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Pooh's Adventure Book

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Brand: Vtech / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Books

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2012 10:47
      Very helpful
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      A nice little electronic book

      We were lucky to be given a bundle of baby toys from family friends which we keep at my Mother in Law's house to keep our 19 month daughter entertained when we visit. Amongst the bundle was this lovely vtech electronic book featuring Winnie the Pooh.

      The book is chunky plastic and easy for little hands to use. Once you have switched the book on, it comes alive and sings songs, makes noise and reads out the story to the child. Handy tabs on the side of the book help to turn the pages and the brightly coloured characters introduce the child to Pooh and his friends.

      About us
      Before my daughter was born, I wasn't a big fan of Winnie the Pooh so didn't deliberately seek out clothing or nursery soft furnishings featuring this character but on a visit to the disney shop, she actually chose a Pooh toy above others so was clearly attracted to him. As adults we get a lot of fun talking about her big Pooh (toy) and so it just continued from there really... childish but gets a giggle every time.

      The book
      The themes covered in the book are opposites, words and numbers which are never too early to start trying to learn. Our daughter already has her own way of counting things which is really cute, not exactly numbers but a discernable noise she uses to count. There are six pages and four interactive slides which make noises and work in line with the story book. Eight melodies and two songs that are sung (with Pooh's irritating voice!).

      My thoughts
      We have a few of these electronic books between our house and the grandparents' and this one is a good quality and fun book to read. I do find Pooh's 'sotto' voice a bit annoing and high pitched but I can't deny, it does appeal to children. Obviously you have to keep feeding the book batteries for it to work but if you switch off between uses it does last ages on one set. It is also very easy to clean with a damp cloth, baby wipe or kitchen towel.

      Special feature
      In keeping with the Pooh theme, there is a light up honey pot in the centre of the book that you can see from every page.

      Price and availability
      Obviously, we got our Pooh book free, but a little research tells me a brand new one can be had for just under £15 including delivery. I do think it is worth this amount of money.

      Final word
      We have found this is a book that she often returns to but this is probably helped by the fact that it is at someone else's house and therefore she has limited access to it! I think this is suitable for boys and girls and retains a value to be sold or passed on once you've finished with it. There are no sharp corners or removable parts so it is one that can be given to very young babies to play with and the lights and music make it nice and interactive.


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        01.02.2012 14:11
        Very helpful



        keeps my daughter happy

        One of my youngests Christmas presents was this book, it costs around £15 and is from Vtech so straight away you do expect it to be a high quality and enjoyable toy. The toy is available in the usual places such as Tesco and Argos or even online through the likes of Amazon.

        The books comes packaged in an open box to allow you to have a little play with it whilst it is in the box, like with the majority of Vtech toys the box is sealed at each end with tape and the toy is fastened inside the box with plastci covered wires which simply need to be untwisted so it is not difficult to remove from the box whilst your little one tries to get hold of it.

        The book is made of hard plastic and is very brightly coloured, it has a stripey spine in red, yellow, blue and green with a light up honey pot half way down and the on off switch which also has two different volume options on it which I always think is great especially as I have two children both of which like playing with noisy toys and generally at the same time. On the opening side of the book there are three sticking out buttons each with a different character on it and each one is actually a button, there is Owl, Eeyore and Tigger and these stick out bits also help your little one turn the pages of the book easily.

        On the front cover of the book you have Winnie the Pooh with Eeyore and the characters are created in the same hard plastic as the book and are raised up from the front cover, the front of the book is very attractive for little ones and my daughter often will pick this up of her own accord and play with it without having to be encouraged. When you turn the book on the honey pot starts to light up and then there is a little song about finding some honey sung in the original Winnie the Pooh voice.

        Inside the book there is a very short story only a couple of lines on each page and throughout the book as you turn pages Winnie the Pooh tells you how hungry he is and how he wants someone to help him find the honey. There are also little raised bits like a oval shape with Winnie the Pooh on it and when you move it to the side it tells you P is for Pooh, throughout the book there is also T is for Tail, B for Bounce and H is for Honey. By the end of the book Winnie finds some honey and is happy.

        The buttons on the side all have little tunes and sentences, when owl is pressed winnie says hello owl and then a little tune plays and it is the same for the eeyore button and the tigger button although the tunes are different each time. The buttons are rather large and get knocked as much as they are pressed which i think is good as your child doesn't nee to be aware of how to actually play with the toy as they are easily set of by accident.

        This book is great, it is made of hard plastic and so is easy to wipe clean always a great option with young children I think. The book is a toy my daughter enjoys playing with, therte are a great number of sentences and tunes so it is not too repeptitive until my daughter decides to oress the same button over and over again as she does. My daughter loves reading books and I think she is drawn to this toy as it is rthe same action of turning the pages, she will sit and play with this for long periods of time so it is certainly worth the money paid and I would certainly buy her it again.


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