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Little Tikes Bark Bark Mitts Vacuum

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Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Baby Toy

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2012 09:37
      Very helpful



      A great toy loved for years

      This toy we have had in our house for 2 and 1/2 years now, my Mam bought this for my eldest daughter for her first christmas and it has been a well played with toy ever since. The toy cost £19.99 when it was bought or at least when Santa brought it!

      The hoover originally came in a cardboard boxed and it was open at the front so that you could press the button on the hoover to see part of what it did before opening it. On Christmas day when the hoover was first taken out of it's box my daughter decided to try and use it as a ride on toy and sat on it trying to push it along with her legs. upright of the hoover

      The hoover is made to look like a dog, it is made of mainly brown hard plastic with a little bit of yellow on it. The base of the hoover is the dogs head and it has big eyes and a moth and then ears sticking off the base which flap when the hoover is in use. The upright of the hoover is the dogs body and has a see through panel with little colourful bits of plastic inside and then the tial is the handle of the hoover and the handle can be adjusted to two different heights depending on the height of the child.

      The battery compartment for the toy is on the underneath of the toy and is secured by a screw, the battery life for this toy isn't great and the batteries only last a few weeks when it gets a lot of play, you can tell how many times we have had to change the batteries considering he scrw no longer has any grip on ours and wr have to scecure the panel with sellotape.

      When the toy is in use the plastic bits inside the body of the dog whizz around, the ears flap and the hoover barks and makes the sound of a hoover. There is an on off switch on the underneath so if it gets too annoying parents can have control but I never found this too bad as the volume of it isn't too intrusive and the toy is activated by your child pushing it back and forth so if left unattended it doesn't keep making a noise.

      My eldest daughter loved this toy and although it wouldn't be a toy she would play with everyday it was a very firm favourite and she loved to pretend she was hoovering with me which as she got older became a bit of a pain as she would end up all over the room rather than in one place and I would end up nearly hoovering her. Now she is 5 and my youngest daughter loves to play with the hoover, it is now a bit old and the plastic bityws don;t whizz about anymore and the battery panel doesn't hold anymore but she still loves to play with it and got quite a shock when I replaced the batteries and it began barking at her.

      This is a great toy is has had 2 and 1/2 years of being played with and there is more play left in it, both my daughters have loved this toy so it comes recommended by us the battery life is the only drawback.


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