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Alpro Soya Alternative to Single Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 18:01
      Very helpful



      Delicious, can use it in many dishes, great fake from Alpro!

      I recently started to cut down on dairy products for ethical reasons so have pretty much stopped eating whole dairy foods like cows milk, yogurts, cheese and butter. At first I didn't miss any of them as there are some great alternatives but I started to notice that I was missing cream when I wanted to have meals such as warm porridge or a luxurious fruit salad. I therefore had a look around the shops and found this Alpro Soya Alternative to Single Cream. To be honest I wasn't expecting much from it. Even though I am happy to eat non dairy now it did take me a while to adjust to the flavours and texture of the soya or tofu products. I would say that these 'alternatives' take a bit of getting used to and are even sometimes a case of - just get used to it or go back to dairy.

      The cream comes in a 251g sized carton and is about the size of a small carton of dairy cream. This is a novelty though for unlike the yogurt style pots you normally get this Alpro cream comes in a carton with a screw top on the top of the pack. The carton is covered with information about the product and the brand. Of course there is a whole side of the carton devoted to telling customers about the environmental benefits from using soya products rather than dairy products. It's an interesting read and makes me feel better about choosing to cut out dairy.

      Another side of the carton is printed with a nutritional values chart (both a detailed chart and an easy read one). Values are given per 100g or by 30g servnig so it provides 174 calories and 17.3g of fat per 100g whilst the 30g values are 52 calories and 5.2g of fat of which saturates 0.7g. There is also a small chart telling you about daily diet guidelines for men and women.

      Full ingredients are listed on the back and there is a helpful guide in large pictures showing you how you can use the cream. You are able to use it exactly as you would dairy cream - in cooking, hot or cold, in pasta sauces and over deserts etc.

      There is a great list of product facts too so it is listed as being completely dairy free and suitable for veggies and vegans, lactose free, nut free and also free from GM soya beans.

      You need to remember that because this contains soya you need to shake this before every use. This is because soya milk products tend to collect powdery deposits at the bottom of the carton. The cream is surprisingly a bright white colour. This was surprising to me as soya milk is generally either greyish or a creamy vanilla shade. This is blindingly white and looks and moves just like dairy cream.

      The consistency of the Alpro cream is thick and it flows easily. It pours well from the slightly raised nozzle on the top of the carton. If I didn't know I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between dairy cream and this Alpro just from looking at them.

      The flavour of the cream is unusual and I couldn't quite figure out what the flavour was until I read the ingredients. I wouls describe it as being sweet and a little like tapioca. When I checked the ingredients list sunflower oil is second in quantity to water so really the cream is oil based although you can't detect any oiliness in terms of texture and movement. Once I knew it was sunflower oil I could recognise that fresh sunshiney taste common to cooking oil and sunflower oil spreads. There is also a fructose-glucose syrup added to sweeten the cream although it's definitely not too sweet. Overall I really like the flavour and it's a lot different to soya milk.

      I have used this cream on deserts and in meals and I find it a perfect replacement for dairy cream. I'm very pleased to have found it. Knowing that this contains so much sunflower oil though is a bit offputting mentally as I can't imagine myself glugging back gallons of oil so I think I will be using this quite sparingly and as a treat and in cooking but to the minimum. Generally though this is an ideal replacement to dairy and it's helped me enjoy certain foods again. I also really like the flavour of the cream and feel it goes with any food, sweet or savoury.

      This cream should be kept refridgerated once opened and eaten within 5 days of opening.



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      27.01.2009 17:33
      Very helpful



      A great fresh alternative to real dairy cream.

      If you are lactose intolerant, watching your cholesterol, trying to eat more healthily, or like me plodding onto towards the menopause then have a look at this Alpro Soya Cream. You don't even need a reason just have a change!

      I saw this in Tesco recently and it is widely available now in most supermarkets for a very good price of 59p and you will find it in the chiller cabinet.

      Now in my time I have tried many cream substitutes and many of them are lovely, but all of them are long life and lack that freshness you get when you purchase dairy cream. This, however, is perfect as it is ready and waiting for you-fresh as a daisy. The beauty of it is there is no cholesterol so it is good for your heart.


      Water, Sunflower oil (8.4%), Hulled soya beans (3.8%), Modified tapioca starch, Fructose-glucose syrup, Emulsifiers: sucrose esters of fatty acid and soya lecithin, Locust bean gum, Flavouring, Sea salt, Antioxidant: Tocopherol-rich-extract, Thickener: carageenan

      So What Does It Taste Like?

      Well I have to tell you that my favourite desert is "key lime pie", a simple recipe which you can make which is delicious and refreshing, but really calls for a pouring cream to finish it off nicely. Now as my recipe for this contains condensed milk I think it would be dairy overload to pour on more cream-probably a heart attack on a plate, so I bought a pot of this. It was absolutely delicious and you couldn't tell it wasn't cream. It is beautifully smooth, white, and pours just like single cream, and it tastes identical in every way to the real thing!
      It is also possible to cook with it making it perfect to put into sauces and deserts. It would also be useful if you were going to make a quiche or a tart. To its credit it also lasted a good long time in the fridge after opening.
      I also used it in coffee and it is perfect. If you have a vegan in the family then this is going to be a real bonus as at last in our house we can all enjoy a desert with the same topping! If you make an apple crumble with soya margarine you can top it with this cream and it is delicious.
      For anyone who is watching their cholesterol this is perfect.

      What is Soya And Where Does It Come From?

      Soya is grown in various parts of the world, although Alpro Soya sources the beans mostly in Brazil, Canada and China. They are not made into soya products there though but are shipped to factories in Europe where they are made into cream, yogurts and milk. They are all non GM which is good and the company strives to work in an ethical way.

      Healthy Benefits

      Lots of things have been claimed about soya in recent years which may or may not be true, and I personally feel swamped by all this advice, and feel it is just better to eat everything in moderation. Soya is however, low in bad fats, and rich in the good fats such as omega 3 and 6, and recent studies show that just 25g of soya per day can actually reduce levels of bad cholesterol.
      There is some evidence to suggest that it helps with the menopause symptoms as it contains phytoestrogens which are beneficial to women in particular -maybe that is why the adverts usually show women in them, so when I get to that stage I will probably be singing its praises!

      For now though I think I'll just enjoy it. A perfect alternative to dairy and a lot less fat!


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        22.10.2008 19:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        For the lactose intolerant

        I have been hesitant about finding an alternative to single cream. Nothing can beat the taste of cream but this is one luxury I can't have. yes I am lactose intolerant.

        I have used Alpro soya milk for tea but I have not tried Alpro soya cream till last week. I do not have problem with the taste of soya but I was a little concern on how it will go with apple crumble. Courageously I timidly pour a few drops of the soya cream into the dessert and hey it taste as good as single cream.
        The soya cream mixes very well and it does not overpower the taste of the apple crumble.

        I never use Alpro soya milk for coffee as it seems to curd but surprisingly it does curd when I use the soya cream with coffee. The combination gives a creamy texture and a nutty taste to coffee.

        The main ingredients in the soya cream are water, vegetable oil and soya beans.
        The following are the breakdown of ingredients and energy values extracted from the Alpro website:

        beans (4%), Fructose-glucose syrup, Emulsifiers: Sucrose esters of fatty acids and Soya lecithin, Stabilisers: Xanthan gum, Guar gum and Carrageenan, Sea salt, Natural flavouring, Antioxidant: Natural tocopherol

        Energy values
        Energy value : 170Kcal/703 KJ
        Protein : 2.0 g
        Carbohydrate : 1.6 g
        Sodium : 0.05 g

        The Alpro soya cream comes in 250ml carton and cost 69p in most supermarkets.
        Now that I have tried the soya cream, I am going to find out how else I can use the cream, perhaps I will try them in soup, smoothies and even cakes.

        Nothing can replace single or double cream. However if it is needed, Alpro soya cream is definitely a good alternative to single cream.


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      • Product Details

        A delicious, reduced-fat, alternative to single cream.

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