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Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball

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3 Reviews

Brand: Little Tikes / Age: 18 months

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    3 Reviews
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      22.11.2009 00:19
      Very helpful



      Great Buy


      We bought this product from Toys R Us two days ago. It was on offer down for £30.00 to £20.00 which is quite good. It just happened that we were looking for a present and this was a 'spur of the moment' purchase. We thought it was a great idea and suits children up to five years old so it will last ages!

      The Product

      This is a Little Tykes Easy Score Basketball Set. It comes with the ball and the set is very easy to assemble. It is just a matter of slotting the parts together and it is ready to go! The hoop takes a little while to put on, but it is worth it in the end to see the little ones playing with it, its great. It is suited for those aged 1 and a half to five years old. Also, it is around 1.5m in height. It has 6 adjustable positions to suit different heights and a wide rim to make scoring easy which children absolutley love! It is ideal to put water or sand in the bottom though because this can be a little flimsy.

      Price and Place

      As i said before, we brought this from Toys R Us but it will be available on the internet if you google it! We brought this for twenty pounds but the RRP is thirty pounds which is great because it keeps children occupied for hours! This product is so fun and is great because it keeps children busy and exercised!


      *Adjustable heights
      *Soft Ball which is useful
      *Fun to watch
      *Not bad price
      *Large age range.



      In my opinion, this product is great. It really is entertaining and goes down a treat with the little 'uns.

      Great Buy :)

      5/5 From me.


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      19.05.2009 14:20
      Very helpful



      A good buy.


      As the title suggests this is a basketball net set on a stand but it is smaller and so designed for kids. The set can be used indoors and outdoors as it is rather small and easy to move, however we kept ours outside most the time. Outside we used the set on our patio or on the grass, neither are very flat however we didn't usually tip it over so it is rather steady wherever it is used.

      You get a small ball which comes with the basketball net which can easily fit through the net. It isn't a normal sized basketball and is soft and so doesn't hurt if you get hit by it. The base of our basketball net was purple and it suggests you fill it with sand. However most the time ours was empty and it was fairly steady, this also meant we could move it whenever we wanted to. We began to fill it with water later on and this ensured it was steady but still we could move it. There is a black plus which prevents all the water from leaking out. The pole leading up to the net is yellow and this is where you can adjust the height of the net by moving the board onto which the net is connected to. The backboard is white and plain with the net rim being red so it easily stands out. The rim is made in a way so that it is easy to score as the ball goes in more easily. The net itself is also white.

      Putting it together is also very easy. The net fixes onto the red rim with ease and you just need to clip it on. The yellow neck fits into the purple base very easily, it just slots in. The white backboard easily fits together with the yellow neck and net. It takes less than five minutes to fit together.

      The lowest height is at about 2 feet and reaches to about 4 feet which is very useful as the children get taller, rather than having to buy new nets.

      It is made for children from 2 years to 6 years. As I mentioned before it has six various heights which means as children get older the hoop can be raised. To change the height, you just need to unclip the backboard and pull it up or push it down. This was bought by my parents for the little ones and was immediately too low for my sister and me. However we soon discovered that if we put it on the bench it was exactly the right height.

      We left ours outside most the time so it got fairly dirty but we just used a hose to clean it. It says you can wash the net in the machine, however we never bothered with this.

      You can buy this product for £20 on the internet if you shop around. It's a great toy for children and at that price is well worth the buy. Not only is it great fun for kids but it also develops coordination. They also learn how to work together, and as we did use their imaginations to make up new games. This net allows them to experience different games at a small cost. Definitely recommended.


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        19.06.2008 10:11
        Very helpful



        This is a great basketball set for younger children


        This is a great basketball set for younger children and can be adjusted to six different height's.

        The basket net is large making it easy for your child to get the ball in the net. The rim has also been designed to make it easier for younger children to score.

        The base is black and has a plug with stopper so you can put sand or water in to weight your basketball net down so it doesn't fall over. The adjustable arm is yellow and the net is white with a red trim, the backboard is white.

        The set comes with a small basket ball which looks like a smaller version of the real thing. The basketball is softer and safer, a real basketball could hurt a small child as they are very hard. The softer basketball is a great idea allowing smaller children to be able to play safely. You can use a harder ball for older children then they could bounce the ball as well.

        This basketball set is made of plastic and like all Little Tykes toys is tough, strong and hardwearing.

        Size and Weight

        The weight of the easy score basketball net and stand without sand or water is 10lb's. The size of the easy score basktball net in inches is 22.0 x 23.75 x 60.0.

        Age Easy Score Set Is Suitable For

        Easy score set is suitable for children from 12 months to 6 years and because height is adjustable it grows with your child.

        Assembly And Care Of Easy Score Set

        The Easy score basketball net is very easy to assemble. Just slide the adjustable arm into the base, fix the net and back together and this slides and fits into the arm. Then adjust height to suit your child.

        We leave our basketball net outside all the time and clean it occasionally with warm soapy water.

        Play Value

        The easy score basketball net is great for outdoor play. Children can explore and learn new physical abilities this is very important for all young children.

        Children gain in confidence and ability the more they play and they are really pleased when they get the ball in the net.
        Easy score basketball can also be used to teach children turn taking as children line up and take turns to throw the ball in the net.

        Children also learn about balance and ball control whilst having fun.

        Personal Experience

        Connor, the four year old little boy I look after has gained a lot from this he can now catch the ball, easily get the ball in the net and waits patiently for his turn when a few of us are playing. Connor is also learning to bounce the ball (we have bought a small harder ball to go with the set) and he can throw, catch and score from greater distances now.

        Lucy, three years old can get the ball in the net and is learning to catch the ball. Lucy is learning to take turns with the ball but isn't to keen on turn taking yet.

        Joe, two years old can sometimes get the ball in the net but his favourite thing to do is posting different objects through the net and he spends ages doing this.

        I would recommend this set for younger children. we have had a lot of fun with this set and it is regularly played with and children don't seem to get bored with it. I have found younger children I look after like posting different items through the net toys, football etc learning about size and shapes of things as they play.


        I bought this easy score basketball set 18 months ago from Tesco's for £24.99.

        Thanks for reading may also be posted on other review sites.


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      • Product Details

        Adjustable basketball set with 6 different height positions adapts to your child's growth. It has a special wide rim and backboard to make scoring easy and comes with junior-sized basketball!

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