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Sunshine Garden Jiggler

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Brand: Mothercare / Type: Baby Toy

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2012 22:20
      Very helpful



      A cute bird to attach onto a play mat, car seat or buggy

      I received the Mothercare Sunshine Garden Jiggler as a gift at my baby shower last year. I was pleased when I unwrapped it as I noticed it had a loop attached to it and therefore I thought it would be a handy toy to attach on to the buggy or car seat.

      - The Bird -
      The Sunshine Garden jiggler is a bird, but I'm really not sure what kind of bird! To me it resembles a chicken. It is approximately 10 cm in height and is almost as wide as it is tall. Someone has definitely been over feeding this bird! It is soft and squidgy and the main body and wings are a peachy pink colour. It is not an overly feminine pink though so I still felt it was a nice toy for my son. The bird's tummy is a green patterned material and the beak and feet are orange. There are two beady little black eyes and above the eyes are four small pieces of coloured ribbon that kind of look like hair. At the top of the head is a yellow link which is attached to the bird by a piece of yellow material. If you pull the link the material stretches and then jiggles back down again, hence the name Jiggler. The other feature of this bird is the rattle inside the body. Overall I think the toy looks sweet, fun and appealing to babies.

      - Playing with the Bird -
      I found the loop on the bird very useful and I would attach it onto the buggy, car seat and play mat once my baby was about two months old. Most of the time it was attached to the gym bars over the play mat and my son really enjoyed patting the bird back and forth over his head. However, he showed very little interest in the bird if we gave it to him on its own. It did not seem to appeal to him at all and in particular I found the jiggling bit to be totally boring for him. I would sometimes rattle the bird at him and again he wasn't interested. I think this was partly because the rattling isn't very loud. You have to shake it quite hard to get a good rattle from it and there was no way my son was going to shake it like that himself when he was only three months. Also the bird is quite bulky for little hands to grab hold of so it wasn't until my son was four or five months old that he could hold and shake it on his own, enough to get a good rattle out of it anyway. So our only real use for it was on the play mat and by five months my son was showing signs of starting to sit up on his own so we stopped using the play mat. The bird retired to the toy box and from then on my son never showed any inclination to play with it.

      - Age Range -
      The toy is suitable from birth which I think is accurate, although I don't think most babies show interest in toys until they are around two months old. I would say it is probably a toy best suited for 0-6 months as by that age babies tend to be interested in more exciting toys.

      - Price and Availability -
      The Jiggler costs £6 from Mothercare, but a few times I have seen it half price at £3. I think it is worth around £5 so I would recommend buying it if it's on offer.

      - Would I Recommend? -
      I would recommend this toy as I think it looks nice and is incredibly soft which is lovely to have around a new baby. I think the use and entertainment value of this is limited but it does have the handy loop so it can be attached to various baby equipment and my son did like playing with it when it was attached to his play mat.


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