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Nuby Teething Blankie

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3 Reviews
  • Helps relieve teething pain
  • Lots of different colours and textures
  • Not machine washable
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    3 Reviews
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      05.05.2014 14:39
      1 Comment


      • "Helps relieve teething pain"
      • "Lots of different colours and textures"


      • "Not machine washable"

      Comfort and Teether all in one

      When my baby boy showed signs of teething and was clinging onto muslin cloths using them as comfort blankets at the same time, I was delighted to stumble across this teether from Nuby. This blanket has lots of different colours and textures to capture baby's attention.

      There are four different designs available, with the main difference being the animal which is featured as the squeaker in the middle. I chose the monkey. The blanket is very colourful, with four different triangular patterns on the front, an animal squeaker in the middle, and some little ribbon "taggies" sticking out of one of the sides. One of the fabric triangles is crinkly, and each of the corners has a plastic teether stitched on, so there's plenty to keep little ones entertained.

      This is without doubt my baby's most used toy, and one he will keep near him throughout the day. As it's nice and thin, and around four inches long at the sides, it's very easy to fit in the changing bag, which is great because it provides a good distraction if my boy gets restless when we are out and about. The cheeky monkey face provides much delight, and he also likes to grab the monkey's ears which stick out temptingly at the sides. At five months, he can't quite press the squeaker by himself, but I like this because it means he still has new skills to learn with the help of his favourite blanket.

      Although it looks such a simple toy, this has many possibilities for excitable babies. My boy loves the crinkly fabric, and will often scrunch the blanket up and look at it in wonder. He hasn't fully discovered the ribbon taggies yet, but I often use these to gently tickle his nose and this causes much amusement. The teething parts end up getting gnawed regularly, although typically the rest of the blanket ends up getting soaked! We also use the blanket to play Peek a Boo, as my little boy likes to hide behind it.

      The only downside of the blanket is that it can't be washed, but instead must be sponged clean with a damp cloth. For me, this is a bit of a worry, as it is designed to be put in the baby's mouth, and as with most things my baby picks up, it often ends up on the floor. It looks a bit tired already, but I think this gives it character because it's something which has been well used by my son and smells familiar to him. The stitching looks in good condition still, but as a paranoid first time mum I do check it regularly.

      This is a simple baby item, but one I wouldn't be without. The only reason I'm knocking a star off is because of the damp sponge cleaning recommendation.

      (Review also appears on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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        25.08.2012 10:35
        Very helpful
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        A nice little teething blankie

        Jayden is currently suffering a bit with teething, whilst we have purchased him some gel for his gums he cannot have this applied all of the time, also recently he is trying to chew on everything whether its his hands or his clothes, he will often chew on his hands and then cry so when I was shopping in a large Tesco recently I spotted the Nuby Teething Blankie, it was cute, colourful and also had areas on it which Jayden could safely chew on to help sooth his sore gums.

        The Nuby Teething Blankie comes attached to a large rectangle card, one half of the car is yellow and spotty, at the top of the name Nuby written in red with the words Teething Blankie written just underneath, the right hand sides taken up with a picture of a baby, also on the right hand side is various bits of information about the product including the age group that this is suitable for, right at the bottom of the card it states "N Every Step of the Way". The back of the card is split in two halves, white and yellow, this contains the product information including information about the product, the contents, care instructions and warnings about the packaging material. It also shows different Nuby Teething Blankies that are available, there is also a logo to show that this product was awarded the Baby and Pregnancy Editors Chocie Design Award in 2010.

        The Teething Blankie
        The Nuby Teething Blankie is basically a small square teething blanket, it is square and made up of different coloured sections, the back of the blankie and the border on the front is a deep purple, the front is also divided up into four sections there is a red and orange patterned section, a blue and green one, a green and yellow one and a yellow and orange section. These sections are made from a soft yet tough fabric, three of the sections are slightly padded and the fourth section is filled with a crinkly material, this section also has a small fabric badge sewn onto it with the word Nuby inside.

        Along one edge of the blankie are small pieces of ribbon sewn into the seam, these are different colours including yellow, red, purple, green and orange, right in the centre of the blankie is the head of a bear, the bear is blue and cream with a large pink nose and a smiley face, if you squeeze the head it squeaks, the face is made from a felt type material which gives your baby a different texture to feel even if they are unable to make the head squeak themselves.

        In all four corners are what look like plastic paws, these are red, orange, green and purple, these are made from a smooth plastic and has small raised star shapes on them which gives your baby different textures to chew on.

        The Teething Blankie is approximately 9inchs square making it an ideal size for your baby, the bright colours and different textures are designed to catch your baby's attention, this product is suitable for baby's from 3 months onwards. The idea of this product is that it incorporates both a teethe and a blanket all in one making it ideal to sooth your baby's sore gums or to comfort your baby at nap time.

        The contents of the product is stated on the back of the card, it includes paper cellophane, this is in the section which crinkles, the other sections contain 100% polyester fibres. The information also states that this product meets or exceeds the governments standards.

        As with all children's toys there are warnings on the back of the packaging, this states that you should never leave a child unattended with this toy or any other stuffed toys, this is quite standard for this type of toy however there are no real small parts which could come off of the teething blankie and cause a choking hazard.

        Packaging Warnings
        This is something that I have not really seen on the back of a toys packaging before, however this information states that the packaging should be remove immediately as it may cause a choking or suffocation hazard to your child. The information also states that the packaging may contain small parts such as bags, safety pins ribbon, tape and plastic tags, the only thing that this product had was small plastic tags which attached the teething blankie to the card.

        Care Instructions
        The Nuby Teething Blankie is easy to care for, you simply need to wipe it clean with a mild soap and damp cloth and allow to air dry, this product should not be immersed in water and is not suitable microwave or steam sterilisation, you also cannot put this product into the washing machine to clean it.

        Price and Availability
        The Nuby Teething Blankie is available from a variety of stores including Boots, Asda and Tesco, we purchased ours from Tesco and it cost us £3.95, however the price does vary a little depending on where you purchase it from, I have seen it sold for £4.99, Tesco is the shop where it seems to be sold at the cheapest price.

        My Opinion
        The Nuby Teething Blankie is definitely a product I would recommend, Jayden loves his teething blankie, he finds with some teething products they are a bit difficult for him to hold or a bit big for his mouth, however this product is easy for him to manage, as it is a blanket and a lot thinner he can easily grip it and keep hold of it whilst getting it to his mouth, he doesn't drop it half way there and then get frustrated because he cannot do it.

        The blankie is an ideal teether as you baby can happily and safely chew on it and also use it as a soother during naps. The product is of an excellent quality and made to a high standard, it is very good value of money and can be purchased cheaply from a variety of shops. As well as using it as a teether Jayden loves looking at the different bright colours and the feel of the different textures of the material, at the moment he cannot make the bears face in the middle squeak but he loves it if we do it for him and smiles every time. I am glad we purchased this for Jayden as he has had a lot of use out of it and it has helped with his teething as it gives him something manageable to chew on to help relieve his sore gums, this is definitely a product I would recommend.


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          23.11.2011 22:14
          Very helpful



          Another good product from Nuby :)

          I have mentioned in a previous review how Morrisons sell Nuby toys and I keep finding myself buying them when I see them as I'm impressed by their price and quality. The Nuby teething Blankie is one such purchase. It is a very basic teether but it is a worthwhile purchase in my opinion. It consists of a square of fabric which has been made up of 4 differently coloured triangles of fabric, using bright patterns to stimulate baby visually. One of the triangles has crinkly cellophane inside and is nice for baby to hear. At first I wondered why only put crinkly cellophane inside one of the triangles and then I realised that it is a good idea as the crinkle can get a bit annoying after a while!!! At each corner of the teether is a rubbery plastic shape which has a hole in the middle and allows baby to either hold it or have a good old chomp to help ease their sore gums during teething. Each corner is a different colour and the plastic parts are securely sewn on to the main part of the blankie. Each of the plastic corners has different textures embossed on it to create different surfaces on which to teethe. There are rounded large nodules, tiny, rough, spiky stars (these might hurt a little!) and small and medium sized round bumps.

          In the middle of the blankie is a cheerful animal's head. I chose the lion design as I simply liked the look of it best. The other animals available are frog, monkey and what I think is a bear! Inside the animals head is a squeaker. With the head being in the middle of the blankie, it is quite hard for little hands to squish it enough to make it squeak. I find squeakers hard work for little ones to operate at the best of times, but this one is particularly awkward. Of course an adult can entertain their little one by squeaking it for them but this can't be done all the time! Sewn onto the middle of the top edge of the blankie are short lengths of ribbon in different colours which my son likes to suck and generally make very soggy!

          The washing instructions state that it is wipe clean only and do not immerse in water. I must say I'm not too keen on things which can only be wiped clean as that won't get rid of lingering particles of baby puke so I might be tempted to bung it in the machine once in a while. I would imagine the squeaker wouldn't take too kindly to being put in the wash but, seeing as it's too hard for baby to squeak anyway, I suppose that wouldn't matter too much!

          I paid £3.00 in Morrisons for this teether (the majority of the Nuby toys they sell are £3.00 or between £3 and £4) and so far, due to its light weight, my son can hold it and chomp on it to his heart's content. He is not yet teething to the extent that any teeth have popped through but I can feel one or two under the gum and he loves to chew on the plastic corners interpersed with a suck on the ribbons every now and again!


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