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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Girl 30th Anniversary

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3 Reviews
  • Indoor or outdoor fun
  • Robust to withstand any collisions
  • Bulky to transport/store
  • Quite tricky to put together
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    3 Reviews
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      16.08.2014 18:13
      Very helpful


      • "Indoor or outdoor fun"
      • "Robust to withstand any collisions"
      • "Great value for money"


      • "Bulky to transport/store"
      • "Quite tricky to put together"

      Timeless classic in a cute pink-perfect wheels for a princess!

      This is our second cozy coupe, we have the classic coupe for our son and so of course we had to have it in pink for our little girl. These little cars are iconic and a fundamental part of any child's development. My children literally spend hours racing round the garden in the cars, they role play going to the shops and the petrol station always including a beep beep for any adults that may stand in the way of their adventure. It is one of the few toys that they never seem to get fed up with, my son is now 6 and still squeezes himself into his little red car even though he looks slightly too big for it. Although we use these cars outdoors you could get away with having them inside if you had the space. On Christmas morning it was impossible to not let the kids drive them around the house.
      The cars themselves are very well made, once put together they are a sturdy little ride. We did take quite a while to get the things together though-please allow a good few 'child free' hours to put one together. Thankfully we had these built up ready for Christmas morning as I think the kids would have got annoyed waiting! There is cute details such as moving steering wheel, opening latched door, ignition and a little space at the back which my son calls the 'boot'. My daughter currently uses the pink one with the safety plate in the floor, this basically allows her to sit inside without dangling her legs through the floor. We are then able to push her around with the handy hole in the roof, she is able to steer and loves the independence of having her own set of wheels. In fact one of our only issues with this car is getting the kids out. The other consideration for would also be storage, as it's quite bulky it does take up a bit of room in the shed, it's also not easy to put in the boot to take to grandmas like one of the smaller ride ons.
      The coupe is great value for money, full retail price is around £50 which considering the life cycle is good value compared to the cost of some kids toys. These cars, if looked after are perfect for passing down to siblings as they are so robust!!


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      10.02.2014 13:21
      Very helpful



      Our daughter's favourite toy (by a mile!)

      Our daughter's main Christmas present this year was a car. We had bought her a ride on truck some months ago which had gone down a storm, so a car seemed the next step. All of the motorised cars available seemed very expensive, some over £200, but were also not suitable for her age at the time of 18 months, but the Cozy Coupe car from Little Tikes seemed perfect for our needs. It fell into the price bracket we wanted to pay, being £45 from Amazon and also was suitable from the age of 18 months. The car is available in varying colours - the original being red and yellow, but we opted for this anniversary one in pink and light blue one with pink being her favourite colour. It's also available in a very similar style but as a police car in dark blue and white.

      Building the Little Tike
      I was surprised to find that the Cozy Coupe needed to be put together before first use - I had presumed it would come ready to go. One thing to note is the time taken to build - it was a complete pain and something I'm glad we attempted before Christmas day. There would have been nothing worse than leaving it to the day as it took ages, was very fiddly and needed tools that you wouldn't have thought were needed, eg a hammer was required to attempt to make holes in the plastic that weren't already there. I attempted to build it alone at first, but only got about a third of the way through the instruction leaflet until I needed to get help from my husband to finish the build, as some parts needed a lot of strength. I would say it took at least an hour and half to do overall, perhaps a bit longer.

      On Completion....
      The Cozy coupe is around 75cm high and 85cm long, with a width of around 45cm. Ours lives in the garage for use outside because it's size means that it's not ideal for indoor use. It's the perfect size for my 18 month old, provided that the flooring for underneath the car is placed in, upon which she can rest her legs. When she gets older and her legs are longer, the floor can be taken out so that she can use her legs to move it around herself. The car has a face on the front, with 3D eyes which make it look so cute and comes with stickers that are stuck onto the plastic frame to represent the number plate and mirrors. Inside there is a steering wheel that is for show and play - it doesn't move the front wheels as it would on a car normally, but that's a good job for us as she loves to move the steering wheel one way and then immediately the other way repeatedly! It also has a large button in the middle that represents the horn - one press and it squeaks. Finally the dashboard has a plastic key that clips inside the dash so it stays there permanently. It can be turned to represent turning the car on as an ignition would.

      There is one way into the car, via a small door on one side of the frame and the door can be locked in place whenever she is inside to ensure that it won't open on our travels. The roof has a small handle within it's frame which is perfect for me and my husband to use to push the car around with her being too young yet to move the car herself. It has spaces for windows, but that is it. There is also a small petrol cap on the side that can be opened up - Little Tikes also sell a separate petrol pump toy that is perfect for use with this car (something on her birthday list!)

      Our opinion
      The cost of the coupe was worth it for the smile it got on Christmas day alone. Our daughter immediately ran to it, got in (she knew exactly how to as well which amazed me) and started moving the steering wheel from side to side, thinking it was the best thing ever. She's owned it now for nearly two months and it is still her favourite toy by far. She beams and runs to it whenever she sees it - it has led to us having to always use the trolleys in Tesco that have the car underneath because she's now car obsessed! The word also CAR has to be spelt and not said in our house now as otherwise she immediately runs to grab her coat as she wants to go outside to it!

      The car feels pretty robust once built although unfortunately we have found the flooring underneath to fall out of place a couple of times when we've been out. One thing I would have preferred is some sort of seatbelt or fastening - the seat is quite deep so I don't think something like that would be needed for older users of the car, but at 18 months I did think she looked very small inside it and as though she needed something there. The door clasp is on the inside of the door and although it is a simple piece of plastic that just slides across to stop the door from wafting open, I do think it's a good design - she hasn't worked out how to undo it yet anyway and it has never failed to work.

      The steering wheel is great. The horn seemed to be quite difficult to press inwards at first but after a few times of showing it to her, she has now got the hang of it and uses it regularly. The handle on the roof is also in a great position and makes it fairly easy to steer - it is easy to push around and direct even with a little person in.

      The pink and blue colours are very light. The car has received several marks on it as it goes outside quite a bit and I was concerned that it would start looking shabby very quickly but thankfully that hasn't been the case. Any mud or dirt just wipes straight off because it's fairly smooth plastic. The wheels have got a few small dints in them from stones on the path but are nothing major and haven't impacted the car's use in any way.

      This is a lovely toy - for £45, our daughter has already had her money's worth. She absolutely adores it and beams all of the time she's riding around - when it stops and we open the door, she shuts it again and refuses to get out because she enjoys moving around it in so much. She even runs to get her coat now when the word 'car ' is mentioned so I'm in no doubt that my daughter would rate it 5 stars.

      For me it's 4 stars. A great toy but with the minor issue of the flooring comes out sometimes in error and the major issue of the building time. I would strongly recommend building this before a birthday or Christmas to avoid disappointment on the big day. Overall though, a fantastic toy for the garden. It is suitable up to the age of 5, so I am certain it will be in our garden for a very long time to come!

      Thanks for reading :o)


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        16.11.2013 12:19
        Very helpful



        Getting a car so young!!

        We have two of these in our house, a pink one which is my daughter's, and my son has the classic red one (along with the fire engine and a whole other load of cars and ride toys, we could open a children's garage by the looks of our garden!! All the others to be reviewed later!)

        Anyway for my daughter's first birthday my mum decided to buy her this cozy coupe from amazon. It was £39.99 but this was a couple of years ago and it's since gone up in price.

        WHAT IS IT?
        So the Cozy Coupe is a ride in car for children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years. It is quite large as obviously a child fits inside it!

        It is made by little tikes and is up to their usual good standards. It is really good quality and made from thick, chunky plastic. These are built to last, I definitely stand by that with my two always playing with them in the garden and pretending they are dodgem cars or something! These car's have survived many crashes!

        From what I remember the Cozy Coupe is pretty straight forward to put together. The main seat is already there, the wheels need screwing on first. The eyes on the front also screw in.

        The roof and rest of the car just kind of clicks into place (ok it's not quite as easy as it sounds "just clicks into place" but it's not difficult either). As long as you take your time and read the instructions it's quite simple. It's even easier if you can just pass it on to your husband like me!! Ok ok I helped!!

        Inside there is a hole at the bottom for your child's feet to go and this is how they push it along (a bit like the flintstones cars where they have to run to make it move! That's what it kind of reminds me of!!) Or there is a separate little panel that covers this gap so that smaller children can sit in it and be pushed along without catching their feet on the ground.

        There is a steering wheel, as you would expect, which the children can turn and pretend to steer with a horn on it. The horn is just a little red button that squeaks when you press it (drives my dog crazy though!). The only problem with this is it's a little tricky for little hands to be able to push it hard enough to make a noise. My daughter is 3 and a half and has no problems with it but my son who is only 21 months sometimes struggles with it, he's getting the hang of it now though.

        There is also a cap on the side for petrol. I think this is really cute and a nice little extra. On the side of the car there is a little white cap that can be undone and a little hole is there for children to pretend to put petrol in their little cars. You can also buy a little Cozy Coupe petrol station to go with it, we haven't got that yet so can't comment on how good it is but think it's nice that you can buy add on accessories for the cars.

        On the front of each car they each have eyes and a mouth. I think the little faces really add to the cars and just make it look more fun for the children.

        There is also a little door just on one side of the car so that children can get in and out safely without having to climb in. The door swings open and has a little catch to keep it shut when it's closed.

        You can buy these cars in loads of different colours. Most colours are available online, if you have a good search. The main colours that are easily purchased are pink and red. As I mentioned earlier there are also different varieties of vehicles available from little tikes such as the fire engine, police car or truck (loads more just have a look on amazon!)

        On the roof of the car there a little hole cut out at the back. This acts as like a handle so parents can easily get hold and push, pull or stop the car. Some of them also have a long parent handle on them, kind of like a big stick on the top!

        I have read reviews that claim that this took hours to put together and it was a nightmare..... We had no problems with it and found it all pretty simple but I guess this could be a negative if you're not all that great at assembly.

        I have found that sometimes when my daughter is zooming around in hers the door doesn't always stay caught shut and it will sometimes come a bit loose and open. This is ok in hers as she's older and it's not at all dangerous. I also think it's just because she gets a bit carried away and bashes around the garden in it!

        As I mentioned earlier, sometimes the horn it is little stiff.

        HOW MUCH?
        The price of these has gone up since my daughter first got hers. They now sell for around £45+ on amazon. They are also available from bigger toy shops and also from Tesco, in the bigger stores or online at Tesco direct.

        In my opinion the positives of this car outweigh the small amount of negatives by far! Especially in the summer my children have hours of fun playing in each of their Cozy Coupe's. They are exceptionally well built and good quality and are fantastic at encouraging role play and even learning about road safety, we have done games about crossing the road, traffic lights and allsorts using these cars.

        I would without a doubt recommend to any young drivers!!

        Thank you for reading

        xx Mrs K xx


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