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Stack 'n' Nest Cups

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Baby Toy

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2012 21:47
      Very helpful



      great basic toy which is loads of fun

      My eldest daughter had a set of stacking cups and she loved them so when we had our second daughter I knew I would be buying her a set too. My youngest daughters first Christmas she was only 3 months old so we bought her a number of presents that she would grow into and this set was one of her presents.

      The set came from Wilkinsons, I find most of the year they don't sell much in the way of toys but at Christmas our branch gets loads in and their own range is really good and great value. The set of cups cost me about £5 which for the amount they are played with is fantastic value.

      The cups came in a cardboard box with a picture of a little boy on the front playing with them, the box is easy to open and the cups are stacked in each other inside.

      There are 9 cups and there are 4 different colours, red, yellow, blue and green, the colours are really bright which of course encourages young children to play with them. The box states that the cups are meant for ages 6 months and up and this is probably about the age my daughter started playing with them. We would spend ages standing the cups one on top of another right near her feet so that when she kicked her legs she would knock them over which she found hilarious.

      These cups are really good value and my daughter is still playing with them now that she is nearly two, she loves stacking them up herself and then we have to clap for her and she looks really proud, the only thing is now her older sister winds her up by knocking them down which she is never impressed with. This is a basic toy but provides loads of enjoyment.


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      20.02.2012 10:14
      Very helpful



      A great value toy that every baby should have in their toy box

      This is a review of Wilko Play! Stack 'n' nest cups. My daughter received a set for her first birthday. Wilko is short for Wilkinson's the shop which sells almost everything!

      What are they?
      If you are not familiar with this toy, I will explain but I am sure most people know what these are. The stack 'n' nest cups are a set of five round plastic tumbler style cups that reduce in size so you can either make a tower or sit them inside each other if you get them in the right order.

      The packaging promises to stimulate early recognition of shapes and colour and improve coordination whilst stimulating the senses. The toy comes in a small cardboard box with a nice picture of a baby playing with the stacks in a tower (although she is pictured with two sets!).

      This toy costs £1.99 which is brilliant value for money. Every baby should have a set of stacking cups to play with.

      Toy care
      The box suggests if the box gets messy to clean with a little soapy water and dry thoroughly. This is a good idea. I sometimes put wotsits, fruit or marshmallows in as a snack for my daughter to eat.

      Extra feature
      Each cup has a shape moulded in the plastic so you can run through other shapes whilst you play at stacking with your child.

      You could also take these cups into the bath with your child for water pouring too. Obviously children need to be supervised in the bath anyway so you can make sure they are safe in the water. The cups have a small hole in the bottom so the water would drain from them anyway.

      In play
      My daughter has a set of stacking stars before these cups so she was familiar with the concept of stacking before she received this set for her birthday. She enjoys stacking and toppling the cups and then we make a game of tidying them away in the right order so they fit into the 'nest' formation.

      As the cups can go into nest formation they are ideal to transport and we often take them to other people's houses so my daughter has something to play with whilst we are there.

      My thoughts
      These stacking cups are brilliant and safe to play with. I would suggest that the price makes it affordable for anyone to own a set. I would say buy some even if you only have visiting babies as something to whip out and surprise them with. This toy precedes the shape sorter in skill set but we have got both to play with as I am sure a lot of parents do.

      Final word
      I recommend this toy to all parents. If you are buying them as a gift it may be worth asking the parents if they already have some as we have got duplicate sets (by other manufacturers) at both grandparents' houses. It is a game we frequently play with and other uses can be found for the cups (like hide and seek) when the child gets a little older.


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