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Mini Lalaloopsy Spinning Ferris Wheel

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Manufacturer: MGA Entertainment / Type: Ferris Wheel

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    2 Reviews
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      13.06.2013 13:50
      Very helpful



      All the fun of the fair

      ~*~ Mini Lalaloopsy Spinning Ferris Wheel Playset ~*~

      Back in 2010 when my daughter was 3 years old she fell in love with Lalaloopsy dolls. The story is each rag doll came to life when their last stitch was sewn . They are all made from different things that gives them their unique personality .
      This ferris wheel playset , along with the bus , were the 1st playsets released in the U.K. we bought ours from toyrus for the R.R.P of £14.99 .
      This has been in a couple of sales at argos for the bargain price of £7.50 and I have since purchased 2 more as gifts for my daughter's friends.
      This set contains the Ferris Wheel, Peanut Big Top mini Lalaloopsy doll, pet and accessories.

      ~*~ The Ferris Wheel ~*~

      The set comes on a cardboard back and bottom with a clear plastic covering. You can clearly see the wheel and accessories through the packaging and know exactly what you are getting in the set.

      The wheel stands 24 cms high and is approx 18 cms wide at the widest point . There are 3 cup shaped seats for the dolls to sit in , the seats have cushions molded into the cups , holes for the Lalaloopsy legs to fit through and elastic band seat belts .
      Each cup is screwed into the frame , apart from the screws and elastic seat belts the whole thing is made of plastic , but it's not a cheap plastic and again they have put lots of detail into the toy.
      The base is made to look like its cushioned and quilted and its covered in buttons to keep in with the Lalaloopsy theme.

      At the bottom are 3 little steps to take you to the wheel . The steps are made to look like tickets and do come off ,but as they don't serve any other purpose than to be steps that fit the wheel , I have stuck ours with a bit of super glue just so they don't get lost.

      The dolls fit easily into the cup shaped seats , and most of them stay in depending on the style of clothes they are wearing , most of the girls have skirts which is fine , but the boys with trousers don't say in as well as the girls do .
      For a little test I have just put 3 dolls in and given it a 'wheel of death ' type spin , not the gentle spin my daughter would do , and the 3 girl dolls I used are still in the cups , it did look like one was going to do some kind of back flip out , but righted herself once the wheel completed its circle.

      ~*~ Peanut Big Top ~*~

      Peanut was one of the 1st series of dolls , she was made from bits of a brightly-colored clown costume. She is a silly prankster who often spends her time practicing new tricks or performing in a show.
      Peanut loves to make her friends laugh and will try to do this when they seem sad or sick.

      In this set she is wearing an orange dress with a darker orange shawl piece with pink buttons on the lower half of her dress, pink gloves with ruffled wrist, short orange leggings, and orange Mary Jane style shoes .

      ~*~ Pet and Accessories ~*~

      Peanut's pet is Elephant, a small lilac elephant with a red heart mark near its tail , also in the set are , a carton of popcorn , a small flag for Peanut to hold, and a bunch of 3 lollipops.
      All the accessories are tiny , on the same scale as a small lego brick , but they are well made, the tiny box of popcorn does actually look like popcorn , and they all tie into the theme of the doll and the story she portrays.

      ~*~ Thoughts ~*~

      A great playset that fuels the imagination . It's very good quality, ours is still going strong into its 3rd year of play. Nothing has snapped off and become damaged ., and the bright pretty colours make it very appealing.
      This would be a great starter set for a new Lalaloopsy fan , and you can use other small dolls with it too , like Polly Pocket or the girl lego dolls.
      The R.R.P is very reasonable seeing as a mini doll on its own is £6 ,and even better value if found in the sale.
      My daughter still plays with this most days , it hasn't become boring to her as she has a vivid imagination and when her Lalaloopsy dolls go to the park, fair, or circus the Ferris Wheel plays a part in that make believe story.
      I can't find any fault or niggle with this set at all.

      5 out of 5


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        03.03.2012 20:10
        Very helpful



        A nice addition to Lalaloopsy Land.

        'The Lalaloopsy were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Each doll has their own personality that comes from the fabrics used to make them. Lalaloopsy live in a whimsical world full of silly surprises, including Mini Lalaloopsy and fun Lalaloopsy playsets and accessories'. Well that's how the story goes anyway!

        I first came across Lalaloopsy a couple of years ago when I saw a Lalaloopsy doll whilst out shopping. It was so lovely and original - like a traditional rag doll but with a very modern twist. At the time there were only a couple of Lalaloopsy dolls available. Now there is a whole Lalaloopsy world which include Lalaloopsy dolls, Lalaloopsy Littles, Lalaloopsy outfits, Lalaloopsy Minis and Lalaloopsy playsets!

        Needless to say it was pretty soon after that my daughter received her first Lalaloopsy doll, which instantly set of her love of all things Loopsy! Not long after her birthday we ventured off to The Entertainer to spend her birthday vouchers and walked away with a toy called 'Peanut's Spinning Ferris Wheel'.

        The toy is a colourful ferris wheel that Mini Lalaloopsy dolls can ride on. It also comes with a Mini Lalaloopsy doll (Peanut Big Top) and accessories (a small pet elephant, popcorn and lollipops). It comes packaged in a open fronted box so you can see exactly what you're getting.

        The wheel is lovely looking and is made soley of plastic. It is mainly orange and pink in colour. It has a flat base (with little steps that the dolls can 'walk' up to climb on board) which stands up well on flat surfaces. There are 3 little teacups for the dolls to ride in - one pink with orange stripes, one red with white spots and one blue with orange swirl pattern. The wheel has so many small details which make it extra special (hearts, buttons etc) and fits in with the Lalaloopsy 'look' very well. The wheel spins around manually (no batteries required, yipee!) and can really pick up some speed! The doll is very cute - just a couple of inches tall, with orange dress, pink gloves, button eyes and purple pig tails. Her legs are bendy which allow her to easily be seated in to a teacup.

        My daughter really enjoys playing with her Peanut's Spinning Ferris Wheel. I think the main thing that attracted her to the set was the look of it. It's a good quality toy that hasn't let us down (we've had it for about a year). She finds the wheel very easy to spin and enjoys watching the dolls going around (the cups stay upright). It's not the most exciting toy in the world but it's 'nice' and a good toy for role playing, which my daughter (4 years) is a big fan of. She liked the accessories that came with it at first (popcorn and lollipops), although they don't get played with much and are usually lost in her toy box! However she does like to keep the little pet elephant with the doll where possible. I've noticed the wheel plays a big part when she sets up her Lalaloopsy land.

        One of the downsides to this toy is that the seatbelts (inside the teacups) are a bit fiddly. The dolls have to be slid in to their seats and the elastic seatbelts need to be put over their legs and stretched over their rather wide skirts. If the seatbelts aren't put over the skirt, they will fall out of the teacups (they don't budge when strapped in properly). I also find it disappointing that only one doll is provided when there are three teacups to fill. Be aware that when the wheel is in it's packaging, it looks as though it comes with an extra three dolls, but they are actually cardboard cutouts! I also think it may be slightly overpriced, especially considering there is only one doll included.

        It is available in many toy shops and places such as Argos and Amazon. It generally costs around £15.00, although you may find it slightly cheaper if you shop around.

        Overall, a nice toy for young girls and one that's sure to please Lalaloopsy fans.


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