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Tiny Tatty Teddy Bear Plush Rattle

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Brand: Me To You / Type: Baby Toy / Type: Baby Rattles

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    2 Reviews
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      25.07.2012 11:49
      Very helpful



      A lovely gift for a new baby... highly recommended!

      When my young nephew was born over two years ago, I had purchased several gift items to present to my sister for her new arrival, some of which were 'practical' items such as a baby bath etc, whilst others were a little more 'gift' orientated. One such gift item was the "Tiny Tatty Teddy Plush Rattle."

      This item was so well received - by both mother and new baby - that it struck me as being an absolutely ideal gift to purchase for any new baby, and thus I have repurchased the rattle on three more occasions for friends' and relatives' new babies.

      Most people will be aware of the well known "Me To You" brand which features beautiful fluffy grey bears, each detailed with a little patch or two and of course that famous blue nose. The "Tiny Tatty Teddy" range falls into the Me To You brand neatly, with all of their products being aimed at youngsters and babies. In my experience, the Tiny Tatty Teddy bears have a slightly more 'babyish' look to them too, so I think this falls in nicely with the overall branding and image portrayed by this range.

      The rattle is fairly simplistic in its design, I must admit; comprising of a sort of padded 'loop' at the bottom to allow the baby to grip and hold the rattle easily and neatly, there is an attractive teddy's head on top of this loop which is of course the most attractive feature of the rattle itself. The hoop has the words "tiny tatty teddy" printed on the circular part of the hoop, with the word "tiny" appearing in bright colours which offers a little contrast to the overall blue and grey themes. There is no denying that the design is extremely cute and attractive, regardless of its simplicity.

      The grey bear's head is of course extremely cute and adorable, in keeping with the rest of the little Tatty bears that are in the Me To You range. There is an extremely cute little 'patch' on the bear's face - near his right eyebrow - and this not only confirms the 'trademark' of these little Tatty bears, but adds an extra appeal I think, to the bear's features and design. The bear's little blue nose is quite prominent and brightly coloured against the grey plush of his head, but not so much that it gives the item any sort of 'tacky' look to it. The bear is so adorable that I struggle to imagine that it wouldn't appeal to anybody who had a new baby and thus, I think it is an ideal gift item for such occasions.

      Each time I have purchased the Tiny Teddy rattle I have logged onto Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) and paid around £5 plus postage costs. I think this is a reasonable enough price, especially given the Me To You brand is regarded as being one of fairly high quality and being very popular. I have never seen the rattle in Clintons, or indeed any other stockist of the Me To You range, although to be perfectly honest I have not carried out an exhaustive search as I know they are so readily available to purchase online.

      It may be worth noting that although I have only ever purchased the blue-coloured rattles (all of the new babies I have been purchasing gifts for in recent times have been boys..!) it IS available in a pink-coloured version for a new baby girl. This is available for the same price as the blue rattle, and can also be found on Amazon.

      The rattle is not particularly loud as you would expect with any toy suitable for a new baby. It is more of a dull 'tinkling' noise than anything remotely high-pitched, which I think makes it ideal for its intended recipient. It is worth noting that the rattle toy is suitable from birth and there is nothing that would pose a hazard or risk to a newborn baby, although any tags and labels should of course be removed.

      My young nephew still has his own rattle in his bedroom, and it is one of a small selection of toys that he takes to bed with him every night - regardless of whether he is staying at home in his own bed, or at his aunties' house (me..!) or his grandparents' house or on holiday. It is true to say that the 'fluff' on the little bear's head is slightly more 'matted' and the beautiful grey fur has been flattened somewhat in the two years plus that it has been cuddled. It is true also to say that this is the ONLY noticeable wear and tear that I can see on the bear rattle and that it has taken NOTHING from the overall appeal of the item. The fact that my nephew still gets a little comfort from Mr Grey Bear (as he calls his rattle!) even though he has of course outgrown this type of toy, goes some way to confirming its appeal and attractiveness. The rattle is still audible and still 'tinkles' gently when shaken, suffering nothing in the way of wear and tear as far as I can tell.

      My friend's young baby also was presented with a Tiny Teddy rattle some seven months ago from yours truly and this too seems to be used on a regular basis, or certainly it is among his playthings when I visit regularly. I have noticed no damage or excessive wear and tear to this rattle either, so I do think the item is fairly robust and able to withstand everyday wear and tear easily. This makes the item seem like even better value for money in my opinion.

      In summary, I think this much-loved baby toy deserves full marks as it has remained a firm favourite of my young nephew even though he is now over two years old, which is most likely down to the appeal of the Tiny Tatty head on the rattle. Given there is very little wear and tear to the rattle - even after all this time and continued use - I think the item is robust and hard wearing, making the purchase price seem extremely reasonable in my opinion. I have nothing negative to report about the Tiny Tatty Teddy rattle and think it therefore deserves full marks in the product rating score.

      As @ the time of writing (July 2012), you can purchase the rattle online at www.amazon.co.uk, where prices start from £4.80 plus postage costs.


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        12.07.2012 22:34
        Very helpful
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        An appealing rattle for little children and babies

        When me and my husband were decorating Jayden's bedroom we decided on a Tiny Tatty Teddy theme, all of the accessorised that we purchased were Tiny Tatty Teddy related. When Jayden was born my parent bought him some presents including various Tiny Tatty Teddy toys and accessories for his room. One of the items that they purchased was a Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle, it was perfect for fitting in with the theme of his room.

        Tiny Tatty Teddy is part of the Me to You range, it is basically a baby version of Tatty Teddy, they have the same basic appearance but Tiny Tatty Teddy has a much younger appearance to the original Tatty Teddy. The Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle came attached to a small card with a plastic tag, this card had the name of the product on it along with the Me To You logo, to be honest I cannot remember the exact details of the card it was attached to, but to remove it you do need a pair of scissors, I'm not sure if the product came in any other packaging as we received the rattle wrapped up.

        The Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle is basically the head of Tiny Tatty Teddy on a round hand piece, the rattle is made from an extremely soft furry fabric. Tiny Tatty Teddy is a small grey bear, he has a grey patch on the top left hand side of his head, this is made from a felt type material and is stitched into the soft grey fury fabric, he has a small blue nose (as does the original Tatty Teddy) again this is made of a felt type material and his stitched onto a patch of shorter grey fury to create his mouth area, Tiny Tatty Teddy also has small eyebrows stitched in black onto the top of his head. The head of Tiny Tatty Teddy is attached to a round blue hand piece, this too is soft and covered in a pale blue fury fabric, stitched around this hand piece is the name Tiny Tatty Teddy with Tiny being in different colour threads and Tatty Teddy being in a grey coloured thread, there is a small hole in the centre of the hand piece which allows small hands to hold it.

        The hand piece is quite thick so very young babies may have trouble holding it until they are a bit more co-ordinated. Attached to the back of the rattle is a small fabric tag which contains the Me to You logo, care instructions and warnings, this can be removed carefully with a pair of scissors before giving it to your baby. The actual rattle part is in Tiny Tatty Teddies head, this can be felt if you squeeze the rattle hard but is well padded and is unlikely to be felt by your baby, it is also well stitched in so cannot be removed.

        As this is a toy for a young child/ baby it does need to be washable as it is likely to get dirty, you cannot put this item in the washing machine and it is recommended that it is surface washed only, so far we have not had any problems with keeping the Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle clean, as long as you keep on top of it and wash it as and when it is needed rather than leaving it for a while, it is easy to keep it clean and looking in excellent condition. Personally I would not risk putting it in the washing machine even on a gentle wash just in case it ruined the fabric of the rattle.

        As I have mentioned there are warnings on the small label on the back of the rattle, this basically states that all labels should be removed before giving this to a child under the age of three as they may cause a choking hazard. Before giving this to Jayden I did ensure that all tags and labels had been removed, although the only real things to removed was the card and plastic tag that attached the two together and the small label that is on the back of the rattle, this is stitched into the seam of the back of the head so care does need to be taken when removing this to make sure you do not cut the fabric of the stitched of the rattle causing it to come apart.

        I have only seem the Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle being sold online rather than in shops, although is may be available in some shops. Our Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle came from www.metoyouonline.com and cost £4.99 Some of the Tatty Teddy products you can buy are quite expensive, however personally I think they are well worth the money as they are of an excellent quality and so well made. The Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle is obviously a toy for Jayden to play with but when he is not playing with it it looks very cute in his Tiny Tatty Teddy themed bedroom and matches perfectly.

        I would definitely recommend the Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle, it is of an excellent quality and is very well made, providing all tags and labels are removed this is suitable for young babies. The rattle was reasonably priced especially as it is of such good quality. Jayden loves his Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle and has had a lot of use out of it, the noise of the rattle is loud enough to grab his attention if you rattle it for him and he loves laying looking at the cute teddy face that makes up most of the rattle.

        The Tiny Tatty Teddy on the rattle is definitely appealing to young children and babies, it is also ideal for both boys and girls, there is nothing to make it more suited to one and not the other. The chunky shape of the rattle makes it easy for small hands to hold although the hole in the middle of the hand piece may be a bit small and chunky for younger babies to put their hand through to hold, older more co-ordinated babies would be able to do this. Overall I have been very pleased with Jayden's Tiny Tatty Teddy Rattle and would recommend this to anyone as an excellent quality toy for your baby.


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