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Playgro Dangly Mimsy Mouse

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Manufacturer: Playgro / Type: Clip-on baby toy / Age: Newborn

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2011 07:30
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      A fun plastic mouse toy for babies from Playgro

      In our pre-Christmas clear out/ tidy up in preparation for receiving new toys at Christmas and the arrival of baby number 3 in April we are reviewing our toy collection. There are a large number of toys which my boys have outgrown but I intend to keep and others which we won't be keeping Not only did Mr Lools and I buy many of these toys but friends and family bought many toys as gifts which included the Playgro Dingly Dangly Mimsy Mouse.

      ***Playgro Dingly Dangly Mimsy Mouse***
      The Playgro Dingly Dangly Mimsy Mouse is a plastic and fabric mouse figure baby toy. The toy has a large bright red plastic clip to easily attach the toy to a pushchair handle or car seat handle. The mouse figure is attached to the clip with a 4cm fabric string. The head and body of the mouse is made from fabric, the ears made from a material that makes a crunching sound. The mouse has long thin dangling legs with two hard red plastic feet. One foot of the mouse, the other foot has a button on the base which when pressed squeaks.

      Playgro state that this toy is suitable from birth.

      The Playgro Dingly Dangly Mimsy Mouse is available from a number of retailers including Tesco, Toys R Us, Halfords, Play.com and Kiddicare. This was given to my boys as a gift however I was slightly surprised when I checked online at the price and retailers were selling the toy for prices between £9.99 and £12.99. Personally I thought they toy would have been sold for no more than £7 as although it is well made its functions are a little basic so £10 does seem a little expensive.

      ***Our Experience***
      My boys were given the Playgro Dingly Dangly Mimsy Mouse as a gift when they were around 4 weeks old. We only received one so this was a toy they have shared (and snatched off each other).

      As the toy states from birth we gave this toy to my boys to "play" with as soon as they received it. At 4 weeks, it was far too early for them to really get much enjoyment out of the toy but they did tend to watch the mouse and the bright colours when it was dangled in front of them and try and focus on the toy. By around 10 weeks they would smile at the toy. My boys were reaching out for and attempting to hold toys at around 14 weeks old. The Mimsy Mouse toy is very easy for a baby to grab and take hold of. The fabric sections of the mouse are quite thin so a baby can easily fit their hands around these parts of the mouse and then wave it around.

      What I liked about this toy and what my boys seemed to like about this toy from a young age, up until being around 10 months old was that the toy was bright, colourful and had so many different textures and sounds to explore. The face and body of the mouse is a soft toy but the mouse then has large soft ears which make a crinkly sound. This is a loud crinkly sound which encourages babies to squeeze to hear this crunching type sound. The plastic feet on the mouse are also interesting for a baby to play with. The plastic feet provide something for a teething baby to chew on but also their features allow them to play with the toy.

      One of Mimsy's feet is made from a clear plastic and inside is lots of different coloured balls. This provides visual stimulation and also when shaken around acts as a rattle. On the base of this foot is a ridged plastic with lots of bumps so provides a different feeling for a child to touch.

      The other foot of the Mimsy mouse is red and on the flat base has a yellow button that sticks out. When pressed this makes a squeaking noise. This button is easy for a young baby to press and by the age of around 6 months old my boys were able to do this themselves which resulted in a lot of delight when they heard the squeaking noise. As a parent this squeak is not too loud so when pressed over and over the noise does not get too annoying but is loud enough for a child to hear and keep them entertained.

      Not only do the feet make different noises individually but when the toy is shaken around the two plastic feet hit together and makes a clicking sound. This encouraged my boys to shake the toy more vigorously as they got older to hear this sound but I must admit as a parent the bashing together of the plastic feet on Mimsy creates the greatest annoyance. If the toy is attached to the pushchair I used to find the toy rattling around was actually quite an annoying sound.

      The toy states from birth and I would say in my experience once my boys got to around 10 months old they did not play with Mimsy Mouse so regularly and the toy lost its appeal as a favourite. I would say that up until 1 year old they would pick up this toy and play with it whereas with many of the other "baby" toys and rattles like this one they had no interest in at all from around 9 months. The toy is definitely a baby toy but not as babyish as some of the other "from birth" toys that you can buy.

      On the other end of the scale although this toy states "from birth" I would say that there are some issues with the design of the toy which means as a parent you do need to take care when giving this to a young baby (and older ones in fact). There are no parts which can be a choking hazard therefore I had no issues with my boys gnawing and sucking on the toy but I do feel the hard plastic clip and hard plastic feet can cause injury and you need to supervise quite closely when playing with this toy.

      Firstly when attaching the toy to an object with the clip you need to ensure that the feet on Mimsy can hit a baby. There was an occasion when Mr Lools clipped Mimsy onto the car seat handle (a Maxi Cosi Cabrio-fix) and was carrying one of my boys in the seat. The toy was swinging far too close to my 12 week old sons face and if it wasn't for the fact we had such small babies it was likely the plastic feet could have hit him which would have not been hard but still gave him a shock. Therefore after that incident Mimsy Mouse was not attached to the car seat handle again. With other models of car seat the toy may sit at a better angle for a child to play with the toy.

      Secondly with the uncoordinated movements a young child makes I do feel the plastic feet and plastic clip can be quite dangerous as they are quite solid especially when thrown around at force. The dangly design of the mouse toy means a baby can create almost a whipping motion if they move their arm quickly when holding the toy. With two babies together there was the added danger that one would hurt the other which happened with this toy when one of my sons at 6/7 months old was holding this toy and stretched his arm out fast and managed to whack his unsuspecting sibling in the face with one of Mimsy's foot. No bruising but a lot of crying. When my boys were under 6 months old and playing with this toy I also found on occasions they managed to hit themselves with the solid plastic feet on the toy therefore this was a toy I did feel I needed to closely supervise them with unlike many other softer "from birth" toys.

      Development wise I do feel Mimsy mouse provides a lot of stimulation and encourages a child to use different senses because of the different textures to touch, the different sounds and also the different colours. The toy also helps to encourage motor skills from an early age encouraging them to hold the toy and then press the squeak button on one of the feet.

      The toy is made to an excellent quality. The clip on the top of the toy is made from a solid durable plastic as are the feet on Mimsy Mouse obviously as described earlier in my review this has some safety issues but it does mean if the toy is thrown from height and bashed off items the plastic does not break or crack. The body of the toy and the ears are made from fabric which obviously does pick up dirt quite easily. These sections of the toy can be wiped clean although our toy has suffered not real spillages or stains. I have not put this toy in the washing machine however probably would not because of all of the hard plastic sections on the toy.

      Both my boys really loved the Playgro Dingly Dangly Mimsy Mouse toy and I feel despite this being a "from birth" basic baby toy they did not outgrow the toy as quickly as they did with a lot of the other baby toys which very soon seemed "too babyish". The mouse is colourful, fun, made to a great quality and although it is quite a basic toy, the different textures and sounds make it interesting for a baby under 1 year old to play with.

      I do think even at £9.99 it is quite expensive compared with other baby toys that rattle and squeak but it was a toy that my boys got a lot of enjoyment and entertainment from meaning that if I had purchased this toy myself rather than it being a gift, I would have considered it good value.

      The clip on this toy ensures the toy stays firmly attached to a pushchair bar or car seat handle unlike many toys of this type. My main criticism is that the clip is quite big and heavy as are the feet on Mimsy. It actually surprises me that this is a "from birth" toy because of the hard plastic sections on the toy. I must admit there is an added danger element of toys when you have twins because as babies (and as toddlers) they can un-intentionally hurt their sibling when throwing toys about with uncoordinated movements. Even when playing with Mimsy Mouse in a clear space away from their sibling my boys did have many tears after this toy had whacked them in the face or arm because the dangly design of the toy means a baby can hit the plastic sections of the toy off themselves with some force. This caused no bruising or damage but it quite a traumatic experience for the child and the parent!

      I tended never to leave my boys unsupervised with toys but this is a toy I feel you need to watch babies of under 6-7 months with constantly in order to minimise tears. A great toy despite some hidden dangers.


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    • Product Details

      Keep your baby entertained with Mimsy, the cuddly Dingly Dangly Mouse ! Simply attach to a pushchair or bed to keep baby happy while developing fun learning skills! The soft Dingly Dangly Mouse adds an element of fun and colour to Baby's surroundings. Through play, your little one develops hand-eye co-ordination while enjoying tactile and sensory development using different sounds, shapes and textures!

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