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Tomy Teletubbies Pull Back 'n' Go Noo Noo

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2006 15:47
      Very helpful



      OK for a cheaper price if you can get it on eBay but not for full price from Tomy.

      We brought the Teletubbies Pull and Go Noo-Noo for my daughter last Christmas. She was just over 2 years old at that time and in total love with Noo-Noo, so this seemed an ideal present.

      Essentially it is another variation of the friction toys that adorn the shelves in the likes of Woolworths and Toys R Us only adapted to suit the favoured theme at that time. In our case Teletubbies were a big hit with her and she yanked this toy off the shelf plenty of times before I managed to buy it without her noticing ready for Christmas.

      It features Noo-Noo, the blue hoover who lives with the Teletubbies and sucks up all the dropped toast and spilt custard that they mess up their little house with. Behind Noo-Noo are the four Teletubbies in pairs, La-La and Po directly behind Noo-Noo and followed by Tinky-Winky and Dipsy. They are linked to Noo-Noo by a cord and they have been designed to look like they are holding on to a kind of pulley attached to Noo-Noo.

      The idea is to hold Noo-Noo in one hand and pull the Teletubbies back with the other until the cord is stretched to its full capacity. Letting go of the cord means that the Teletubbies are pulled close to Noo-Noo again and then they roll along the floor together in a sort of sleigh type effect.

      The reality is that, it will probably be left in the toy box after the initial enthusiasm. There are several reasons for this based on my experiences with my daughter’s limited playtime with this toy. It was marketed as being suitable for children from aged 12 months onwards, however I really do think it would be impossible for a 12 month old to master the art of making this toy work as even at just over 2 years old my daughter could not do it herself, and now another 6 months down the line she still struggles to pull back the Teletubbies effectively enough to make it scoot along the floor. What tends to happen is, she stretches out the cord but as the middle Teletubbies (La-La & Po) are then attached only by a cord to Noo-Noo and the Teletubbies behind, they seem to dangle and spin round making it impossible for her to get the toy back on the floor in a up right position ready to roll along.

      This leads to another problem; in that it is not strong enough friction to move along on carpeted areas and you will require a wooden or lino floor to make it work. There is nothing more frustrating for a child than eventually managing to pull the toys back enough to make it move and then it not working due to being on the wrong type of floor covering. Luckily we have a few wooden floors so she uses those but if your house is fully carpeted then this will be straight out the window.

      The nose part of Noo-Noo which is meant to be the hoover hose is made of a kind of ruched plastic so it should be able to be positioned in various places to increase the fun of this toy, however it is so stiff and not at all flexible and you cannot pose it in any way other than straight down. This disappointed my daughter as she wanted to make Noo-Noo pretend to suck up various bits from the floor.

      Cleaning is easy as the toy is made entirely from a hard plastic (apart from the cord joining it together) so a wipe over with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipe will suffice, although the cord will get grubby and will be impossible to clean in my opinion.

      Overall, this toy has had its moments in my daughter’s affections but it is definitely not one of her favourites and I am disappointed she has not gained more enjoyment from it. I feel the pull back cord feature is just too stiff and hard for a young child to manage and so you will find yourself on the floor doing it for them every time, otherwise they will just get frustrated. If the price was lower for this toy then it may be worth it for the fact that they are Teletubbies, but priced at £10.99 from Tomy’s website, I personally think this is extortionate. With no real learning side to it, its meant to entertain your child and allow them to have fun with their favourite characters, however all it does is lead to frustration and eventually relegation to the bottom of the toy box.

      Not recommended. (Sadly)


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