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Playskool Simon Says Sit n Spin

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Brand: Playskool / Age: 18 months

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2009 14:22
      Very helpful
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      A valued toy for a on the move little monkey.

      Scarlet will be 18 months at the end of November and she certainly takes after Mr Kimbles. She just has so much energy and watching her makes me tired. From the moment she wakes up in the morning until the moment she goes to bed she is running around, licking the windows, jumping on the poor dog, squishing chocolate into my new curtains, rocking on the rocking horse, rolling around the floor and basically being a monkey.

      A few weeks ago whilst she was playing with my friends four boys she was sat singing away whilst swinging around on the Playskool Sit N Spin that my friend said how amazed she was that she just has so much energy. As we left about an hour later after Scarlet had worn out the four boys and my friends was when we inherited the Sit N Spin.

      Playskool is a well known brand of Childrens Toys that even I remember when I was young, as soon as my mum saw her latest addition to her toys she commented on how we had Playskool toys when I was Scarlets age and how much of trusted brand they are.

      The Sit N Spin is certainly a trusted item. The base of the toys is red whilst the tube leading to the handle is orange and the handle is purple. The top of the circular handle is green with four red lights on the top with speakers that play music. It is made out of very sturdy plastic whi has not even cracked considering the amount of use it has had in the short time we have had it.

      Playskool advise this toys is for 18 months plus and as it can be a bit tricky for a child to spin on their own to start so I wouldn't suggest using it any earlier. Scarlet was 17 months when she first used it and it took her a few days to get the hang on it.

      As your child sits on the circular base they use their hands to push on the handle to spin around. Scarlet was a bit unsure on what to do at first and just loved being spun around by Daddy who thought it was highly amusing to make her dizzy.

      After a few days however, she had learnt to spin herself and off she went. She has now learnt to spin herself so fast that her legs don't stay on the base anymore and she ends up lying on her back on the floor laughing her head off.

      As she has got more and more confident on the Sit N Spin she has now discovered to stand up on it. This is where I now have to watch her like a hawk as she likes to spin around so fast and run off to see if she can fall over. We have ended up with a few bumps and bruises from where she has run into the sofa after being far too dizzy.

      But she loves the Sit N Spin so much that she even sat on it this morning to eat her toast. And still loves to be spun around by Daddy just as much as spinning herself. Even her doll Baby Annabell has her fair share of goes on it.

      The Playskool item sells for £24.99 in the Argos catalogue but we had this for free of our friends but as Scarlet loves it so much I was willing to and still would be willing to pay the retail price for it.


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        16.04.2009 15:34
        Very helpful



        would recommend for children over two

        I had seen the Simon sit and spin in the Argos catalogue for £19.59 and had wondered whether or not to purchase it or not.

        I was at Tansley car boot when I found a one boxed for £3 although the box was a bit battered so I jumped at it and struggled with it back to the car as it is quite a big box to carry and push a buggy across a field.

        I got it home and decided to assemble it while my son was up which can often be a mistake but as he was climbing all over the box I thought I would give it a try, I only had three pieces to assemble which was to attach the base to the steering column and wheel at the top which required 4 screws to be screwed in. As my son believes he is Bob the builder's assistant he put on his bob the builder hat and had to be given an additional screwdriver to help. There is possibly more assembly involved in a new one as the base does have more screws in the bottom.

        The items is made if what appears to be sturdy plastic. The base is green and has two spots stating sit here suggesting that it is for two people but there is only room for one. It has a button on the base which is easy to press for a child and it activates the song or game without turning the wheel. The Orange steering wheel has a smiley happy face and is attached to the blue steering column. Under the base is a switch that has three positions music, game and off. The music switch is activated when the wheel spins round and plays various tunes which are quite funky and not childish or repetitively annoying. On the other hand the game position is actually a Simon says game which like the game of Simon says will give out instructions, for example Simon says spin or spin the other way. It gives praise for following the instructions and says but knows when it is wrong as well saying uh-oh. It also explains if you do something without Simon saying so why you have lost.

        It states on the packaging that it is designed for 18months plus.

        My experience

        My son was very excited at assembling the toy and then the chance to play on it on was very exciting. He does have experience of a sit in spinning toy at the fun club he goes to so I did think he would be able to spin it himself but he seemed a little lost. He loved it but he did find it difficult to hold on and sit in the right position and then spin himself. When he first had it he was constantly wanting to sit on it and pointing to the floor to get me to sit on the floor and spin it round.

        It took him about 3 days to learn how to spin around independently but still likes to be spun round.

        The music mode has quite bearable music but the game mode has quite annoying background music which reminds me of fairground music. My son is able to operate the switch at the base which can be useful until I turn it off for a little peace and he turns it back on again. He likes the music setting and will often sit pressing the button on the base to activate a new tune.
        The Simon says is too old for my 2 year old as he doesn't yet understand it but I don't find that part off putting as he is learning to much language and I can demonstrate when it say's go faster that this is what faster is.
        I do like the fact it is so low to the ground so if he falls off then he doesn't have far to fall.

        I have found it is quite heavy on battery usage but have changed to rechargeable batteries now which is what I use for all my energy hungry toys. My son quickly loses interest in this toy without the batteries.
        He does enjoy playing with this toy but rarely plays on it without asking me to spin him round. I do think that as he grows he will play with the toy more independently. Although he isn't very competent at spinning on his own it will help to increase his co ordination

        I am very happy with it as a £3 toy but don't think it would be worth paying full price at his age.


        I think most children like to be spun round. I would recommend this for young children but not for 18 months old as I don't think they are ready to operate or understand the game. My son is two this week and he is just about old enough for it but think in another 6 months it will be more beneficial to him.


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        Add a new twist to everyone's favourite spinning toy, with electronic music and Simon Says game modes!

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