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VTech Turn and Learn Driver

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3 Reviews

Brand: VTech / Age: 12 months / Type: Learning Toy

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2010 15:18
      Very helpful



      A great little educational and make believe toy for boys

      When researching educational toys, I came across this one, which I thought looked like great fun for boys. I know that Vtech are a reliable brand and the toys we've had of theirs in the past have been good value for money.

      This toy is a steering wheel with a horn, set onto a dashboard which has a rear view mirror and three buttons on the left. These make different noises for petrol, the police and the radio. There is also a gear lever, traffic lights and an ignition (on / off) on the right. On the top there are rotating panels which show numbers and animals. These turn as the wheel turns.
      So, there is plenty to do to keep them entertained.

      The great thing about this toy is the british voice. I have not been able to confirm this, but it sounds really like Justin from Cbeebies. Either it is him, or they have employed a sound-a-like, but either way, it is not an annoying or grating voice like some toys are given. He sings songs, explains the colours, animals and numbers (great for the educational aspect) and has other phrases, such as "I'm out of petrol!"

      There is a volume switch on the bottom of the base- always a good sign! But, unlike some toys, the on / off button is really easy for the little ones to use themselves- it's large and easily turned for little hands.

      My son particulary likes the gear lever, which makes revving and braking noises, and the horn (always a favourite with any kid!) He likes to play with this in the car on long journeys as it lets him imitate Daddy!


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      13.12.2009 17:23
      Very helpful



      Loud for the parent but a whole lot of fun for the child

      Vtech Turn and Learn Driver

      VTech is one of the biggest creators of electronic learning products for young children and have been established since 1976. They boast that they provide high quality, innovative and educational products for children from birth to pre-teen which helps them learn by having fun.

      When I hear the name VTech I immediately think of safe fun toys that may be suitable for my daughter and nephew (and niece when she is old enough!) so when my daughter got brought this Turn and Learn Driver for Christmas last year I thought it was a great present.


      The Turn and Learn Driver toy takes two AA batteries which is in a safe screw open compartment on the back away from little hands. The toy itself is quite a chunky toy and a little on the heavy side for really young children, though if they are playing with it on the floor then this isn't a problem, its when they get to my daughters age and want to drive around - literally - with the toy that you hear the cries of 'mummy help' when she is struggling to carry it and then of course you have to be the passenger and help her carry it around the house!
      The main colour of the toy is white with some lovely colourful parts of mainly red, blue and yellow. It looks like it is supposed to as a small car front with a casino style rolling object on the front which spins when the steering wheel is turned. On turning the key the car revs up and goes straight into a song which is sung by what sounds like Justin off of Cbeebies and if you leave the toy on it continues to play songs on and off and there are only three songs so it gets a little repetitive. There is a volume button on the bottom though there isn't much sound difference between loud and quiet. On the stearing wheel there is a red horn which when pressed goes beep beep and the Justin sound-a-like shouting out of the way. On the right there is a chunky green gear stick which can be pushed forward and backwards with forwards making engine noises and backwards a screech of brakes with Jusin-sound-a-like once again shouting words of watch out and here we are. On the other side of the stearing wheel is a small wing mirror with actual mirror which the children can turn side to side and three buttons. The top button simply says 'Im out of petrol fill her up' and an annoying shooting gun sound which is meant to be the petrol going into the car I assume. The middle button makes the sound of a police car with Justin-sound-a-like shouting 'Hey hey slow down' (his voice can get a little annoying after a while!). The third button has three different songs to play which actually are not too bad the first few times of hearing it though like most childrens toys they really get annoying after hearing it over and over every day! The children never seem to mind though and that's what counts. I have already mentioned the spinner which spins when the wheel turns and on this are lovely pictures of animals in different modes of transport with numbers and letters over them. When anything is pressed the indicator lights flash as do the traffic lights. The speakers are on either side of the stearing whell and really work...loudly!!

      As soon as my daughter got this toy she loved it. She had recently turned one and loved 'driving' especially in the car as she loved copying mummy. In effect this was her first little car. As she grew older she still loved playing it (shes nearly two now) and learnt to turn it off and on herself. She began copying all the noises and learnt what all the different things on the car did. She also became rougher with the car and I am happy to say that the car withstood all the bashings onto the floor and the rough play on the steering wheel without even going wrong a tiny bit and there are not cracks or even marks on it which is great.

      The car helps a young child with hand eye coordination and even helps them with some words even if they are unusual, and sounds. My daughter ran around going 'nee nah' for ages when she first learnt to copy the police car sound on it. The voice is as I said like Justin off of Cbeebies (not sure if it is him or not) so is a clear English voice and now my daughter is starting to recognize the voice (so its not just me who thinks it may be his voice!). This toy also helps with imaginative play which is great.

      The RRP price of this toy is £14.99 which is a little on the expensive side though arnt all children's toys. Always look online at places like amazon though for a better price. It is well worth buying it though the less the cost the better.

      This toy is great for children and seem to last a long time with regards to both age of the child and its durability which is always an important thing with children as they are forever throwing and bashing toys around in their play. It teaches language, sounds, numbers, letters, motor skills and hand eye coordination - all this from just one toy! The only realy downside to this toy is that the sounds can get very annoying to adults though not really any more than most other toys.

      Would I recommend this toy? Most certainly!



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      29.06.2009 14:45
      Very helpful



      Let's go driving, Let's go driving, on the road, on the road ......

      Beep Beep - out of the way! I'm out of petrol.... Sounds like I'm in the car with my husband but actually it's my 11 month old driving!

      This V tech toy car driving panel is excellent noisy fun for little drivers. It is suitable from 6 months to 3 years and at £15 is good value for money.

      It is basically a steering wheel on a "dashboard" with a wing mirror (which pivots), an accelerator stick, flashing indicators and traffic lights, an ignition key, beeping horn and various buttons with fun sayings (Red light means stop!)

      The steering wheel also turns three revolving blocks which have pictures, numbers, colours and shapes on them. As baby turns the wheel, a voice announces what blocks are showing (1 bear, 2 caterpillars, Red square...)

      **Why we like this toy.

      Like all vtech toys it is sturdy, almost unbeakable plastic in bright colours to stimulate babies. My one has been hurled from the highchair to the tiled kitchen floor several times but it keeps on going.

      My baby loves all the noises especially the accelarator which makes him squeal with delight and the horn which was the first thing he learnt to push. In terms developing motor skills the toy is excellent as it develops hand eye co-ordination pushing the buttons and accelarator, moving onto to turning the wheel with both hands. Once he gets older, I suspect he will want to take on car journeys to "drive along" with daddy.

      It's also easily washed and cleaned as it's all plastic, no fabric bits to get food and dribble stains on!

      **Anything we don't like?

      You may get a bit irritated with the songs and sayings, especially when baby favours one button!

      The bottom has rubber stoppers to prevent slipping but it would have been better for me if they had been plastic suckers as he often hurls it onto the floor.

      I have noticed online that there is also a Learn and Go driver which is suitable for 6-24 months and is a couple of pounds cheaper than this one. It has a soft fabric wheel, but seems to have a lot less buttons to press.

      Overall, the Turn and Learn driver is good value, excellent quality and has held my child's attention for longer than many other toys. I'd recommend to any mum.


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    • Product Details

      Beep Beep! On the road to develop young minds! Fun-packed driver full of realistic features for fantastic roleplay; including a steering wheel, wing mirror, beeping horn, light-up indicators, traffic lights, gear stick and ignition key! Mix 'n' match rollers teach letters, numbers, animals, colours and words . Chunky buttons provide driving sound effects and funny phrases. Helps develop hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills . Features friendly English voice, music, fun songs, realistic sound effects and engaging lights!