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VTech Little Smart Training Centre

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2 Reviews

Brand: VTech / Age: 9 months

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2004 17:17
      Very helpful



      Ok so the main use as you may have gathered of this toy seems to be a stool. A stool which allows him to climb up onto the computer chair and look just like mummy does... unfortunately of course things get touched - computer buttons get pressed and a couple of hours of uni work disappears... opps!

      Anyways so you may have guessed my son doesn't seem to take much interest in this toy. Why? You may ask? I'm not really sure but I'm sure I'll try and construct some sort of logical argument here and as my tutor says to me "Sometimes its best just to sit on the fence!"

      So, what is it?

      Its a toy which has optional legs, so with the legs on it is designed for children to be able to sit on the floor and put their legs in front of them.(underneath it) So i guess you could say its a sort of table. It has various buttons on it to press which make noises, i will go into this in a bit!

      Who makes it?

      Ahh well its the famous Vtech, now i usually like their toys - we have accumulated many in our household. And all of them except for this one have been played with so much we have definitely had our money's worth out of them. Vtech pride themselves on their toys being educational, with buttons, sounds and lights. This toy has them all.

      So what does it do?

      This toy (?) has many buttons to push, i'll give you the lowdown now:

      As with all Vtech toys it has 2 different settings, description and music. So on one setting it will say different words and the other it will be play a nice nusery rhyme.

      So, it has a nice little phone on it. With 4 dialling buttons, Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. All have a nice little picture on them. The phone has no string on it so is quite safe but is therefore easily lost too.

      It also has some animals on it, a rabbit, squirrel, cat and dog. The only criticism i have of this is that it is a "bunny" and it is pink...Now why oh why can we just not teach our kids that bunny's are rabbits and that they are different colours, often brown, and never pink. Is that soooo hard? Now there is of course an argument here that rabbit is hard for kids to say - BUT isn't squirrel harder to say??

      Then we have our numbers, little musical notes each a different colour that have numbers on them. Quite simple really. When on the musical setting they don't play tunes, but play individual notes. So your little one can play a tune!

      ON the centre of the console there is what i call a little computer screen which has 3 pictures plane, boat and car with 3 buttons underneath triangle, circle and square, each shape has a letter on it a, b or c. Oh and each shape is a different colour. So there is quite a bit going on!

      On one setting the shapes will be said, and on the other the "modes of transport".

      Now on each "arm" there are also a few things, a circular spinner, which shows creatures of the sea and whistles when turned. A mirror that has a sliding ladybird and butterfly on them - but don't we teach our kids ladybirds are red not yellow?

      We also have a butterfly, which has wings that flip over so they can change. The patterns on these are very busy, and the poor butterfly never has matching wings. Now didn't we get taught at primary that their wings match??

      There is also another spinner, which shows day and night, and even includes a rainbow! This seems to be ok, and when you turn it, it will play part of a tune, so you need to be constantly turning it to hear the tune!

      So What DO i think?

      Looking back at the description of this toy - it contains so much that it must be good. So many things will keep you baby occupied forever. Unfortunately that hasn't worked. The toy seems to be overridden with buttons and colours and in this case to quantity has triumphed over playability. Of course I might add that this is just in my sons opinion.

      Also even though it seems to be a good idea for babies that are just starting to sit up etc. But have you ever sat on the floor with you legs out straight in front of you for a while? Its very uncomfortable and uses a lot of muscles so imagine whats its like for a young baby. When they are small, and using this toy its not too bad, they can bend their legs easily. But my 2 year old can only sit under it with his legs straight now.. no room to bend them. Not very comfy for him I’m sure.

      We have had this toy for 18 months now, and it cost £24.99. The ages groups indicated on the packaging said it would be suitable for 6-36 months, which means that we still have another year of life left of this product, however I think its going to go to the back of the cupboard and not be seen again!

      And just for your info, the toy takes 2 AA batteries which are not supplied and you need a screwdriver to put them in, and has an easily adjusted volume control underneath, for a toy which is constantly “interactive with sound” this is a godsend!

      And for anyone for who thinks i'm copying this i wrote on "the other side" in my members name of "handbags_at_the_ready".

      Thanks for reading



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        23.08.2000 01:24
        Very helpful



        Just before my daughter was born I went out to the shops and bought what seemed like a truck load of toys for her, even things she couldn’t use until she was a year old! One of the first things I bought was the VTECH little smart learning center and I’m glad I did. The features on it are as follows.. A melody roller that plays a tune but only as your baby rolls it, a built in phone with 4 buttons with family faces on it (mum, dad, brother, sister) that speak or make a noise when you press them, three shaped buttons with A B and C written on them that either speak or make the noise of a method of transport, 4 numbered musical notes that either count or play a musical note, a wheel with a cut out hole that when turned makes a noise and reveals bits of a picture and two sliding beads over a reflective surface and lastly 4 shaped animal buttons that either speak or make a noise. The features depend on which of the two on settings you switch it to. You can have the legs on and off and I’ve found it to be very sturdy with them on. I first gave it to my daughter to play with when she was around 4 mths and she liked me making the noises but it was when she was around 6 months that she really started enjoying it, for a while it was her favorite toy. It is a great learning tool and when my daughter was 7 mths she surprised me by pointing to the cat button when I asked her where the cat was. That was the only one she could do but you have to admit that is impressive. I think it has been wonderful and she has had a great deal of use out of it. One word of warning, once your baby can pull up to standing make sure either you take the legs off or put it against something that wont move, Thai went scooting across the floor a few times. It takes two AA batteries and the battery cover is easily opened by adults with a coin. Quite large to store but will be used for a long long long time by any child as there is so
        much to do on it. There are a lot of good activity tables out there but this is the best in my opinion.


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    • Product Details

      Designed like a lap tray, the Little Smart Learning Center activity toy aims to create a special play place for your child.

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