          Also, on the cheek is a pair if lips which you can press, which then kiss and say 'I love you'. My daughter loved pressing this, and always kisses him back.

          The material is hard wearing, and this is very useful, as my daughter likes to drag her toys about all over the place. One downside though is that because of the batteries and electronic components, you can't wash this, but can only clean with a damp cloth.

          This toy only comes with a three-month warranty, which is a shame, although I've had no trouble with the toy so far I'd like to have that reassurance for a little longer.

          All in all this is a great toy that combines excellent value, education, and cuddliness all in one. My daughter loves it, and I have to confess, so do I!

          I'm deducting one star though for the fact that it only has a short warranty and cannot be washed.

          Baby Tad costs £19.95 from Amazon

          *Please note that this review was originally posted on ciao when my daughter was much younger - However, I have a little more to add

          My daughter is now six, and hung on to this toy until she was five , taking it to bed with her each night . In 3 and a half years of constant use, the toy continued to work perfectly and only required new batteries once . Despite being wipe clean only , it managed to withstand a lot of grime and grease. This toy has since been passed onto a neighbours three year old, who also loves it , and I would still definitely recommend it as an excellent buy .


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        • Product Details

          What better way is there to introduce a child to learning? Baby Tad is an adorable, soft and cuddly frog who talks and sings and teaches shapes, colours and songs at the same time. He comes brightly coloured with flashing lights, friendly smiley face and a high, chirpy voice and sings six well-known and well-loved songs, including Hickory Dickory Dock, If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Oh Where, Oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep.