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Little Tykes Wide Tracker Activity Walker

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Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Walker

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2012 18:10
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      A great baby walker that doesn't require batteries

      - Why We Bought -
      We came across the Little Tikes Activity Walker in Asda where it was on offer. We decided it would make a great Christmas present for our son. It really was an impulse purchase as I hadn't been looking for a walker and hadn't done any research on what were the better ones available. However, I knew Little Tikes was a decent make so I didn't think I would be disappointed.

      - The Walker -
      The walker has the shape of most walkers available, a sort of triangle shape. It is completely plastic with the main body being white. There is a big blue handle which is easy to grip onto, green legs, two blue wheels and two red wheels. The main activity with this walker is posting letters. There are two doors on the front of the walker where three plastic letters can be posted in and collected out. The top door is green and has a sticker with a picture of three letters. The bottom door is blue and has a yellow and red spinning wheel on it. On the right side of the walker there are three slots to hold the letters, labelled 1, 2, and 3. The letters are yellow, red and blue and have Little Tikes address on them and a smiley face for a stamp! On the left side of the walker there is a little bumble bee that can be moved up and down, making a clicking noise. There is also a butterfly which can move slightly left to right. At the bottom of the walker there is a worm/caterpillar (I'm really not sure which!) which can be moved left to right, making a clicking noise. At the top there are stickers displaying the Little Tikes logo and a lady bird. There is the option to have the walker in the upright position or lay it flat which is good for younger babies. This is quite easy to adjust on the back. You can also adjust how easily the walker can be pushed along which is really handy. For a baby who isn't too steady on his/her feet it is good to be able to have it hard to push as they are less likely to go flying along and fall over. The walker did require some assembly but it didn't take my husband long to do this. Unlike many walkers no batteries are required which makes a change! Overall I would say the walker looks fun, colourful, safe and reasonably well made. My only criticisms would be that the stickers begin to look a bit shabby after a while and the bee, butterfly and worm/caterpillar aren't very exciting.

      - Running -
      My son had this as a Christmas present when he was six months old but at that stage he was nowhere near walking. We mostly had the walker flat at this stage as it was easier for my son to play with it. Straight away he loved the letters, posting them through the doors and collecting them out again. The spinning wheel is great too and kept him amused. He was reasonably interested in the insects and bugs that can be moved but once he realised they didn't do much he lost interest a little. The colours and numbers add an educational element which is always good. Once my son was a little bigger we changed the walker to the upright position and encouraged him to walk holding on to it. At first we had to walk with him but gradually his confidence and ability has grown. My son is now 14 months and doesn't have the best balance, probably due to his long slim body shape (just like Daddy!). Because of this he is still at the cruising around the furniture stage and isn't walking on his own. He still loves the walker both for doing his postman rounds and for walking with. In fact it is more of a run than a walk because he gets so excited his legs start running! Despite his speed the walker doesn't topple over too easily so I would say it is well designed and safe. I'm sure once my son can walk he will still enjoy pushing this around. It is perhaps worth mentioning that the doors pull off very easily but this isn't necessarily a negative. My son loves pulling them off and it is very easy for me to put them on again so it isn't really a problem. My only complaint is that the letters are constantly sliding under the sofa which is annoying but not really Little Tikes' fault! We have definitely had a good length of use from this walker and my son still enjoys it.

      - Age Range -
      The age recommendation for the walker is 6-36 months which definitely makes it good value if you do use it for two and a half years! I would say this is quite accurate as we used it from around six months.

      - Price and Availability -
      We bought ours in Asda for £15 which I think it quite a good price for a walker. I don't think they sell it anymore but it is the kind of thing they get in just before Christmas so perhaps they will have it again. It is available from Amazon for around £30 including postage but I think this is a bit steep. Alternatively I have seen them second hand from 99p plus postage on Ebay.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      I would definitely recommend this walker, especially if you would prefer one that doesn't require batteries. It is fun, colourful, safe and works well as a walker or flat on the floor. I wish it didn't have stickers as they quickly look a bit shabby and a few of the features are a little boring but these are my only complaints really. It was definitely a good impulse purchase for us.


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