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Marks & Spencer Peppa Pig Puzzle

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Age: 12 months / Type: Jigsaws & Puzzles

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2009 11:52
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      A lovely puzzle for younger children

      Harry is quite the puzzle fiend and really enjoys getting out his boxes of puzzles to do with his Mummy in the cold afternoons. Most of his puzzles consist of television characters and we like to construct stories to link the puzzles together to make it even more fun for the both of us! He's moving up in stages at the moment, but when he clapped eyes on this Peppa Pig puzzle when we were in M&S, he had to have it and I decided to treat him! He eagerly grabbed it from the bag when we got home and sat on the floor ready to have more puzzling fun.

      This puzzle is aimed at children from 12 months old up until 3 years old. Being nearly 3, Harry is right at the upper end of the age group but he still very much enjoyed doing it, probably because of the inclusion of Peppa and her family in the pictures. It comes in a rectangular cardboard box with an image of the completed jigsaw on the front, a few images of Peppa and George to appeal to the target market (!) and also a sample piece as well so us parents have an idea of what to expect. The box is really fun for children and the carry handle is a really nice touch for toddlers, making them feel important when they carry their puzzle around!

      When we first opened the box, Harry gasped as all the Peppa pieces fell to floor. He was so excited bless him, he just wanted to put it together as soon as possible! But this puzzle has to be done in 2 stages as really it is a 2 part puzzle. There is a small inner circle puzzle which is 4 pieces and small, and then the larger outer circle puzzle which is 8 pieces and forms 6 pictures of Peppa and her family. This can be done as a stand alone or formed around the small inner circle which is how Harry and I chose to do the puzzle.

      The smaller circle is a picture of Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. As I said, its just 4 pieces and is the most simple of the two puzzles. They slot together really well, and are nice and big for a child's small hands to manoeuvre into place. The slotting parts are also big so they aren't too fiddly which is important for a puzzle like this. The pieces are nice chunky cardboard as well, so they are pretty accident proof and won't show wear and tear too easily. After doing the smaller puzzle, we then did the puzzle which goes around this one. This one was more of a challenge to start with, because it is a circular image and therefore each of the pieces are cut on a slant. Harry had to realise he mustn't put them straight like he usually does but quickly cottoned on to how it must be done.

      When we put a piece on, I made him talk about the scene we'd just uncovered in the puzzle to make it a bit more fun, and we did this for each piece. The scenes include Peppa and George in bed, playing with their toys, George in his space rocket and Peppa, George and their friends on Gertrude, Grandpa Pig's train. Each of these scenes will be familiar to fans of the television show as each of them regularly crop up throughout the programme. It's good for character recognition as you can ask about which characters are seen on the puzzle, and what they're doing as well. They are lovely, colourful pictures and will delight any Peppa Pig fan as they unfold before their eyes!

      For the money I paid, this is a great puzzle for fans of the show especially if they're into puzzles as well. The scenes on the jigsaw are lovely and bright, and really attract toddler's attention as well. It's made of really strong cardboard which is good for those heavy handed children of ours, and will hopefully help it stand the test of time as well. I very much enjoyed this puzzle and so did Harry, so it comes with a big recommendation for the pair of us for hours of fun for Peppa Pig fans! The puzzle is available in Marks and Spencer stores, or alternatively on their website.

      M&S Product Code: T798821.
      Price: £5.00 (minus 2.1% VAT)

      Thank you for reading.


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    • Product Details

      A circular 12 piece puzzle with 7 bright, colourful scenes from Peppa's adventures with her family and friends.

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