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Vtech Crawl &Learn Bright Lights Ball

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3 Reviews

Brand: Vtech / Type: Musical Toys / Type: Learning Toy

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    3 Reviews
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      16.09.2013 18:40



      Bright and colourful toy that helps to encourage crawling.

      I purchased this toy for my daughter when she was four months old and she absolutely loved it. Very durable moving ball that has gone through many crashes and bashes and has no signs of wear and tear. Only negative is that the ball is quite heavy so when they are abit older and able to pick it up it can cause some tears as they try to throw it.

      This bright orange ball lights up and plays music which keeps little one entertained all the while enabling them to develop fine and gross motor skills. This product definitely encouraged my child to crawl as she chased it around our house and she loved trying to catch the ladybird on top as it whirled around. It also has a number of ribbons around the rim which are pretty but dont really add any real value to the product. My daughter wasnt really interested in this part of the toy.

      This is an excellent buy and well worth the money.


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      04.06.2012 15:09
      Very helpful
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      Good features but not good on carpet

      When my little ones were approaching 6 months old I started looking round for some new toys for them and this VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball caught my eye. They already had a couple of VTech toys they really liked so I was hoping they would like this one too. I managed to get a nearly new one from Ebay so saved a few pounds on the RRP.

      The Toy
      It is a fairly heavy plastic ball at approx 1kg weight and so at 6 months old my little ones weren't able to pick it up. I wasn't expecting it to be as heavy as it was, this is definitely a floor toy! The ball is brightly coloured in orange, white and blue with multicoloured buttons and ribbons.

      -The ribbons
      The 6 ribbons are soft to the touch for baby, they are about 3 cm long and about 1.5 cm wide. My little ones have never shown any interest in these ribbons and they don't really add anything to the toy in my opinion as they are too small.

      -The Ladybird
      There is a Ladybird that is fixed to the top of the ball that moves round in circles. The top of the ball is a big orange light with a white swirling pattern that all moves with the Ladybird. It activates the music when baby moves it and my little ones really like it and is probably their favourite part of the toy.

      -The Numbers and Shapes
      The ball has 3 numbered and shaped buttons in green, red and purple. Each have pictures of insects on them and flashing lights behind them. When pressed they say either the number and insects eg, 2 snails or the colour and shape eg, green circle. These buttons are big and easy for little fingers to press, at 6 months my little ones could manage to press these buttons.

      The ball also has 3 animal buttons, a cat, a dog and a monkey. When pressed they make the sound of the animal and say what it is. These buttons are also easy to press. With a total of 6 buttons this toy introduces baby to lots of different things which I like.

      - Moving ball
      The ball is motorised and moves around, but not much. I'm not sure if this is because we use it on carpet but I was expecting it to move along a little way as after all it is meant to encourage baby to crawl after it.

      There are 2 volume levels and an off position, I'm always glad to see an off switch as toys without one always seem to activate when you do't want them to.

      It takes 3 x AA batteries which are included. The motorised unit of this toy is quite greedy on the power and I found they needed changing fairly frequently.

      This toy is suitable from 6 months to 2 years, I think the lower age is right but by 18 months they had lost interest. Also by 18 months they could pick it up and drop it and it's heavy if it falls on anything.

      Price and Availability
      As I said earlier in the review I bought mine on Ebay and I'm glad I didn't pay full price. It is currently only £12.79 on Amazon and Kiddicare but it is widely available from other places such as Tesco, Argos and Mothercare.

      I would recommend this toy if your floors don't have carpet as I'm sure it would work much better on a surface like laminate. It has lots of good features to keep baby amused and is easy to keep clean.


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        08.01.2012 22:28
        Very helpful



        A great toy from Vtech

        My little girl is almost five months old and one of the best presents she probably received at Christmas time in terms of toys was this Vtech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball, which you can pick up for less than £20 in the likes of Argos. She already has a number of Vtech toys some better than others, and so I wasn't quite sure what to make of this product. It is actually aimed at children from 6 months +, however, don't be put off if your child is around the 4 or 5 month mark, as they can still get a lot of fun out of this toy at this age.

        This Vtech crawl is primarily aimed at encouraging a baby to crawl since it is actually a ball that moves by itself thanks to a special built in motor that makes the ball move around itself when you initially turn it on and when you press some of the buttons on the ball. This is a very bright and colouful ball, with little bits of ribbon at the top sticking out for baby to grab hold of. My daughter isn't coordinated enough just yet to be able to grasp these ribbons. At the very top of the ball is a moving ladybird, which moves in a circular motion around the top, and as you move it, music comes from the ball and the lights flash.

        All around the ball are buttons either with animals to press which activates the sound the animal makes such as monkey and cat, as well as shapes such as circle and squares with numbers in them all of which are told to the child after pressing the button, as well as more melodies being played and by pressing the buttons the ball activates again and moves. There is a 'limited controlled movement' function with this ball meaning that it stops within reach of the child, it never moves too far away for them to be able to get to, especially when they are crawling.

        As I said at the start my daughter is almost five months old and so she isn't crawling but she is starting to roll over, and she absolutely adores this ball. If she is on her tummy she will try to reach her hand out but cannot get it. If she is lying flat on her back on her playmat, with this ball beside her moving around, she will roll onto her side to try and follow the ball. She is mesmerized by the all moving by itself and the flashing lights, and likes to hear the animal sounds as well. In fact, there really is a lot of stuff to do with this ball in terms of pressing buttons and listening to songs, and getting educational benefits as well.

        The only thing you need to watch is that the ball needs to be on a flat surface to move by itself, if there are any kind of bumps etc then it will struggle to move. For example, it will move on our carpet but not on our rug.

        I cannot comment on its ability to encourage a baby to crawl, but I can tell you that even for a baby that isn't at the stage of crawling, it is a brilliant toy, one that will keep them amused for a good length of time, encourage rolling and generally provide fun, education and a few giggles! A great toy from Vtech, worth every penny!


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      • Product Details

        Interactive, magic ball moves on its own...catch it if you can Special built-in motor activates to make the ball roll around, promoting crawling. Limited and controlled movements mean that the ball stops within reach. Press the chunky buttons to hear fun music and animal sound effects. Transparent colourful buttons for a fantastic light up effect Teaches numbers, shapes, and colours and promotes motor skill development. Female singing voice helps children develop and familiarise with real sounds. Tactile Stimulation -Chunky engraved animal buttons are fun to touch and explore Visual Awareness -

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