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Motghercare Happy Town Mobile

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Playsets

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2012 23:00
      Very helpful



      A lovely addition to Jaydens nursary

      Jayden has been in his own room for a few weeks now and whilst it has been ready for him since before he was born while he was in our room we did end up putting a few of our things in there which needed putting in the loft and so on whilst he wasn't using it. However for his Christening he received a lot of things for his bedroom as presents so I decided it was time to shift our things out and put all his new things in there and make it really cosy for him. One of the things he received as a present was the Mothercare Happy Town Mobile for his cot, I had wanted to get him a mobile for his cot as soon as he moved into his own room so his auntie said she would buy him one for a Christening present.

      The Mothercare Happy Town Mobile came in a large cardboard box, the front of the box has the Mothercare logo in the corner and the name of the product written next to it. The majority of the box is taken up with a large picture of the mobile and a smaller picture of the mobile hung above a cot. In the opposite corner is the age that this product is suitable for and beneath this are all the stages of a babies development starting with newborn and moving up to 12 months plus.

      The back of the box again contains a large picture of the mobile as well as close up of different features, these also appear on the side of the box. Also on the back of the box is a list of the features and benefits of this product. The only other information is on the base of the box and this is the product warnings, this is also repeated in several different languages.

      Inside the box the mobile comes in 5 pieces which are individually wrapped in clear polythene bags to help protect them, the only other thing inside the box is a small instruction leaflet which tells you what should be in the box and how to assemble the mobile should you need it.

      The Mobile
      The Happy Town Mobile basically consists of a large blue plastic arm which goes straight up and curves towards the top so that the mobile bends over your baby's cot, on the end of this is a large blue plastic circle with Beep Beep written on it in red, on the back of this is a small dial which your turn to wind the mobile up so that it plays a lullaby, there is also a small sliding switch so that you can pause the music should you wish.

      Hanging from this is the actual mobile, it consists of stripes of blue and white checked material which comes down from the hook, these attach to a large blue and white checked circle which is stiffened with card inside it and it also has white clouds on it and a red, white and blue edging. Hanging down from this are the soft hanging toys which consist of a red and a yellow bus, a blue and white checked car and a green and white checked car, these are all attached to the large circle with green and white checked fabric, hanging down the centre of the circle is a blue and white checked shape with a tree stitched on it.

      This mobile is designed to be suitable from birth, personally I would say that it is more suited for a boys bedroom. The lullaby that the mobile plays is Hush Little Baby and I would say when the dial is fully wound it lasts for around 3 to 4 minutes, an ideal amount of time to send your baby off to sleep.

      As I have mentioned the Mothercare Happy Town Mobile comes with a small instructions leaflet that tells you how to put the mobile together, however personally I did not use this as it was very self explanatory. The five parts that the mobile comes in are
      * A supporting arm with hanger
      * The mobile stand
      * The Stand extension
      * The music box with hanger
      * The ring with hanging toys
      To assemble the mobile you literally push the three parts of the stand together then hang the music box on the end of it, you then hang the ring with hanging toys from the music box. There is a large plastic nut and bolt on the bottom of the stand which secures the mobile to the side of your baby's cot, you simply remove the nut, place the bolt between the bars of the cot towards the top of it and then screw the nut back in place to secure the whole thing. There really is nothing complicated about assembling the Mothercare Happy Town Mobile, it literally took me a couple of minutes to put it together and it was ready to be attached to Jayden's cot.

      There are a few warnings that come with this product in order to ensure the safety of your baby, these include
      * Adult assembly required
      * Supervision is very important as babies and young children have no idea what can be potentially dangerous
      * Wipe clean only
      * Remove this toy when your baby starts putting their arms and legs up in the crawling position to prevent entanglement
      * The mobile should be attached to the fixed side of the cot should your cot have one side that lowers
      * Do not hang directly over your baby's head
      * Remove all packaging before giving to your child
      * Do not attach additional strings or straps

      Price and Availability
      Obviously the Happy Town Mobile is only available from Mothercare as it is part of their own brand range, as this was a present I wasn't sure how much it actually cost, however I have looked it up online and the mobile is sold for £25.00 although it is currently on offer for £20.00, this item is available both in store and online, obviously availability depends on which store you go to. Personally I think it is well worth the money, some mobiles are very expensive to buy and they really are nothing fancy, this one is very cute and would look good in any little boys nursery.

      My Opinion
      Jayden has been using his mobile on a daily basis for several weeks now and we have been very pleased with it. Firstly it was very easy to assemble, it is reasonably sturdy and seems strong.

      Although the lullaby is of a decent length so you can play this for your baby and do not have to go back in a minute later to play it again as it does not last long enough, Jayden does love to lay and listen to his and watch the cars and buses go round so I do sometimes have to play it 2 or 3 times for him before he will go to sleep.

      I love the colours of the mobile, they are bright without being over the top, the colours will also blend in with most colour schemes. The lullaby is not too loud so that it will keep your baby awake and can be paused at any time with the small sliding button on the music box.

      Jayden is extremely pleased with his mobile, as soon as he saw it above his cot he was interested in it and laid there fascinated watching it spin round as it played, it really does help him to get to sleep, also if he wakes up during the evening upset or sometimes he will give a little cry in his sleep we play the mobile and it quickly soothes him and sends him back to sleep again.

      The mobile is very reasonably priced especially compared to some others on the market which in my opinion are very expensive for a mobile, this is definitely worth the money. I would highly recommend the Mothercare Happy Town Mobile and so would Jayden.


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