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Tomy Splashy the Penguin Bath Toy

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Brand: Tomy / Type: Bath Toys / Type: Bathtime Fun

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    3 Reviews
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      29.11.2012 00:00
      Very helpful



      A really cute addition to bath time.

      ~*~*~ Tomy Splashy the Penguin Bath Toy ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a cute purple penguin bath toy by Tomy. It is a nice size and also has cool features.

      ~ Why did I buy it? ~

      I in actual fact did not buy this toy, I happened to mention to my Step-Mum how much my little boy loved bath time and it was a struggle getting him out so to make matters worse she went ahead and bought yet another bath toy! I don't mean that! I was happy to receive this even if it did make it harder to get my little one out of the bath as he is such a cute toy.

      We got this when my now five year old was just a baby and it is still used today, in fact it is used by all of my children, even my 11 year old who profusely denies any involvement, yet the toy is left in the bath after he has finished ... Hmmm, just hmmm!

      ~ Kengi-Quin? ~

      My five year old couldn't say penguin, instead he used to say Kengi-Quin so Splashy isn't known as Splashy in our house, he is known as Kengi-Quin! I did try and correct him for ages and eventually gave up and then he got it himself and can now say penguin perfectly yet this toy is never referred to as a penguin or splashy!
      You win some, you loose some hey!

      ~ Any good? ~

      Oh yes, I do think this penguin is a delightful addition to bath time, when he is not in use he stands on my bathroom windowsill waiting to be played with. I like the overall look of the penguin as it is really cute.

      Splashy is mainly purple in colour, he has a white face and tummy, a cute yellow beak and yellow feet, a pink rubbery thing on his head, orange armbands and blue arms/flippers.

      The pink bit on his head can be pushed forward although it doesn't appear to move and Splashy will sing ' Row, row, row, your boat '. When placed face down in the water he will gargle the song! Lie him on his back and he will hum the tune, he is very sweet.

      On the back is a wind up knob which when wound will make his flippers spin and Splashy will swim around the bath!

      The only really drawback is that this is a quiet toy, now this could also be a good thing but I feel that if he was that little bit louder it would be a little better, but this doesn't take anything away from the toy.

      ~ Overall ~

      I don't have anything bad to say about our Kengi-Quin, I have seen some poor reviews about this but these do not add up to our experience with it.

      He is still used daily now and he still swims around although he doesn't sing any longer and I am sure that is due to the batteries which I have no idea as to where they are located! I can see that it take batteries from looking at prices online 3xLR44's. I think tomorrow I will take a good look at him.

      Being a bath toy it is all sealed and is made from a good, strong plastic.

      I really like it and my children seem to love him, my two youngest especially as my 5 year old refuses to bath without him * rolls eyes! *!

      It has lasted us five years and two house moves so I do think it's a toy that will last and he is easy enough to drip dry and then wipe over to keep him clean.

      ~ Price and Availability ~

      Looking online I was surprised to see just how widely available this still is.

      Mothercare - £11.99
      Argos - £11.99
      Amazon - £8.99 (on offer - 28/11/12)
      Kiddisave - £9.95

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      24.07.2012 10:31
      Very helpful



      Could be improved

      When it comes to bath time my nephew loves to play in the bath with his toys and one of the toys he was given was a Tomy Splashy the Penguin Bath Toy. Splashy is a bright multicoloured penguin that is supposed to make bath times more fun.

      Splashy is a penguin that you wind up and watch his wave his arms as he swims along, whilst swimming you can press his head and he will start to hum row row row your boat and if you turn him over with his face down into the water he will gargles the tune. He also does not have to be used in the water, but we find it easier to keep it in the bathroom to save all of my nephew's toys going into the bath with him and cluttering the bathroom.

      This is currently on Amazon for just over £7, which I think is reasonably priced. The batteries are included, which are three LR44 batteries and it is recommended for children over 12 months.

      At first my nephew struggled to wind Splashy up but after a few weeks of practice he was able to wind him up and watch him go,

      My nephew enjoys playing with him and loves his singing, but I have to say that he is like a lot of the other bath toys, he is not as good as you expect him to be as he does not moves as easily or as fast around the bath he seems to move a lot like a snail.

      If your child is not a fan of bath time I believe that this toy will engage your child and help them to enjoy bath time instead of dreading it and creating a fuss. But if you are expecting it to swim around your bath at Olympic swimmers speed then I am afraid you will be bitterly disappointed and Splashy is not the toy for your bath time.


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      19.07.2012 12:54
      Very helpful



      Motor not strong enough to make him swim and sings to quietly, not good value for money

      Children's bath time in my house is perhaps the only time when I can start thinking about relaxing as I know that once it is over, the children will finally unwind and prepare for hopefully a good long night's sleep. I tend to let them enjoy their bath for as long as they want and have many bath toys to keep them entertained.

      Splashy the penguin was bought as he looked so colorful and cute (I especially love the armbands round his wings) and a singing bath toy sounded like a very good and original idea. What a disappointment! He does sing, but when in the water he can hardly be heard! His swimming skills are worse than mine, he barely moves, his arms don't seem to rotate fast enough and sometimes even stop altogether. I even tried changing the batteries to see if that made any difference and still the same (I did try new Duracell ones, not the cheap type). When out of the water he sings better (you can actually hear him singing "row, row, row your boat") and his arms move well, but what good is that, it's not like he will start flying or do any other tricks to keep the children amused and at the end of the day he is supposed to be a bath toy!

      Would definitely not recommend Splashy to anyone as he does not sing and swim as she should do, and you will probably just end up with a frustrated little child throwing him out of the bath and possibly breaking him before you can return it for a refund!


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    • Product Details

      Magical bathtime activity toy with unique action feature. Wind up Splashy and lie him on his back in the water and hear him hum "Row Row Row Your Boat" as he flaps his arms and swims through the water. Lie him face down in the water and he will gargle the song as he swims. Features Requires 3 x LR44 batteries (included) Suitable from 12 months+

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