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Trousselier Dancing Angel Rabbit Music Box

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Brand: Trousselier / Age: Newborn / Type: Toy Boxes

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2011 18:28



      I love the products from Trousselier, they made beautiful presents! I have seen a nice selection of the trousselier music box on www.petithome.co.uk ...can't wait to buy some!


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      03.03.2010 12:06
      Very helpful



      Every child needs one

      I first came across this particular Trousselier Music Box a few years ago when I was browsing for Christening presents for my niece, and when I saw this I thought it was beautiful, so I bought one immediately. It went down very well with my niece, but especially well with her Mother, so from then on I have been buying them left right and centre for Christenings, births, 1st birthday presents...There are a lot of designs and just so beautiful that everyone loves them!

      I ordered the music box online, so when it arrived I was quite surprised at the size of it, I expected it to be quite large, but in fact it stands only 6 cm high, and the top is 11cm by 11cm, so quite a compact size. I was also surprised that you couldn't open it; but I think this was just me being naive, I expected the lid to lift and that you could store little trinkets inside. Well you can't, it's just an ornament!

      The actual box is made from wood and is beautifully painted in bright pinks and greens. The sides are decorated with mushrooms and the top with white spots. There are two figures that sit on top of the box, one an 'angel rabbit' and the other a rabbit/girl type thing, they are both very well made and very cute. These figures are not attached to the box but are held in place by magnets which are placed inside the figures, and also in the box. The reason for this I will describe later.

      So onto the musical element. Underneath there is a wind up key, and once this is wound up this particular music box plays the tune 'Nocturne' - this is labelled on the bottom of the box which I think is very handy because usually baby toys that play classical music don't tell you what the tune is! Now I have never heard of Nocturne before, but now if anyone asks I can look like I know my stuff and tell them what it's called. The tune is lovely though, and the sound quality is excellent. I have found that with some windup toys like this, the tune can be a little tinny, but this is beautifully tinkly and I actually find it quite relaxing.

      My favourite thing about this music box is that the figures also dance for you when the tune is playing! This is where the magnets come into play, there must be some sort of mechanism inside the box that turns once you have wound it up, and the figures not only spin round and round quite quickly, they also work their way around the top of the music box, and as the tune gradually comes to an end, the figures also slow down and eventually stop dancing.

      The dancing figures and also the tune really captivate a child's attention. Perhaps they are not ideal as a 'toy' for a child under 3 because of the small parts, but they are definitely something that can be watched from afar by a child of any age. Maybe it could be something to wind up when they go to bed, and nice relaxing tune for them to drift off to (I don't know if this works as I have never tried it), or maybe something to keep them still while you are changing their nappy...but most of all something for them to treasure when they get older.

      The quality of the box is impeccable, you can tell a lot of care has been taken when constructing the toy, and it looks delightful. Since they had been received so well by others, I have actually bought my daughters one each (the one I am reviewing, and also another design as well), and they look lovely sat in their bedrooms. I'm hoping that they will be something they will both treasure as they get older, and I'm confident that they will last long into their adulthood. As I write this review, my eldest daughter has them both on her little table (because I brought them down so I could get a good look at them for review purposes) and keeps bringing them back to me to wind up again, she absolutely loves watching the figures dance for her.

      I would recommend these boxes for anyone stuck for what to get for a new baby, or as a Christening present, or just a general gift for a young child. They are certainly different, and in my experience have always been received really well.

      There are quite a few different designs available for boys and girls, it just depends what takes your fancy. They can be found at various online retailers including Amazon, and prices vary, I have seen some for £17.50, but also for as much as £19.00, it depends where you look, shopping around is advisable. Here are a few websites they can be found on:


      Trousselier are a small French company who manufacture a wide range of high quality and unique toys for children, more information about their ranges can be found on this website:


      Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations.


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