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Slumber Buddy

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2 Reviews
  • Cute animal theme choices
  • Plenty of settings
  • Too much packaging
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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2015 00:35


      • "Cute animal theme choices"
      • "Adjustable volume"
      • "Plenty of settings"
      • "Different colour schemes"


      • "Too much packaging"

      One of the best purchases I made for my little girl.

      I have just purchased the butterfly slumber buddy for my daughter, and is already working wonders!

      My daughter is 8 weeks old, and inititally we just used a normal cheap battery powered nightlight, nothing special, just a dim light at the end of the moses basket.

      She has increasingly had more and more irritable nights now she is more aware of her surroundings and gets herself over-tired, so we decided to invest in something a bit more interesting for her.

      I got the nightlight out of the packaging (Which was a feat in itself!, so many ties, and selotape and pieces of card to tackle), inspected it, and asked my partner to switch the light off in the living room so I could have a look at how the ceiling projector worked.

      I had my fussy little girl on my lap at the time, wriggling, kicking and crying on and off. As soon as I switched this night light on she was mesmerized. Completely silent, staring at the ceiling, and as calm as could be!

      The night light has various settings :

      - A moon and stars projector that can be used on it's own or with sounds. It has 3 colour settings; blue, red and green. Blue seems to be the best and clearest colour.
      - a "nature" sound effect, which is basically the womb sound for be baby/heartbeat sounds - very calming!
      - 3 lovely songs. Usually children's toys or accessories have very irritating sounds, but this music if very calm and well chosen, it even makes me sleepy!
      - 3 sound settings.

      I'm so glad I chose this night light, very cute, very simple and plenty of variations of settings for a growing baby.

      And a plus for me - green and pink! The colours of my babies nursery.

      The only negative would be the packaging, just too much of it, and too many ties attached to the product which took a long time to unfasten.

      Highly recommend this for any parent wanting their baby to get a good night's sleep!


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      10.03.2014 12:04
      Very helpful
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      A great investment!!

      I decided to purchase Frankie the amphibian slumber buddy after my little son had an overnight stay in hospital and seemed intrigued by the musical projector attached to the hospital cot. I researched the model and was disappointed to find it cost £45 and on my budget I just couldn't justify buying it.

      So I looked around for alternatives and last week came across Frankie in Argos, reduced from £24.99 to £15.99. The picture depicted a friendly looking frog that projected different coloured stars and a moon onto the ceiling whilst playing music to a sleeping child nearby. It also included the 3 AAA batteries needed to make Frankie work his magic.
      I was sold, the stars where so pretty and I knew my son would watch them as they changed colour, I would have liked them to move as well but all in all this seemed like a good deal and so I welcomed Frankie into our home with open arms.

      Frankie has a friendly grin and when I placed him on my sons knee he grinned right back at him... and proceeded to try and gnaw on his foot! Frankie has a hard plastic shell like a turtle but the rest of his body is soft.

      I switched off the lights and put the stars and moon on, I was a little disappointed that the colours didn't change on their own, the first setting is a lovely blue but then you have to push the button again to change it to red and then again to change it to green. Blue is definitely the clearest colour followed by green.... the red is a bit rubbish and not bright enough to create an ambient display on the ceiling.
      Next the lullabies... whatever happened to twinkle twinkle? Upon pushing this button I was surprised to hear some seedy sounding elevator music or the music you hear when on hold to BT. Initially I hated it and I have yet to be convinced by the last 3 'lullabies', however the first little tune has definitely grown on me, turns out this music isn't all that irritating when you know you aren't being charged 35p per minute to listen to it!

      So that night I brought Frankie up to bed with us, my partner was home from work and we all went together (my son sleeps in the pram in our room). I placed Frankie on the bedside locker, put on the blue lights and the first lullaby, my son loved it!! He stared up at the stars his little eyes growing heavier before eventually closing and the music meant I had a break from the repeated 'shhhhhing noises' I usually had to make to sooth him. I too felt quite relaxed and delighted with my purchase however..... my partner HATES FRANKIE and after threatening to throw him out the window he finally fell asleep the pillow held firmly over his head.
      The next morning we tried out the heartbeat sound which is also quite soothing and the two nature sounds, one is of crashing waves, the other bird like jungle noises. During the day I place Frankie close by my son and use either the heartbeat sound or the bird sound to sooth him into a nap and it works 95% of the time.

      Thankfully my partner never asked me to choose between him and Frankie because Im not entirely sure who would have won that battle!

      Frankie switches himself off after 30 minutes which is great at night and saves on batteries. Ive had him for 3 weeks now, I use him daily and have yet to change the batteries.


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    • Product Details

      "At a Glance Friendly character that projects light displays, plays lullabies and nature sounds to help soothe your little one to sleep. Features and benefits for Slumber Buddy 30 minute auto shut-off Calming star and moon display Soothing nightlight 3 lullabies, 2 nature sounds and heart-beat Suitable from birth 3 colour display options – blue, red, amber Want to know more?The Slumber Buddy is the ideal bedtime companion for soothing your little one to sleep. A star and moon display projects around the room in 3 colour options ? blue, green and amber. Complete with lullabies and nature sounds and a 30 minute auto shut-off, your baby or toddler will have the perfect good night.Don't forget...Mothercare has great range of soft toys and comforters to help your little one drift off to sleep."

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