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Mothercare Happy Safari Spiral Cot Toy

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mothercare / Age: Newborn / Type: Cot Mobiles

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    2 Reviews
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      28.09.2009 15:35
      Very helpful
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      An OK toy but pricey for the amount of use your child will probably get from it

      I bought this toy for my son just after he was born as I was attracted to the bright colours and different toys attached to it. However, I found that he didn't really get much use out of it and it is now buried at the bottom of his toy box.

      ~~~ Product Description ~~~

      This spiral cot toy is about 50cm long if you stretch it out as far as possible but is only 10cm if it is not stretched. The spiral part of the toy is about 2.5cm in diameter and is made from two contrasting brightly coloured fabrics, one stripy and one spotty.

      At one end of the toy is a parrot which has ribbons on its tail and head and at the other end of the toy is a flower with brightly coloured felt petals.

      Attached to the spiral by ribbon are four toys for your baby to play with.

      1. A circular mirror attached to a red felt star. This mirror is only small at about 4cm in diameter but is plenty big enough for a baby to catch a glimpse of themselves in.

      2. A yellow giraffe with multicoloured ribbons on its neck and tail which has a rattle inside.

      3. A blue plastic teething ring. This is flat and in the shape of a flower of about 7cm in diameter.

      4. A blue elephant with ribbons for a tail which has a squeaker inside.

      ~~~ Quality and Safety ~~~

      This toy appears to be well made and the toys attached to it are securely fastened. The plastic of the teething ring is quite soft and it did not take long for my son to cover it in scratches.

      The ribbons attaching the smaller toys to the spiral are not long enough to present a strangulation risk.

      ~~~ Age Recommendation ~~~

      This product is suitable for use from birth onwards. My son got the most use out of it at around two to four months as he was able to manipulate the teething ring and other toys. However, the bright colours would make it nice for a younger baby to look at even if they are unable to play with it yet.

      ~~~ My Opinion ~~~

      I was a little disappointed when I first tried to wrap this cot toy around the bars of my son's cot because it is very tricky to arrange it correctly so that all the toys are hanging down. I found that it took ages to arrange it correctly so it is not the sort of toy you can move from cot to pram on a daily basis.

      In the end I gave up trying to get this to sit nicely on my son's cot and instead used it on his pram as it was much easier to wrap around the bar. My son also liked to hold the toy himself and shake it around to hear the rattle.

      My son especially enjoyed chewing the teething ring and the mirror as well but he was not really that interested in any of the other features. The ribbons which are used as tails on the animals were too small for him to really notice them and he never figured out how to make the elephant squeak.

      ~~~ Pricing and Availability ~~~

      I paid £13 for this product from my local branch of Mothercare however if you go to www.mothercare.com they currently have 20% off making it £10.40.

      In my opinion this is a bit on the pricey side for what is essentially a few soft toys joined together by a fabric spiral but it does look attractive if you can get it arranged nicely on your child's cot.


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        28.06.2009 11:47
        Very helpful



        Would recommend

        The Mothercare Happy Safari Spiral Cot Toy is £13.00 and is available in stores and online at Mothercare.com

        The toy itself is brightly coloured and includes an elephant and giraffe soft toys with ribbon for tails; a blue teether; a baby safe mirror, all dangling from the spiral.

        The spiral can be easily wrapped around the cot bars (but would not be of any use as a Cot Toy if your cot is solid without bars). My son would happily lay in his cot and play, feeling all the different textures this toy features. He also loves the mirror and spends minutes at a time entertaining himself with his beautiful face (no, I am not biased, he is a gorgeous looking boy).

        When he started to get a bit more mobile and would play with bigger toys that respond to his actions, he did seems to dismiss 'playing' with this but still chomped on the teether and admired his face, so I decided to move the Spiral onto the handle of his car seat and also transfer it onto his pushchair just as a bit of distraction when we are on the move.

        It was actually bought for my son as a gift but would be something I would happily invest the money in myself. All in all I am really pleased with the product, as is my son.


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      • Product Details

        With elephant and giraffe soft toys, ribbons, teethers and baby safe mirror to entertain baby

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