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Mothercare Jiggler Bug Caterpillar

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Manufacturer: Mothercare / Age: Suitable from birth

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2009 12:26
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      Mothercare Jiggly Caterpillar

      Pull down and watch me jitter

      Now that I'm expecting I have turned my attention to baby clothes, toys and the like and one place I like to shop for these items is Mothercare. I think they do an excellent range of both fun but educational toys and I've actually been buying toys here for a while when my friends have had their children and one of my favourites has to be The Jiggly Caterpillar.

      I really like their range of brightly coloured animal toys that are small and can hang on cots and pushchairs and this is one of their best.

      The Jiggly Caterpillar is a stuffed toy that really does look like a caterpillar. It has six different sections one on top of the other to look like the sections of a caterpillar's body. What I like about this toy is that it is quite brightly coloured and has different textured fabrics and makes noise as well. Apparently, according to an article I read, babies can see colours at birth though often they will have trouble distinguishing similar tones. For this reason many babies prefer to look at black and white patterns or objects with similarly highly contrasting motifs. The ability to distinguish colours develops rapidly, and as early as four months old some babies begin to show a preference for certain colours.

      One of the sections on this toy is black and white stripes so I think this is a really good edition to the caterpillar as it states above babies often prefer this to begin with. Then once it can begin to distinguish and favour certain colours there are lots to choose from on this caterpillar. The caterpillar has a yellow face with little flowers for ears, it then has a blue section, a red section, a purple section and a green section.

      Some of the sections also have a crinkle fabric inside so when you play with the caterpillar and touch it, it makes a funny, interesting noise. A lot of baby products have this crinkle fabric and I find it quite fun to play with myself.

      The toy has a yellow plastic ring on the end as well which allows you to attach it to a pram handle or car seat which is nice because then your child can play with it without the problem of it being throw overboard and lost forever and possibly causing a lot of tears over the loss of Jiggly Caterpillar!

      The best part about this caterpillar though is that it jiggles. It has a cord at the end of it, almost like its tail that you pull. This expands the sections of the caterpillar and then when they move back together it wiggles and jiggles. It's almost like a little shaking movement and it's really quite funny and I've seen it entertain many children as they do laugh when he wiggles.

      Mothercare list the benefits of this toy as encouraging hand to eye coordination, fine motor skills and cause and effect. These are great features in a toy in my opinion and teach a child to learn whilst having fun which is always the best way to learn.

      The toy is suitable from birth and cots around £5.


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