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Tomy Dance With Me Teletubby Po

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Manufacturer: Tomy / Age: 12 months

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2010 15:20
      Very helpful



      Fun! Fun! Fun!

      I always thought Teletubbies were such a misunderstanding and nonsense. But when I was pregnant a few my friends started telling me about toys and TV characters their kids liked. Of course they talked about Teletubbies too. I didn't know any of them. My friends just laughed at me and said that soon I'll know everything about Teletubbies...

      They were right. My little girl likes Teletubbies very much!!! And of course I know all Teletubbies' by names now. So a few months ago I bought her Tomy Dance with Me Teletubby Po!


      Dance with Me Teletubbies are very realistic and cute toys that play music and dance, suitable for babies from 12 months old. Available all 4 characters: Tinky Winky - purple, Dipsy - green, Laa Laa - yellow, Po - red.

      Our Teletubby Po is 32 cm height (40 cm with the antenna), made of red fur with brown plastic face. There's a shiny rectangular on Po's tummy. Soles' of his feet are also plastic. There are batteries compartments in each sole (4 AA batteries in total - were included with toy). On/Off button is placed on right sole.
      When You squeeze Teletubby's hands, he features two dancing modes:
      - Dance Along mode - Po blinks and jiggles while dancing,
      - Musical Statues mode - children can join and play musical statues with Po.
      Also If You knock over the Teletubby, it makes a "parp" sound and when You pick it up it makes a happy and funny "whee" sound!


      I was very excited to unpack the Teletubby Po I bought and to see my daughter's reaction. Expected her to be very happy as she loves watching Teletubbies on TV or DVD so much!

      My little girl was very excited to see Po but was a bit scared to touch it. Just watched the Teletubby from a distance, smiled and squealed from excitement. Then I squeezed Po's hand - music started playing and the Teletubby started dancing. My daughter was a little bit taken aback as the music was quite loud. And there is no volume control. So for a few days I wasn't sure if this toy could become my girl's favourite or not.

      But after a few days I noticed that my daughter got completely used to the Teletubby. She started playing with it more often, danced together with it, knocked it over and picked it up to hear those funny "parp", "whee" and jiggles. Though it's a pity that my daughter can't make Po to dance as You need to press it's palm. While my girl sees me pressing it and tries to repeat what I do but she presses just the hand or arm and gets frustrated. So I need to be near and to help her every time.

      The toy itself is very cute, soft to touch, cuddly, the colour is bright red so really attracts my girl's attention. I am really satisfied with Teletubby's quality. It is really well made and I was pleasantly surprised to see such a nice toy. Simply because those Teletubbies on TV don't look very attractive but even I like our Po!!! Just would be great if these Teletubbies had a volume control button as music is really loud and so sometimes becomes irritating. It would love to lower the volume but I can't... And our princess all happy dances with the toy... But I like the voice that was chosen for jiggles and other sounds. Though it is loud, it is pleasant to listen. Sometimes even makes me to smile!

      Another thing I like about Po is it's antenna. It is round with a hole in the middle and so very convenient for our girl to lift it up or to carry with her. She of course takes Po everywhere and very often it is dropped or falls from somewhere... A few days ago it stopped dancing... Melody begins, then we used to hear a strange "click" and silence... Couldn't believe it was the end of our Teletubby so continued squeezing Po's hands and moving it's arms. After a while it started dancing again!!! And still is dancing for a few months already so I think these Teletubbies are made according to high standards.

      The only problem about this toy is that it can't be washed. Only outer material can be washed but it can't be taken off so it is a bit problematic knowing what a mess children can make... I would be really glad if our Po could be somehow undressed. Well it is still clean but anyway from time to time all soft toys need washing. So I started thinking what will I do with this one????


      All these Tomy Dance with Me Teletubbies are widely available from all toy shops and online toy retailers. Well they are a bit pricey though... Price of a New Dance with Me Teletubby varies from around £32 to £46. Of course You may buy a cheaper used one from Ebay or Amazon. It's up to You to decide. But it is really risky to buy such an expensive toy for a child when You don't know whether Your child is gonna like it or not... Well I risked and I am so happy I did!


      I think Tomy Dance with Me Teletubbies are amazing toys! Grown ups may not like them but children will love them as Teletubbies are really made for kids!!! Wonderful toys as they are bright, funny, play music, dance... My chosen Po character really made my girl happy so I recommend it for everyone who is looking for a great toy!

      5 stars out of 5 to Po and all Dance with me Teletubbies!

      If You need more information about Teletubbies or other Tomy products check www.tomy.co.uk.

      Thanks for taking time to read my review! Hope You'll find it useful!

      Also posted on other websites under the same user name.


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