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Tomy Mr Colour Maker

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3 Reviews

Brand: Tomy / Age: 2 Years+ / Required: 4 x AA LR6 Batteries

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    3 Reviews
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      18.11.2013 15:31
      Very helpful



      educational item, and fun to play

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      My little boy received this for his 2nd birthday in November. I got it as part of a 3 for 2 in boots so got it cheaper than the RRP (I paid roughly £13, the normall RRP is between £20-£25). My little boy is quite behind with his speech so wanted to get educational toys that would talk to him to hopefully get him to respond, that was the reason for this purchase.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Mr Colour Maker ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The toy was in a yellow open box so you can immediately see a happy little paint pot staring at you in the shops. The paint pot is nearly 5 inches high and 5 inches across.

      The paint pot is white, with a smiley little face and colours around the rim (purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue). It has a little lid with an open gap to allow the paint brush to hang out of it. The blue carry handle makes the paint pot easy to carry. It comes with 3 paint pots inside (red, yellow and blue) all have a little face on them).

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ In Use ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Inserting the batteries (located at the bottom) you will first hear 'wake me up with some colour please' if you then open the lid it will say 'hello, im a little paint pot short and stout'. You can then start to play buy putting 1 of the tubs of paint inside, the big paint pot will then talk to acknowledge the colour put inside, so its teaching you each individual colour.

      He will also teach mixing colours, to play, start buy 'pouring' a colour inside (e.g red) then pour blue, again the pot will speak and acknowledge what colour you have added before saying 'you have made purple'. The inside of the paint pot and brush will then purple.

      To start again you just have to close the lid as there is no off button. After a while of not being played with he will say 'ta-ta for now'

      He will sing little lines from songs such as 'im a little paint pot short and stout pick me up and pour me out' and 'the rainbow song'.
      He will also ask your little one to make certain colours and encourage play buy asking to mix lots of colours buy giving him a whirl.

      Its also got the bonus of a different language button at the bottom.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ What Did We Think? ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      My little boy is still getting used to it as hes only had it a few weeks but loves it so far. It looks very cute and fun so my little boy wanted to start playing with it right away. He doesnt yet follow the paint pots commands as he hasnt yet learnt which colour is which, obviously he will pick this up over time then will be able to do as the paint pot asks but for now he enjoys putting different colours into the paint pot as the inside light up. The tasks as easy enough (i have listed them above) and they do change so your little one will learn the primary colours.

      My only negative with this toy is that my little boy sometimes gets a little frustrated because sometimes when putting a colour in (at the very start of play) nothing happens and he has to take the tub out and start again.

      Other than that it seems a fun educational toy and a great way to teach toddlers about colours and mixing colours.


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      14.05.2012 18:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great idea for a toy

      My youngest daughter was bought this toy for Christmas last year from her grandparents who are renound for buying gifts outside the age range that the children actually are and sure enough this was bought for my daughter when she 15 months yet it is a toy for ages 2 and up although this is not a problem and she absolutely loves this toy.


      This toy is made by Tomy which is a leading company in making childrens toys and therefore it is widely available, the toy has a RRP of £4.99 but I would suggest shopping around as it is currently selling at just under £18 on Amazon. The toy takes 4 x AA batteries which are not included which I thought was pretty poor for a Tomy toy.

      The Paint Pot

      The paint pot is the main part of the toy and it is mainly white in colour, as you would probably expect the idea is it looks like a paint pot although the sides of it are curved rather than being straight. A friendly character has been made from the pot so it has two big eyes and which stand out from the base and a big smile, the pots voice reminds me of Winnie the Poohs voice. The paint pot has a turquoise handle which my daughter loves to carry it around by and around the top of the pot it has been made to look like paint dripping down in red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple. The lid of the paint pot is easy for your child to lift up and down and there is a small semi circle curt out of it so that the wire for the paint brush can come through it as it is connected to the back of the paint pot but the brush sits inside. The paint pot is very friendly looking and think it looks great, as soon as the toy was opened which was a couple of months after christmas when we felt she was ready she loves the toy straight away.

      The Mini Paint Pots

      There are three mini paint pots that come with the toy and these are white in colour but don't have a working lid on them they have a solid top coloured either red, yellow or blue and the c olour is made to look like it's dripping down the paint pot too. The mini paint pots also have the relevant colour on the bottom of them and they have little eyes and smiling mouths too. I think the whole idea of the toy is brilliant and the creators have really thought about how a pot of paint is apart from the faces on them of course.


      The toy doesn't actually turn off so it doesn't take much to wake him up but generally lifting the lid is the easily way to bring him to life, when he comes to life he will say "wake me up for some colour" and then wait for a colour pot to be placed inside, if your child doesn't put a little pot of paint inside the big pot he will ask them to find him a certain colour and if they get it correct he says "well done you made red, blue or yellow" depending on which colour it is of course, if your child gets the wrong one then he says "oops a daisy"

      Mixing Colours

      The idea of the toy is for your child to learn about colours and colour mixing, when your child puts a colour into the paint tin it will says things like "hello red" or "nice to see you yellow" the inside of the paint pot lights up with the colour that your child has placed inside. When your child adds another colour into the tub he will ask them to give it a good stir and then as if by magic the right colour appears on the end of the paint brush and inside the paint pot, the paint pot will then tell your child that they have done well and what colour they have made. With this toy you are able to make green, purple and orange which are of course the secondary colours however if you place all three colours into the paint pot it tells you that he is all of a muddle which I thought it should have still told your child what colour has been made which I think would be brown.


      The paint pot likes to sing and well know nursery rhymes have been adapted for the toy, it will sing the rainbow and it will also sing i'm a little paint pot short and stout rather than tea pot, Emily seems to think the singing is funny and like with the majority of her musical toys she will place it down on the floor and dance around it whilst he sings. To change the mode to singing you simply open and close the lid and then if you want to go back to naming or mixing colours you simply shut and open the lid again.

      Emily's Opinion

      Emily loves this toy although she isn't old enough yet to understand the idea of mixing colours she still enjoys watching the colours shine from within and danc ing to the songs, when we sit with her and tell her which to put into the pot and then help her stir the pot with the brush she is able to do so without any problems although she does get a bit miffed when she just wants to play with it her own way. My elder daughter is four so learning about colour mixing so when she gets chance she likes to play with it and see if she can make all the colours the paint pot asks for and she is pretty good as remembering her colour mixes now.

      My Opinion

      The battery life of this toy is pretty good and I haven't had to change the batteries yet, the toy will say goodbye after your child has stopped playing with it for 60 seconds which is great as this conserves the battery life. I wasn't sure how much the toy would get played with when we first saw it and read the idea of it as I thought the children would get very bored of the same thing very quickly but that hasn't happened. I think that the idea behind the toy is excellent however when you compare what this toys teaqches compared to cheaper toys on the market it does seem a little overpriced although I guess this is due to the workings behind the toy. The toy has been flung around many times and dropped from mid air when Emily decided she is sick of carrying it and she often carries it around by the paint brush cord rather than the handle yet it is all still in perfect woking order. I would recommend this toy as it is lots of fun and it has loads of phrases and rhymes to keep your child amused.


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        21.09.2010 11:36
        Very helpful



        A great learning toy, thats fun to use.

        My son was bought this by his uncle a few weeks back. I think he bought it in Argos and it is priced as £24.99.

        The best thing for me about this cute toy is that there is NO MESS!!!

        You get a main paint pot - Mr Colour Maker, and 3 small mixing paint pots, in red, yellow and blue. Attatched to Mr Colour Maker is a paintbrush (which also doubles as a torch!).

        You basically put the mini pots into the larger one and watch as the pot magically lights up that colour.

        There are 3 modes of play ~
        You Create

        I think they are pretty much self explainatory but You Create is where is like free play with the toy, holding a coloured pot over the large one, Mr Colour Maker will say hello (and say the colour) and at the same time the pot will change to the appropriate colour.
        Follow-me mode requires your child to put in the correct colour and mix colours.
        Sing-a-rainbow, use the brush to mix the colours and listen to Mr Colour Maker sing whilst the pot changes colours.

        To change through the modes you simply have to open and close the lid.

        It's a nice simple toy to use, and everything fits in the main pot at tidy up time.

        A good thing about this toy is that after 60 seconds with the child not playing with it, it automatically goes into standby mode.

        It is suitable for 2 year + and requires 4 AA batteries.

        I did however find the lid to be somewhat flimsy, but it does go back on easily if it should come off.

        My son enjoys playing with it and I think it's a really sweet little toy.


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