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Mothercare 5-in-1 Super Fabric Trekker

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3 Reviews

Brand: Mothercare / Age: 6 months

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    3 Reviews
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      25.02.2010 20:43
      Very helpful



      Dont bother - save yourself some money!

      This is a product that really has the potential to be great - but we didn't
      really get our use out of it to make it cost effective and so I would really advise plumping for a cheaper model.

      Basically, this is a push along car that it suitable for children aged from
      6 months up. You can buy it in a green / blue version or a bright pink - we went for the bright pink and it is really pretty to look at.

      The car transforms stage by stage to fit your child as it develops.
      Initially, the car sits on a rocking base with an activity tray in. The
      back of the car at this stage is padded and has a harness to keep baby in
      place. Unfortunately, the rocker really isn't worth much - so for the 6
      month child... I wouldn't bother.

      The next stage is from 8 months - where the base rocker is removed and a parental handle attached to the back. It, in effect, becomes a pushchair type for you to navigate your child around. Unfortunately, any 8 month old child has the inability to steer - making the navigating the car quite difficult. So, for this age - I wouldn't bother either.

      The 10 month stage is where the whole lot of attachments come off so this is basically just a bright pink push along car, aimed at children learning to take their first steps - whereby they hold onto the handle at the back of the car for balance. I found this to be quite unsturdy actually - the car not effectively counterbalancing the babies weight. So for this - I wouldn't recommend.

      The next stage - the 12 months stage - is where it becomes a ride along car with the parent handle on the back for support and guidance. The handle attached just made it lethal and whenever the child tried to steer you had to watch small children around.

      The final stage is for a child who feels confident to ride along without a
      parents guidance. For that it is great (and that is what ive given it 2 stars for).

      Basically, we paid £49.99 for something that we could have effectively paid £20 for. Disney do a brilliant pink ride along car for £20 that has a
      ferris wheel carrying the princesses on the front, and I really wish we'd
      saved some money and bought that (plus that didn't require any assembly).

      My advice - don't bother - just buy a push along car and it will do the
      same thing.


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      28.10.2008 22:33
      Very helpful



      a really poor toy considering the price which is a let down for all age groups.

      We bought this for my son's first christmas when he was about 5 months old, as loved the idea of being able to push him around in his very own little car. It comes from mothercare and is £49.99 and designed from 6mths and to grow with your child as it grows through varies stages hence being called 5 in 1. It is a fun little green car with red steering wheel and back rest, black tyres and a blue seat which lifts up to hide your treasures and a blue flap on the front which has wobbly eyes on.

      The first stage is the rocker, where you attach the car, with the safety bars/harness and small play tray (just a couple of spinning balls and horn) onto the rocker base so you child can play happily and rock backwards and forwards. is a good idea in theory but it doesnt work as the rocker base is nearly flat so provides no rocking motion at all.

      The next stage is from 8 months using it as a push along although we did this earier as the straps are really secure and think once they are able to sit on their own its quite safe to use and as my son was sitting from 5months he was fine. simply remove the rocker and add the footrest in place for your child to keep there feet on, attach the parent handle and your away.

      Then as your child gets more bigger and independant you can remove the saftey bars/back rest/parent handle etc and it can be used as a push along or the child can use it as a ride on their self.

      It is a really good idea, but overall i think it is all very plastic and too thin not giving it enough support. When the child is young they can easily lean to one side casuing it to become unstable, plus the footrests are very small and cant actually fit feet on, there is also a chunk of plastic at the back which is a nightmare and catches on any ramps. it is not possible to get up or down kerbs. the parent handle is very weak and is non steerable. also the wheels are very small and very plastic and thin meaning if you go over anything bumpy, like a lot of paths around here it makes an awful noise and hurts your hand so much and is in no doubt very comfy to ride. as the child gets older, it makes it a lot harder to push, and also as they try to steer it themself the wheel only moves slightly meaning it hardly steers.

      The best part is the horn, which requires 2AAA batteries and plays a really annoying theme.

      For the price i was very disappointed and as a result we bought him a new one for his first birthday which was half the price but a lot stronger and better and he still uses now he is 3.


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        25.08.2008 21:49
        Very helpful



        Good value you will get your moneys worth with this

        This was one of the many toys my son was given for christmas and it's been used almost everyday since I put it together!!

        This is the Mothercare 5 in 1 trekker (they also have a 7 in 1 trekker) the picture above is for the 'multi' colour, they also have one in pink.

        It retails for £49.99 from Mothercare, available on their website and I have seen it in-store in our local Mothercare World. (At time of writing it is on offer 20% off making it £39.99)

        It is suitable from 6months to 3 years as it adapts to suit your childs needs.

        Initially (6 months)it can be used as a rocker and has a fabric seat cover with straps and a small activity tray
        Then from around 8 months you can remove the rocking base and adding the footrest and with the parent handle you can push your child along
        From about 10 months the high back portion of the seat, play tray, footrest and parent handle can be removed so it can be used a push along walker
        Around 12 months your child can use it as a ride-on car (with the parent handle if needed initially then without)

        There is a small amount of assembly required initially (fixing the rocker, attaching the high seat back, putting the steering wheel on) but after this the adjustments as your child grows are fairly easy. The worst being when you need to remove the activity table/seat back (as one unit) to remove the rocker bottom and attach/remove the foot rest.

        The electric horn plays 2 different sounds then a tune. On the activity tray is a spinning ball and a clicking 'key'. There is also a plastic phone shaped toy that can be placed in holder.

        My opinion.
        The rocker isn't very good and my son was never that bothered by it he would happily sit pressing the horn over and over to hear the tune play though. we took the rocker part off after a few weeks and he was happier being pushed around in it! The straps are good as it just gives you a bit more confidence your child is safe.

        Once it is in push a long mode it isn't that great until your child is quite steady on their feet and able to steer it. It's quite light and tips a little if they're only just learning to walk, once they've got more confidence it's much better. Just see my son speeding round the place behind it now!! Also you can't fix the front wheels to forwards only so as it's being pushed it veers over to one side, which can lead to a frustrated baby!

        The activity table could do with a bit more on it, maybe a couple more buttons to press or things to move, and the horn could maybe have a few more sounds/tunes as it can get repetitive and boring (for me anyway, my son seems to love it!). The plastic phone is quite pointless and hasn't really been played with (or even chewed) much at all.

        Overall it's good value as you will get quite a bit of use out of it. A few improvements could be made but my son loves it and I think it was a great present.


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    • Product Details

      This trekker will take your child through five early stages of play! Versatile seat starts off as a rocker and transforms to a stroller and eventually to a ride-on bike.

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