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Tobar Wooden Push a long Pink Mouse

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Brand: Tobar / Type: Push, Pull & Roll / Age: 2 Years+

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2013 16:03
      Very helpful



      A fantastic wooden push along

      ===The Mouse===

      My little girl turned one in June and we struggled to find toys that were not similar to ones we already own. While searching Amazon when my husband came across these push along animals. They come in a variation of different animals and each one is different in colour. We were originally going to purchase the puppy version, but just before check out we found this pink mouse and knew she would love it. At £8 it looked like great value for money, for a wooden push along animal that was a little different from the usual plastic toys with lights and bells.

      The mouse arrived very quickly, and while it does not come in the manufacturers packaging it was wrapped well. All you need to do to assemble the toy is screw the handle into the main body of mouse. Then it is ready to be played with so it literally takes second to set up. On first impressions it was slightly smaller than what we expected, but once my daughter actually began playing, we realised it is the perfect size for her. It is long enough that she does not have to bend down while using it, and she can walk with her back up straight and still push it along the floor easily.

      The whole toy is made out of wood that is fantastic quality. It is a little heavy but not too heavy that a young child cannot carry it, and not too light that it provides no base weight at all for little one to lean on. All of the wood has been perfectly prepped ready for use by small babies. There are no sharp edges, everything is soft to touch and every part has rounded edges. The paint is perfect and the detailing to the mouse it fantastic.

      It is very detailed and the features of the mouse have been carved perfectly. It has lovely round ears, a round button nose, and a small fabric bow on the top of the head for little one to explore. They have made sure they have included variations of shapes and texture perfect for learning hands to feel. The painting detail is also perfect with neat eyes and mouth and lots of pink and white detail. There are white dots on a pink polka dot background and the different shades of pink make it more varied but still appeal to little girls that love pink.

      ===Our thoughts===

      The mouse is sitting on two large wheels which enable little one to push it across the floor. It is a little limited in how it will roll and other than forwards and backwards it can be difficult to manoeuvre around corners. This is all part of the fun and my little girl loves the problem solving of figuring how to get the mouse where she wants it to be. It is perfect for her to push along without being knocked off balance.

      The thing that my daughter loves the most is the small wooden balls that sit on each side of the wheels. There are three small wooden balls tied on by durable red string. As you move the mouse it begins to jingle as they bounce of the wheels. When it is constantly being pushed across the floor it gives a satisfying rattle sound that my daughter thinks is absolutely amazing. She still wonders where the noise comes from now, and she closely examines it to try and figure out what is causing the noise. She has pulled and pushed the little balls but they are firmly in place, so no chance of a choking hazard, but as she is only one she always uses it under adult supervision.

      The whole finish of the toy is fantastic. I've already commented on the striking finish of the paint and strong wooden parts, but it really is fantastic quality. My little girl tends to bang it around a lot, and it has been hit of a floor, walked into doors and just general rough play with a one year old that is discovering her new found legs. I worried the constant banging may loosen the wheels, or the perfect ears or nose may break off. Two months in and after a huge amount of play it still looks fantastic. There are no scratches, dents or deterioration at all it looks brand new. There is a large ball at the end of the handle which provides a larger area for small hands to hold and grip. It helps provide something more substantial that a thin pole that could easily slip out of hands after a little while of playing.

      Age recommendation is for one year plus to five years. I think the bottom end of the age recommendation is perfect. We purchased this for a first birthday and she thought it was amazing. It was the perfect size for her and as she had just learned to walk she loved having something to push along ahead of her. My older daughter is four and while she loved the initial novelty of the toy she lost interest very quickly, so I wouldn't say it appeals to children right up to the age of five. My youngest daughter still plays with this often, and it was one of her most loved toys, so if possible I would suggest buying it as near to the lower age range as possible.

      Our only downside is that the handle tends to become lose and slip away from the mouse. It can be screwed straight back on and causes no danger to my little girl, it is just an inconvenience. We found that twisting the handle after use helps tighten it back up and prevents it from happening. Also, as it is a wooden toy and the mouse is a fair size it can pose as a weapon. My little girl sometimes decides it would be much better to swing the mouse around in the air, and if anyone or anything is in range it would hurt if hit with it. For that reason it really does require parental supervision, but as it is a toy made for a smaller baby she is always supervised anyway.

      My little girl has had so much fun with this mouse. We have only used it indoors as we worry that on uneven ground the wood or paint would chip, and we are not ready for this toy to be broken. My little girl adores the different shapes that make up the toy, she loves the simple details like a fabric bow for detail and different textures, and we love that it is perfect to push around. My daughter went straight to this once she had unwrapped her presents and she does play with it daily. While it is a simple wooden toy it really appeals to her and she loves studying the pretty pink mouse. It is perfect for encouraging new walkers, and it does not make them lose their balance at all. It is designed for small hands and two months on my daughter still loves it. For the small price of £8 from Amazon I think this toy is fantastic for young toddlers.


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