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VTech Winnie The Pooh Teach 'n Lights Phone

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: VTech / age: 2 Years+

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    3 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 10:14
      Very helpful
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      good role playing fun with the added plus of games

      My daughter was bought this for Christmas by my auntie when she was 2 years old as she knew she had an obsession with phones. The phone is made by Vtech which straight away gave me a good impression as I knew that they were a leading brand in children's toys.

      The phones come with different characters on them there is Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder and they sell for about £15. The Winnie the Pooh version is purple in colour with detailing as If it is tree bark and then the underneath of it is green with detailing as if it is the top of the tree. Winnie the Pooh is at the top of the phone holding a phone to his own ear and then his arm is pointing to the slider which selects the games and the slider is his hand. The phone that is attached to the base by a thick string is on the left hand side and there is a built in handle to carry the phone to the right hand side.

      On the phone there are 12 buttons on what is supposed to be the main keypad and then 6 extra buttons at the bottom of the phone, 10 of the main buttons have got characters on it from the one hundred acre wood and then there is the on/off switch and a bell. Each of the ten characters buttons light up a reddish colour and the bell makes the phone ring. The buttons at the bottom are used to teach A, B and C, the A button is an apple, the B a butterfly and the C is a carrot. The further three buttons are for colours and shapes there is a yellow circle, blue triangle and a green square, when any of these 6 buttons are pressed Winnie says what they are.

      There are four different games to play selected by Winnies sliding hand at the top, learn it, find it/call my friends and follow it. With the learn it setting Winnie tells you to press a button, when the child presses the button Winnie tells them the number that is on the button and plays a song, there is a different song for each of the number buttons and therefore there are ten different songs. The find it/call my friends setting, Winnie tells the child which friend he wants to call and then the child needs to find the picture of the friend and push the button with it on. The third game is follow it which just as it sounds Winnie give the child a series of his friends and they have to press the buttons, the more the child gets right the harder the sequence becomes.

      This phone was taken out to a restaurant on Christmas day and it was bashed about all over the place, the phone worked and still does work perfectly and is a great enjoyment for my daughter. Even the adults were having a go of the follow me game and seeing who could do the best. It really is only now that my daughter is heading for 4 years old that she can get full use from it so I do think the recommendation for age being 2-4 years is about right. I would certainly recommend this phone as I think it is a good strong toy that a child will keep returning to and for the price it teaches a wide range of things you're your child will need to know.


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        23.03.2010 11:11
        Very helpful



        Fantastic toy that children will love and learn with

        My daughter got bought this Winnie the Pooh Teach 'n Lights phone for her Christmas present from her Nana when she was 1 and half years old.

        Straight away being a fan of Winnie the Pooh she loved it, it has 3 different settings which are Learn it, Find it/ Call my friends and Follow it.

        It was great as she grew with it, at first she would just press the numbers or colours and it tells you what number is it or colour and also it has a b c. it also when pressed it plays a little song and the buttons flash. Also as its a phone the child can pretend it is a phone with the removable handset.

        When my daughter was a little older she started playing on the call a friend setting, where Winnie the pooh tells you which friend he wants you to call.

        Then next is the Follow it activity, where winnie the pooh asks you to remember the sequence of characters, like a memory game, example winnie the pooh will say call/find tiger, then piglet then owl then the child then has to press the characters in the correct order, i think it goes up to remembering about 8 characters!

        The phone takes 2 x AA batteries. My daughter has loved this toy ever since she got it but unfortuntly the batteries must have leaked as it stopped working.

        Infact she has just seen the picture of the phone on here now and is crying saying 'thats my winnie the pooh phone i want it back!'

        Price wise i see online its around the £35 mark, i know that it was bought for my daughter around £18, so there are cheaper ones around, and it is deffently worth it as its a great toy, great for learning, and will last for a couple of years as it grows with the child.


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        08.03.2010 22:39
        Very helpful



        Great little phone

        Vtech Disney Teach and Lights Phone

        Lets Call Pooh

        Winnie the Pooh and friends have been a firm favorite with children (and lets admit it, a adults too!) for many years, with the lovable and well known characters and lovely setting of the Hundred Acre Wood, who wouldn't love this silly old bear?

        Well my daughter has certainly joined the bandwagon of Pooh lovers of late. She cant get enough of watching it on her much loved children's channels (playhouse Disney) and adores her own cuddly toys and DVD's so when we saw this phone for our daughter we had to get it.


        This phone is designed from ages two upwards with activities to stimulate the child as they grow along with it.

        The phone itself is mainly a lovely purple colour with markings of a tree from the Hundred Acre Wood. On the left hand side is a bulky phone attached by a cord lead to the base of the phone to stop your child walking off and loosing the phone (a great plan if you ask me!). The phone sits comfortably into the holder and clicks in for more support. It is easy to click in and out though so no worries of a child getting annoyed with it. On the right hand side of the phone base is a handle which is perfect size for children top pick up and take with them.

        The phone as a whole is rather bulky though in a good way as is also makes it very durable and this is a good thing as children tend to like throwing and bashing their toys around for some apparent reason! The phone is very safe as well with the screw on cover at the back for the batteries to go in - away from little fingers (Takes 3 AA batteries which last quite a long time unlike some children's toys which seem to eat batteries like there is no tomorrow!). The cord on the phone as mentioned above is also very short so no worries about choking.

        Winnie the Pooh sits at the top end of the phone holding a little purple phone himself to show children what to do and the voice on the activities on the phone are all Winnie the Pooh's voice which unlike many characters in children's televisions is actually quite soothing and loud enough for the child to hear though not too loud that you end up wanting to throw the toy through a window!


        There are three main activities on the phone which can be chosen easily at the top of the phone by sliding Pooh's hand across to the relevant selection.

        The first is Learn it or Find it.

        It begins with Pooh telling you to press any button. He then tells you the number on this button and plays a random song (different tune for each button). There are limited instructions in this section for the child and more suited for the younger age of two when they are learning by doing themselves. On each button there is alos one of Pooh's friends and a different colour 'paintmark' splodge so the child starts learning colours, numbers and animals with this option.

        This option also has another part which the child can randomly press buttons and Pooh tells them what it is for example, a for apple (the button which looks like an apple). There are a, b and c (though no other letters) and also three coloured shapes. There is also a bell button that makes the phone ring.

        The second option is Call My Friends.

        This begins with Pooh asking you to call one of his friends. The child then learns to find Pooh's friends on the relevant buttons and my daughter loves picking up the actual phone at this point and 'talking' to the animals herself. There are no other voices though except Pooh's.
        The third option is Follow It.

        Pooh gives clear instructions to the child to call a certain amount of names in a row with the number of names going up after each successful try. My daughter is a little too young to understand this part of the activities as of yet though time will soon come for this.

        With each activity the relevant buttons to the activity flash which is a favorite part for my daughter. The on and off button is also on the front of the phone so easy for children to play with it themselves without needing mummy or daddy to turn it on all the time. After a short while (couple of minutes at most) of non-play, the phone will automatically turn off with Winnie the Pooh saying goodbye. Great battery saving option that!


        So does the phone stand up to the toddler test?

        My daughter has had this phone now a number of months and has enjoyed playing with it over and over again, including throwing and bashing it around. As of yet there are no scratches or marks on the phone which proves how durable it really is.

        My daughter is turning two in a couple of months and so far she plays with the Learn It activity most and has started to learn about the call my friend option though follow me option is a little advanced for her at the moment, though that doesn't deter her. We can often hear her screaming with laughter as she plays with this phone for hours on end. She also loves copying mummy and picking up the phone part of the toy and talking in it to both Pooh and also her family members.


        This phone has great educational value to a pre-school child and teaches them a wide range of things in the three different categories including numbers, (a few) letters and shapes, copying instructions, imaginative play and colours. In the months since my daughter has had this phone she has started learning her first few numbers which is excellent.


        This phone seems difficult to get hold of though can be picked up for around £10.00 though do check around. Personally with the prices of children's toys today, £10 for this phone is well worth it as it not only gives your child a few years of fun before they get too old for it, though really teaches them a wide range of things.

        FINAL WORD

        Would I recommend this phone? Yes is the simple answer. The price is good and the pleasure and learning for my daughter is amazing - it is possibly one of her favorite toys! Unlike many toys, this phone is not annoying to listen to either so a plus for adults there as well! It is definitely one of our better purchases for our daughter!


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