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Mamas & Papas Babyplay Large Lion

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Brand: Mamas & Papas

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2014 21:34
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      lovely baby toy

      I bought this Mamas & Papas Babyplay Lion last year in Sainsbury's Baby Event, when I was pregnant with my second child. I can't remember the exact price that I paid, but the lion is currently £8.50 at Tesco Direct and I would say that it was about this price. I have always been impressed with the quality of Mamas 7 Papas things - having had a few with my older son - and this lion looked lovely, so I didn't need much convincing to purchase it.

      THE LION

      The lion is quite large in size - when we gave it to my son at about two weeks old, it was longer than him. He is now 8 weeks and just about the same length as the lion now when we lie it next to him. The lion is brightly coloured and a variety of textures. His face is orange and made of a towelling type of fabric, with two eyes, a nose, whisker and a smile all stitched on in a brown colour. He has two small orange ears flapping from the top of his head. Around the edge of his head is his mane. This is in the form of a red fabric with orange spots which scrunches and makes a crinkling noise as you touch it. Behind this is a yellow mane in a softer, thicker material but this again makes a scrunching noise as you touch it. At the back of the head, there is a thick green and white striped padded handle by which the lion can be carried. This, again, make a scrunching noise when touched but is much quieter and less obvious than the mane. Inside the head, there is a rattle so there is chiming rattle noise when it is shaken.

      The body forms the biggest portion of the toy and is almost tear drop shaped. It is soft, like a regular soft toy, and is decorated in green and white horizontal stripes. From this, dangle two arm and legs as well as two additional toys. One is a yellow plastic flower, which is flat and has a hole cut out of the middle. This has 5 petals, each with a flower picture indented onto the plastic (front and back). This hangs from it's top petal by a strip of black and white striped material that is attached at it's other end to the top of the lion's body. The other is a red plastic square which has small shapes imprinted in the plastic (stars, triangles, squares and circles) so that they have a raised feel if you run your finger over it. Inside this is a yellow plastic ring with a further orange plastic ring inside that. This is around a clear plastic ball that rolls round and in this are four small coloured plastic balls (yellow, red, green and blue) so this makes a rattling noise when moved. This toy is suspended from a piece of red material (the same as the mane) that is elasticated so pulls and retracts, which is attached to the top of the lion's body.

      The lion's right arm is orange in colour and made of the same material as it's face. It is padded, so soft, and at the end it contains a rattle inside so rattles as it is shook. His left arm is purple and padded in the same way. At it's end, there is also a rattle but this one makes a higher pitched, more 'tinny' noise. The right leg is black and white striped and contains a squeaker inside (much like a dog's toy) so squeaks when squeezed. At the end of the leg is a large padded purple foot with a red sole with a yellow music note. When the foot is pushed it plays a lullaby. The other leg is white with black rings and again contains a squeaker toy. It's foot is yellow with a mirror as it's sole. This is bordered first in orange and then in black with white spots. Attached to the sides are three strips of ribbon (about 5cm in length) in black with white spots, green and red.


      Although my son is still very young and cannot fully benefit from all the aspects of this toy just yet, he is already enjoying it. The bright colours are enough to extract a smile from him and he is very obviously visually stimulated by it's presence when I hold it in front of him. The bright colours seem to grab his attention. The size of the toy makes it a good one for my older son to play with him with too - smaller ones tend to get waved a little too near to his face for my liking!

      He also enjoys the noise as I crunch the mane in my hand - something that I am sure he will enjoy further as he learns to do this himself and can enjoy the textures too. The various rattles are also appealing to him and can calm him when he is upset of whingey. The aspect that he most enjoys at the moment, at his tender age, is the lullaby that plays when you push his foot. This is very soothing to him and he will listen to it intently, kicking his legs with excitement as it plays. My son is just learning to grab and grip and this toy is nice for encouraging his development as it is large and soft. The plastic yellow flower toy is a great addition as he can grab and grip this easily - it will later make a fantastic teether as he begins to explore with his mouth and bite down on things to soothe sore gums.

      The variety of noises that the toy makes hold his attention for short bursts of time and we usually have this toy out for short periods of time throughout the day to avoid overstimulation as he begins to process and understand the world around him. It is a nice toy that we can enjoy together at first and, as he grows, he can then enjoy it independently.


      I think that this is a lovely toy that sees a baby through various stages of development. It is large in size and very friendly looking and attractive in appearance. It is also soft and cuddly so instantly appeals to most children. It is well made, all toys are attached well and safely and all the stitching throughout the toy is tight and appears of very good quality.

      There is a good variety of activities on the toy too to stimulate baby - from sounds such as the various rattles and squeakers to textures such as the crinkly mane to visual stimulation such as the mirror on the foot and moving balls in the rattle. It is well thought out and I am sure there is something on there that every baby would like.

      I think that this toy will be used by my son for many months at least and it has the potential to become a firm favourite. I have a lot of Lamaze baby toys and, whilst this remains my favourite brand for young babies, this toy certainly gives them a run for their money and I would definitely recommend it. I think the price represents fantastic value and it would make a great present for a newborn baby. Highly recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Large cuddly toy. Hidden crinkle fabric. Teether to help soothe baby's sore gums. Baby safe mirror. Easy to carry strap. Develops their motor skills. Helps with their social and emotional development. Helps with their physical development. Improves their hand-eye coordination. Improves their visual development. Improves their sound awareness. General information: Suitable from birth. For ages 0 months and over.

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