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Asda Choco Sprinkles

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Baking Aids

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    2 Reviews
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      04.02.2012 18:58
      Very helpful



      A great baking sprinkle

      I'm not the worlds best baker, after finishing school many years ago I never baked anything again. That was until my daughter came along, and from when she was old enough to stand on a chair safely I have been baking basic buns and other basic cake type treats with her. Baking plain buns is no fun so I went on search for some things I could put on top of the icing, that's when I came across these choco sprinkles in Asda.

      ----- Packaging -----

      The sprinkles come in a clear tub, about 2 inches high. The tub is made from a thin plastic and grasping it too hard can cause it to collapse in. On top of the plastic tub is the lid, half of the lid flips up to allow the sprinkles to be poured out. The packaging contains all the usual information such as nutrimental information and ingredients. The tub contains 65g.

      ----- Sprinkle! -----

      The chocolate sprinkles are quite hard to pour out of the tub as the hole in the lid is quite large, for my first couple of attempts the buns had a mountain of the sprinkles on top, so now I pour them in my hand and sprinkle them over the cakes.

      The sprinkles taste very chocolaty. They are very thin and break easily, despite this they still dissolve quite nicely on the tongue and do keep the same chocolate flavour whilst melting. The sprinkles are all slightly different lengths, but most of them around 1cm long.

      Last summer we also used our stash of cake decoration bits and pieces to put on top of bowls of ice-cream. I used to crumble up the well known Flake chocolate bar to put on ice-cream before, but these choco sprinkles taste just as nice and Kacie has lots of fun putting them on herself.

      ----- Information -----

      No artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats.
      Suitable for vegetarians
      Per 100g - 456 calories, 17.2g fat
      Price - 72p

      These choco sprinkles are great, they taste nice, look nice and very versatile. The price isn't bad either, when you look at how many times you can use them!


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        05.09.2011 21:02
        Very helpful



        A great cake making must buy!

        When it comes to cake making and the likes I am not going to even start to pretend to know what I'm doing on that score. I can however make fairy cakes and the likes and so when I was recently in my local Asda store I decided to buy a small tub of these not just for sprinkling on my little cakes I make from time to time and for sprinkling on ice cream which is something I have been using these on rather alot lately!

        The Packaging:

        The sprinkles come in a see-through plastic tub with a silver flip top plastic lid to the top of it and on the front of it we are told that this product is Asda Choco Sprinkles and that they contain no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat. On the back of the tub other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice, there is a nutritional information given, the weight is stated (which is 65g) and contact details for Asda are listed. Nice enough tub and all you have to do is flip open the lid and sprinkle and go!

        The Sprinkles:

        All these are are milk chocolate sprinkles and they are thin and slightly crispy in texture. The strands are all different lengths and made from vermicelli and coated with sugar and chocolate basically. They are very sweet and do melt on warm/hot foods and even on cold they disintegrate slightly. Really though these look nice and do taste chocolaty and very sweet indeed. I wouldn't say that they are all that creamy considering that they contain milk chocolate but I do like the crunchiness of these and the way that they look! These are a great little buy and very versatile indeed!

        Nutritional Information Per 100g:

        Energy: 456 Kcal
        Protein: 4.2g
        Carbohydrate: 71.1g
        of which sugars: 71.1g
        Fat: 17.2g
        of which saturates: 10.1g
        Fibre: 3.4g
        Sodium: 0.06g
        equivalent as salt: 0.2g

        Only available in Asda stores costing 63p a tub.


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