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Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube

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Brand: Mothercare

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2013 16:48
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      A lovely toy for little ones

      For Christmas Jayden received a lot of new toys, one of which was the Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube, he actually received a couple of shape sorting toys but they were all different and had different features and additional things on them.  This particular shape sorting toy is more of a traditional shape sorter and I thought it would be ideal at helping Jayden in his development.  

      The Mothercare Shape Sorting cube is basically a large plastic cube (as the name suggests) the shape sorter is made from a strong and tough plastic which is multi coloured, the cube has a green side, an orange side, a red side, a blue site, a yellow side and a multi coloured side, four of the sides of the cube are actual shape sorters, there is a fifth side which has a little pattern/ maze carved into it and there are four brightly colour pegs which you can move around the pattern , the final side of the shape sorting cube is the entrance to the cube where you can retrieve the shapes from inside, this is the multi coloured side, it has a square in the centre of it which is covered with a blue rubbery material, this has a large cross cut into it allowing the edges to be pushed inwards as you put your hand inside the cube the remove the shapes and then the edges move outwards as you pull your hand back out, the material is flexible enough to allow you to gain access to the shapes inside the cube, but stiff enough to hold itself in place to prevent the shapes from falling out.  The various shapes that come with the Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube are also made from a tough plastic and come in various colours including green, red, yellow and blue.  

      As I have mentioned there are four sides which are used for shape sorting with the Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube, these include
      * Green Side - This side contains holes cut out in actual shapes and include a circle, a square and a triangle, the shapes which fit into these holes are made from the same green plastic so you child can match the colours and the shapes.  
      * Blue Side - This side contains holes cut out in the shapes of numbers, the numbers cut out are 1, 2 and 3, as with the previous side the colour of the shapes match the colour of the side of the cube.  
      * Red Side - This side has the holes cut out in the shape of the letters A, B and C, with the letter shapes these are red to match the side of the cube
      * Yellow Side - This side as with the green side also has holes in the form of shapes including a star, a heart and a flower shape the shapes are also yellow to match with the side of the cube

      The idea of the Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube is that your child can learn whilst they play, this toy is designed to develop fine motor as well as develop auditory perception skills.  Whilst your child is having fun sorting the shapes and putting them into the cube they are also learning numbers, shapes, letters as well as colours.  

      The bright and contrasting colours of the cube and the shapes will capture your child's attention and sorting the shapes and fitting them into the correct holes will challenge them both physically and mentally.  The four peg maze on one of the sides of the cube will also help to develop motor skills as well as fascinate them and keep their attention.  

      The Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube is of a decent size, measuring 15cm x 15cm x 15cm, this makes it a good size, manageable for little hands but not too big yet not too small and fiddly.  

      The shapes are also of a decent size again making them easy to young children to pick up and co-ordinate into the right holes.  The size of the opening on one of the sides of the cube is also of a decent size, plenty large enough for your child to put their hand in and remove the shapes from.

      Obviously this toy is only available from Mothercare as it is one of their own brand products, the Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube is sold for £8.00, however it is currently half price and is only £4.00.  Personally even at full price I think this item is reasonably priced, they toy is both educational as well as fun so it is well worth the money.  

      At the moment Jayden is a bit young to actually learn numbers and letters, however this item is good for helping to develop his motor skills, When he first received the cube he had no idea what it was and what to do and would just bang the shapes on the cube to make a noise, however after several goes at showing him what to do he is starting to pick the shapes up and try putting them into the holes, to be honest he hasn't got the hang of it yet but he is getting there, although he is a bit young to grasp the actual concept of this toy personally I feel he is never too young to start learning.

       If I had to pick out one disadvantage for this toy is would be the way in which you have to get the shapes out from inside the cube, the rubbery cover which covers one side is a bit on the stiff side for very young children, you have to push your hand into the hole bending the rubber cover inwards, for little hands this could be a bit tough, older children would be able to mange this but younger children would need a bit of help with this.
       However this would not prevent me from using the Shape Sorting Cube and is not really a major problem.

       Overall I would definitely recommend the Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube, it is both an educational and a fun toy for children and in my opinion is well worth the money.  


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    • Product Details

      At a Glance The Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube is a great example of how a toy can be fun, educational and challenging all at the same time. Sort the 12 different shapes into place on the 6-sided cube. There's also a 4-pegged maze to work through! Features and benefits for Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube Develops fine motor skills Helps develop auditory perception skills Mothercare loves...??the variety of activities on this shape sorting cube, offering your little one plenty of opportunity to learn through exciting play.Want to know more?The Shape Sorting Cube is a great example of how fun, challenging and educational playtime can be, and is a super developmental piece. Teaching numbers, shapes and the alphabet all at the same time, your little one will be learning a lot through play.The vibrant colours featured on the Shape Sorting Cube are strong visual stimuli, whilst working out which shape goes in which hole is a challenge both mentally, and physically as a way to develop and train manipulation and fine motor skills. In addition to the number slots, letter slots and shape slots, the Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube will fascinate your little one with a 4-peg maze to beat!Don't forget...Mothercare also stocks a great range of books to support your little one's first words, numbers and letters. What's in the box: 1 x Mothercare Shape Sorting Cube

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