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Asda Dried Mango Pieces

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Fruits

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    1 Review
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      20.12.2009 18:29
      Very helpful



      Excellent type of dried fruit

      100g of Asda's whole-food range dried mango costs approximately £1.30, which is an average to pretty reasonable price for a product of this sort.

      In their dried state each piece of mango in the little plastic bag of dried fruit you get for your £1.30 has been cut to couple of centimetres square, approximately. The fruit appears to have started off as having been cut into triangles / wedge shapes before drying, as each has a thicker ridge in the centre (tapering down to thinner at the edges). This may come as a slight problem to people who have any kind of problems with their teeth, because it turns out that mangoes, once dried, take on a pretty similar texture to shoe-leather. The fruit pieces, however taste pleasantly sweet from the outset and far from being off-putting, the extreme effort required to chew this product actually makes getting the dried mango into a state where it possible to be swallowed a sort of minor eating challenge - and this aspect adds to your eating experience, helping to make these definitely 'moreish' snacks. There is a nice mix of blandly sweet mango-flavoured and sourish-sweet mango bits in each bag, which makes for a surprisingly nice variety of flavours. The odd piney / resiny aroma of mangoes comes across nice and strongly in the dried product, and they have none of the fibrousness to them that often makes supermarket-bought mangoes unpleasant to eat.

      On the packaging it states that one bag - ie 100g of dried mango - is enough for a suggested two servings. But conversely the packaging also says that one quarter of the bag is sufficient to count as one serving of your government-guideline-inspired 'five fruit or veg portions a day'. They are also (according to the blurb on the packet) a good source of vitamin C - a vitamin that I learned at secondary school was reputedly destroyed when fruits or vegetables were dried out, but who knows, the food standards agencies may well have changed their nutritional-informational goalposts since the 1980s.

      Very keen on these dried mangoes though I am, because of the challenging texture, I think it would take an unrealistic amount of effort to eat a whole half a bag of the Asda product. So I'm not sure where their suggested serving quantity was plucked from exactly. I would be mildly to quite interested - on a whole number of mangoes scale of measurement - to know how much fresh mango goes into each bag of dried product, a figure I suppose I could work out from comparing the nutritional values given on the side of the packet to similar values for the fresh fruit (plucked from the internet) though I sincerely doubt I'll ever get round to it.


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