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Mega Bloks Fill and Dump Wagon

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mega Bloks / Type: Dump Wagon

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2012 17:06



      I would purchase this again

      I purchased this item from Smyths toy store last December as a Christmas present for my one year old. it usually retails at £29.99 but it was on offer at £14.99 which seemed like a good buy.

      The toy itself is made from very sturdy plastic and feels quite well made. Ours is red and blue but there is a pink version available. The truck came with about 20 Mega Blocks which isn't really enough for a good play session but i had already purchased i big bag of blocks so this wasn't really a problem,although i may have taken it into consideration if I'd had to pay full price.
      As the name suggests the truck can be used for transporting the blocks and distributing them around the house and also dumping the entire load out at any given point. The handle flips up so that it can be pulled but until my daughter figured this out she was quite happy pushing it around infront of her. when the dump truck has dumped it reveals a panel of integral blocks which can be built upon.

      My daughter loves this toy and still plays with it age 2and half. It does take up quite a lot of space so we only bring it downstairs a couple of times a week which has probably sustained her interest. I don't think children tire of building blocks easily so it is a long term buy as far as toys go... My daughter has recently started to tip the blocks out and sit inside it which shows how sturdy it is.

      I personally like this toy and am glad we bought it but I'm not 100% sure i would buy at full price. It has however had a lot of use.


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      03.09.2011 20:08
      Very helpful
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      Nice wagon but not worth the RRP

      I think most adults have an inner child inside and for my daughters first birthday she received a Mega Bloks fill and dump wagon, my inner child was released. I've always loved these kinds of toys and since Kacie wouldn't let me build towers from her wooden bricks, I was looking forward to getting stuck into playing with these plastic blocks.

      ** What is it? **

      The wagon itself is, essentially, a bucket on wheels with a handle. The bucket is a fuchsia colour, and about 60cm long, 40cm wide and 30cm deep. It's quite big so can double up as storage for the bricks when it's not in play, it also clips onto the base so that it can be tipped up, this clip is quite hard to unclip by pulling up on the bucket. The handle and base of the wagon is baby pink, the handle is slightly curved at the base meaning that when it isn't in use can be folded on top of the wagon out of the way. The wheels are baby blue in colour and the front wheels are slightly bigger than the back. The whole wagon is made from a sturdy, durable plastic and has stickers placed around it with lots of different designs that are able to be made with the bricks included.

      The fill and dump wagon also comes with 20 mega bloks. These come in a good selection of different sizes. The colours are fuchsia, baby pink, baby blue and white The main bricks are around 4cm high, they have a round stick up part on top, and are totally hollow so that other bricks can be pieced together. There are also a few bricks that are half the size which makes it easier to build lots of different things. The different sizes range from just a single brick, to two stick up parts by four. There are also two flower bricks which are in the shape of a flower head with a missing circle centre, meaning they can fit onto the other bricks.

      ** What do we think? **

      When Kacie first received this for her birthday she was unable to fix together the bricks even though she seemed determined to master it. At first she just enjoyed destroying all of my creations, she also like throwing the bricks out of the wagon then back in. I used to put Kacie in the wagon and pull her around, she loved this! Although we had to be carefully as it could tip if she was in at the wrong angle, and of course this isn't what it is supposed to be used for. It didn't take long before she couldn't fit anymore, but she had fun while it lasted.

      As the wagon only contained 20 bricks it was hard to make anything substantial, considering the size of the bricks they still didn't manage to fill the until wagon. As there weren't that many bricks, I did go out and purchase some more for Kacie for Christmas so that I could build bigger towers for her to demolish. The 20 bricks are enough for a starter to build basic towers but if you are like me, and want to build huge castles I would definitely recommend buying an extra pack of bricks.

      When the handle of the wagon is closed on top, a brick base is revealed (5x2 single bricks). This makes building basic towers easier for Kacie as when she is standing she finds it easier to attach each brick. The only problem we have had with the base being on the handle is when Kacie goes to use the handle to pull the wagon along without realising that the tower is in the way, this makes the tower she has built break and bricks scatter everywhere. Another brick base is visible once the bucket has been tipped. This is only 3x2 bricks in size. I personally find it pretty pointless, and Kacie has never built anything on top of this base.

      Kacie is now 22 months old and has been able to grasp the concept of fixing together the bricks for a good 6 months now. Ever since she learnt how to work these Mega Bloks she has loved playing with them. There are endless possibilities of different things she could build with these, and it's helping her imagination grow and grow.

      ** Useful information **

      This fill and dump wagon is available in either pink, or primary colours. It has a RRP of £29.99, and is currently available on Amazon for £24. The wagon is suitable for children aged 1 and above.

      ** Overall **

      The wagon is a fantastic way to store Mega Bloks, but as it only contains 20 bricks I personally think it is a bit pricey. Considering a basic bag of 24 bricks has a RRP of £9.99, that makes the actual wagon without bricks a huge £20! Kacie has loved pulling the wagon around and continues to have lots of fun playing with the bricks (and the extra bricks I purchased separately). I think if anyone wants to purchase this they should wait for sales or special offers as in my opinion £30 for a wagon with 20 bricks just isn't worth it.


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