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Wesco Bob The Builder Stuffit Toy Box

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Brand: Wesco / Storage Unit for toys / Type: Toy Boxes

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2009 20:30
      Very helpful



      A good storage box that's safe and holds enough toys!

      Having twin boys who are thomas the tank, disney cars and bob the builder mad I have, of course had to spoil them and buy them toys and accessories from all three, one of these many things is the Wesco Bob the Builder Stuffit Toy Box.

      This is actually a Christmas present for them, which is going to hold other goodies for the day but as I'm so impatient I had to open it up and see why it was so damn expensive lol!

      The Wesco Bob The Builder Stuffit Toybox can be bought on Amazon for £16.28, that's including delivery seeing as it's free. The picture is perfect, exactly like the box, showing it's colours and characters but it's on a computer screen you can't really see the size. Amazon doesn't actually provide measurements on the site when you go to purchase it but this didn't deter me in anyway as I was just happy I'd found a nice Bob The Builder Storage box.

      When buying what you are told is that the box is great for storage, it features Bob and his friends and it can fold flat!

      Delivery was quick and I was surprised by the size of the cardboard box it came in. Opening the box I was greeted by a bright blue, flat 'box' in a see through cover which I needed to rip to get open. Opening it up the box fell out in two pieces, don't fret though as it literally takes a second to put together - well 'pop it up' in fact.

      Not only did this box appeal to me as it is has the Bob The Builder design but it's also a soft storage box. I'd purchased a Thomas the Tank soft storage box for Christmas last year for my twin boys and have been well impressed so this was ideal.

      The box comes shaped in a fairly large cube, the box itself and it's lid are firmly attached to each other yet the lid can flip up and be plonked back down comfortably without worrying about it falling off, or even getting stuck on. The second part to the box is the base, again another 'soft storage' design it just places neatly inside the box to hold it steady and sturdy in it's box/cube shape. The box is bright and colourful and is decorated in Bob the Builder himself, and on each face of the cube is one of his friends. The top of the lid just says Bob the Builder in it's brightly coloured yellow writing, bold, brash and extremely eyecatching. The colourful, bob design would please any fan.

      Now although I still don't 'understand' the exact measurements of 40cmз I can confirm in my simple terms it's quite large, deep and wide (I am still talking about the box lol ) it would either fit a LOT of smaller toys or a good few larger toys making it a relevant storage box that's not just all about looks as it does what it's meant to and 'stores' things.

      The fact that it is a 'soft' storage box rather than wooden and hard makes it alot safer, especially with younger children. If a child knocks into it, falls onto it or the lid falls down on their fingers it won't hurt a bit saving alot of accidents and tears. It does wipe down easily with a damp cloth too if it does happen to get marked or dirty. If you happen to be moving, changing a room around or just trying to save space it can, like I mentioned above, be folded completely flat if need be making it compact and easy to store in a cupboard for the time being.

      Two faces of the cube have small holes in, these are for you to place your hands through to be able to pick up the box comfortably and safely, especially if you have toys in it. If you don't fancy picking it up that way though there are two 'rope' handles on the other two faces of the cube, again allowing easy manouvering of the box.

      It did say on the packaging that the box is not suitable for children under 36 months due to small components, although I don't know why as there are NO small components and in my opinion it is one of the safest type of storage boxes for a young child due to the fact it's not heavy, wooden and hard.

      If you are looking for a storage box, that's safe and will hold quite a few bits and bobs then this is a must, especially for those Bob fans!


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