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Asda Fajita Dinner Kit

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8 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Baking Aids

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    8 Reviews
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      01.03.2014 18:43
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      A simple and filling meal that is easy to make.

      I do like spicy food, and often buy these dinner kits when I'm shopping. They are quick and easy to make, and make for a good meal. They seem to be popular with people, whether it be Mexican or Chinese food, you see a lot of these dinner kits down the isles. The one I opted for was Asda's Chosen by you Mexican Style Fajita Dinner Kit.

      I paid £2 for this dinner kit, and contained therein is the following:
      8 wheat flour tortillas
      1 spicy tomato salsa
      1 Fajita seasoning.

      All you have to buy is the chicken and the peppers. The box they come in is orange and black. There are pictures of the fajitas on the front of the box and on the back of the box are the instructions, what's in the box, storage information and a diagram on how to make the fajitas, which I find handy.Inside the box the fajita wraps are packed in a plastic clear packaging to keep them fresh. The spicy tomato salsa and the seasoning are contained in like foil bags which you will need scissors to open with.

      So, apart from what's in the box, you will need the following:
      450g sliced chicken
      1 large green pepper
      1 large red pepper
      1 medium onion

      Although you can chop and change this if you want. I only put 1 pepper in mine, usually just a red or green one. I do use the onion and chicken too though. Making these fajita's is simple enough to make. All you need to do is sprinkle the seasoning over the chicken, cook them in oil until done and add the vegetables, if desired. Heat the tortillas up in the microwave. It suggests heating them up individually. It suggests laying the tortillas out and diving the salsa up between them and spooning the chicken and vegetables in the centre of each wrap and rolling them up and to serve immediately.

      What I like about these wraps is that taste really nice. They don't take long to make, and they are quite spicy too. I find them really filing too. As I live on my own, 8 are too much to eat in one go, so this makes 2 meals for me. And for £2, I find this really good value for money. On the back of the pack it suggests trying their mild chilli sauce or their feisty, fiery hot salsa sauce to live up any meal. So whether you like things spiced up or mild, there is something for you.

      This product is free from artificial colours and flavourings.
      For allergy advice it contains barley, gluten and wheat.
      This is suitable for vegetarians (use veg only)

      Asda Stores Ltd
      LS11 5AD

      My personal opinion is I like these. As I say, I do like spicy food so am always trying something new. I have trying other dinner kits what Asda do, and I enjoy these too. I would highly recommend this for a quick and easy meal, and a delicious one too.

      Thanks for reading. =)

      NOTE: This review is also written on Ciao under the same username.


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        30.08.2012 23:23
        Very helpful



        easy peasy meal idea

        The Asda Fajita dinner kit is perfect for a quick and easy meal to feed a few people!

        It comes packaged in a flat square box, with a picture of some fajitas on the front and the instructions on how to prepare and cook your fajita's on the back. In the box you get 8 tortillas, a pack of salsa and your seasoning for your fajita mix. All you need to add is some diced chicken (or a different meat of your choice if you dont want chicken) and some vegetables - the pack suggests one red pepper, one green pepper and a medium sized onion.

        To cook:

        Heat a little oil in a pan and add your chicken (or other meat) and the fajita seasoning. Once the chicken has cooked through add your vegetables - cook until the vegetables are hot but still crunchy. Whilst this is cooking heat up your totillas one at a time in the microwave or in a hot dry frying pan. Once it is cooked divide the fajita mix up between your tortillas, wrap and serve.

        This is a great solution for a quick meal and really takes no time at all to prepare and cook - its makes enough for 3-4 people aswell. As it feeds this many it really works out quite cheap, the asda fajita dinner kit costs around £1.75 to buy which is a bargain. I would definitely suggest getting this one over the Old el Passo one which costs around twice as much but tastes pretty much the same.

        Overall this is a great tasting meal and the Fajita mix is really tasty and I would definitely recommend it. I cooked mine with some chicken and some chorizo, and also bought some sour cream to go with the salsa too!


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          05.07.2010 20:08
          Very helpful



          spice up meal times

          Before I purchase this Asda Fajita Dinner Kit I use to get the Old El Paso fajita dinner kit and to be honest there is no difference between them except that the Old El Paso brand costs more at £2.84, where as the Asda's own brand costs less at £1.74. I have always preferred making fajitas at home with one of these dinner kits instead of the revolting one I had at the local Chiquito's a few months back.

          It's so cheap and easy to make. It's also hassle free for a lazy meal time as it doesn't take long to prepare. You're provided with most of the ingredients: 8 wheat flour tortillas, Spicy tomato salsa, and fajita dinner seasoning. All you need to get is the 400g chicken stir-fry pieces and vegetables (they suggest 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper and a medium onion sliced). You can also change the chicken pieces for some other meat or just add extra vegetables for variation.

          Instructions are simple you just marinate the chicken with seasoning and 2 tablespoons of oil, ensuring it's all coated.

          Heat up a pan and when hot add the chicken and it should sizzle. Just stir and cook it on a high heat for 5 - 8 minutes, I always cook for 8 minutes to ensure the chicken is cooked properly. (At this point it's a choking hazard as the seasoning cooks it releases an aroma so expect a lot of coughing.)

          Add the sliced vegetables and cook for a few minutes.

          Tortillas are then warmed up in the microwave for 45 seconds.

          Spread the salsa on the tortillas and add the fajita mixture, wrap and eat.

          It serves 4 people.

          Its tastes nice and spicy but mild enough to eat, maybe a bit on the salty side. I find them quite filling and delicious. My only problem is with the peppers, it just plays havoc with my bowels after a couple of hours have gone by. Luckily a dose of Milk of Magnesia sorts it all out.

          For those with allergies you may like to take into account that this product contains gluten, wheat and may contain nuts.
          According to the Food Standards Agency's traffic light system it is low in saturated fat and sugar but medium in fat and salt. Its contains 264 kCal and provides 1,112kJ per fajita.

          Packaging wise it's just a square box with a picture of the fajitas. It contains instructions on the back of the box alongside with what ingredients you need. The salsa comes in a plastic sachet, seasoning in a white packet and tortillas in a plastic sealed bag (found it hard to open had to get some scissors out in the end).

          Overall an easy and tasty solution for meal times.


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            21.05.2010 18:07
            Very helpful
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            Quick, easy mexican dish

            We always have these in stock in the cupboard as fajitas are one of our favourite meals to cook for a bit of a treat. I tend to stock up when they are reduced as Asda has them on special offer at only £1 each semi- regularly. Otherwise they are around £1.70.

            The kit contains eight tortillas in a plasic wrapping, a sachet of salsa and sachet of fajita seasoning. The cooking suggestions are to cook chicken pieces in a wok with oil and the fajita seasoning until cooked through, then add a chopped onion and two chopped peppers and cook for a few more minutes. Being vegetarian I follow these instructions, but replace the chicken with quorn which my non vegetarian husband thinks is just as good. I have also used quorn mince on one occasion when we had run out of chicken, which also worked although I prefer the quorn chicken. You could also use just a mixture of vegetables.

            The fajitas are very easy and quick to cook. From start to finish they can be ready in only 15 minutes. Whilst the ingredients in the wok are frying away I grate some cheese, open the salsa sachet, open a pot of sour cream and heat the tortillas, and hey presto, it is all ready.

            Fajitas can be a bit messy to eat as you load the filling and accompaniments onto a tortilla, roll it up and eat it with your fingers, but they are fun as well. As well as salsa, cheese and sour cream you can also serve them with lettuce or a lime to squeeze onto them.

            One pack serves two of us, but I have also stretched a pack to serve three using additional tortillas and more quorn and veg. We have large appetites and can easily manage four tortillas each, but some people may prefer three or even two.

            With regards to the flavours of this brand in particular I find them different but not inferior to branded makes. The tortillas are much the same as any other tortillas and are mostly of a goood size. The salsa is tomatoey with a good lumpy texture. It is hot enough for me but my husband prefers a hotter salsa. The fajita seasoning infuses the chicken well, flavouring every mouthful. Again I find it quite spicy, hence the need of the sour cream. It lacks some of the subtlety and interest of some of the different flavoured brands.

            If you do not like spicy foods at all then you may not enjoy this. I do enjoy only mildly spicy foods and have to have sour cream with it to enjoy this. If you are very keen on hotter foods then you will enjoy this.


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              08.04.2010 20:06
              Very helpful




              When it comes to making Fahitas we have always bought the kit made by Old El Paso, considering these were costing £2.84, they weren't cheap. When I saw an Asda alternative reduced to £1 ( usual selling price £1.76) I had to give it a try.

              The packaging was very eye catching, it was orange in colour and had Mexican Fajita dinner kit written across the front, underneath this there was a large picture of some Fajitas made up and a list of what was included in the box:

              8 x wheat flower torltillas
              1 x spicy salsa
              1 x fajita seasoning

              To cook this, it is very simple, just brown off some chicken with vegetables of your choice; we usually throw an onion, a yellow & green pepper and some tomatoes in too. Then add the Fajita seasoning and continue to cook for a few more mins until everything is cooked. The seasoning is pretty spicy so if you don't like too much spice just reduce the seasoning accordingly. When you add the seasoning, it comes in a powder and does seem like it will stay powdery, but after a few minutes it seems to cook and stick to the meat and veg really well. The box says you can also use beef strips with this mixture, we actually use minced beef too, any meat would work fine.

              Once everything is cooked, you have to prepare the tortillas, you can put all of the tortillas in for 40seconds, we usually do half and half as they don't seem to cook properly this way, and end up going cold very quickly. Spoon the chicken mix into the wraps, add some salsa sauce and wrap them up ready to eat. We usually grate some cheese in before we fold them, and also sour cream, it really makes them more tastey. Once all this is done, they are ready to eat - it's that simple.

              The taste of these is brilliant, the seasoning is as good as any of the major brands, as mentioned it can be spicey but we like it that way. The wraps are really soft and hold the filling well. I feel without the addition of sour cream these would be a bit too bland and maybe too spicy, the cream and the cheese finishes it all off.

              The kit itself is vegetarian friendly, but may contain nuts. It should be stored in a cool dry place and once opened all used within four days.

              To summarise, for £1 this kit is brilliant and makes a very good and cheap meal, just a couple of chicken breasts and a few peppers is all you really need. Anyone could easily make this meal. Perfect for camping too as it can all be cooked in a frying pan!

              5/5 - I think this is excellent.


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              07.04.2010 20:43
              Very helpful



              A great dinner, you can add whatever you like to them!

              I love this asda fajita dinner kit, we get one every single week on our shopping. Fajitas is one of our weekly meals, as they are so easy to put together!

              This pack does not come with everything you need to make fajitas, but it comes with the sort of things you dont always have in your cupboards to make them. In the box is a pack of 8 flour tortillas, a packet of fajita seasoning, and a pack of salsa. You can add whatever you want to these fajitas.

              We usually add the usual chicken, onions, tomatoes and peppers. These are things we always have in the house anyway. However i love to have chicken breasts, wrapped in bacon, with lettuce and grate cheese in the these! It is gorgeous!

              Although there is a seperate box for burritos, it is no different to this fajita dinner kit, you get exactly the same in the box, so you can put mince with this fajita kit if you want to. We love this dinner kit with chicken or mince, they are both delicious!

              To make the fajitas, all you do is fry your chicken, we use mini fillets, with the peppers, onions and tomatoes. When the chicken is going golden brown after about 5 minutes, you just sprinkle the packet of seasoning into the frying pan. We dont tend to use the whole packet, as it is very strong tasting, we use about 2/3 of the pack. Then to heat the tortillas you just put them in the microwave for about 5 secs each it says on the pack, but i put them in longer than that, around 10 secs on each side for us or they are too cold!

              Then you just scoop the chicken, and pepper etc into the torillas and wrap it up like in the picture. Add some grated cheese to it, and some of the salsa from this dinner kit, and we cant eat these without lots of soured cream!

              The tortillas are so soft, but they tear easily, so be careful with them. They are a nice texture, not too thin or too thick, just a nice soft bread. The seasoning can be quite spicy and it has a very strong spicy smell, it is a bit too strong, it really gets to you while you are cooking it. The salsa tastes quite spicy too, and strongly of tomatoes.

              I have tried old el paso fajita kits before and i honestly really like the taste of the seasoning in the asda kits a lot more. The tortillas and salsa taste just the same, but the seasoning in the old el paso kits is way too spicy for me!

              These asda dinner kits are always handy to have in, they only take roughly 20-25 mins to cook, and they are gorgeous! You can put anything in with them, not just chicken and peppers, try the chicken, bacon and cheese i do, it is lovely.

              The contents of this kit are suitable for vegetarians, but may contain traces of nuts.

              If like us you dont use all 8 tortillas, as there are only 2 of us, we only use four. You can keep them if you want, we just chuck them away, we wouldnt use them for anything. If you want to keep them, store them in an air tight container and consume within 4 days. You can also keep the seasoning and salsa, keep the seasoning in an airtight container and refridgerate the salsa. These also need to be used up in 4 days.

              These are highly recommended! At only £1 a box in asda at the moment, it is such a cheap addition to plain chicken meals!


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              30.03.2010 02:46
              Very helpful



              Yum yum yum!

              I absolutely love fajitas and was really shocked after a conversation with my mate that took place the other night that she had never had one! Me, I thought everyone had! So when we did a bit of shopping in Asda the other day and these caught my eyes I decided it was time for her to try them and popped one in our trolley!

              The Packaging:

              Orange and yellow square box and on the front of it there is a photograph of the fajitas and I am told that they are Asda 'Magifico' Mexican Fajita Dinner Kit and that the kit includes 8 wheat flour tortillas, 1 spicy tomato salsa,and one fajita seasoning mix and to 'just add chicken or vegetables to make the perfect fajita' and the weight is stated which is 475g and I am told they are suitable for Vegetarians. Other information given on the box includes being told how to make them up and being shown in an easy diagram how to make a fajita up, ingredients and allergy advice is shown as well as storage details and a full nutritional chart being shown and contact details for Asda are given. It's a rather good looking box and doesn't look cheap at all, it's easy to open and very well explained as to what your getting too!

              The Fajita Kit:

              Right well first off lets describe your part of the deal! Pick out your ingredients you want to use to fill your fajita such as chicken and vegetables (peppers and onions are a nice combination), beef, pork, just vegetables or like I did and use meat free chicken and some vegetables. All you do is open the packet of the brown and highly spicy smelling seasoning mix and sprinkle it over your ingredients with tbsp of oil and fry it all off for a few minutes till it's all lightly browned. No real preparation and that's your filling! The seasoning is slightly spicy and mixed from a blend of paprika (which gives it a lovely colour), oregano, garlic, cocoa powder (yes that is in it lol), basil and cumin as well as a few other bits and pieces of course). Theres plenty of it and it coats all the ingredients really well and sort of melts into it without tasting powdery at all.

              All your then left to do is lay your cooked ingredients out onto a fajita and wrap them up! You can pull the sides of it to the middle or simply wrap it up a bit like a sausage. All you have to do with the thick and robust tortillas in either Flash fry them dry in a pan for a few seconds each side or do as I did and microwave them one at a time for 5 seconds! The tortillas are really tasty and again well seasoned and nice, large and round is shape and I was incredibly impressed with the size of these as was my mate!

              In the kit comes a salsa which is a rich and chunky tomato and chilli based. I could complain that although you get a large plastic sachet, if making 8 of these up I feel you need more of this than what is given! It is chunky though and looks fresh and is really tomatoey with slithers of onion in it and has plenty of jalapeño peppers in it too. It's tasty and spicy and incredibly tangy with a hint of hotness to it but like I've already said it's a shame there's not a wee bit more of it!


              A great value kit that is a large size. I love the flavours and certainly feel that this is equally as good as leading brands but far cheaper. To pep it up a bit I suggest you get yourself some guacamole, sour cream and some extra salsa and grate up some mature cheddar cheese! Love them and they get top marks from me without hesitation.

              Nutritional Information is hard to explain cos of course it depends how much filling etc you have but your looking at 231 Kcal and 5.5g fat for per 4 tortillas, 11kcal and 02.g for 1/4 Packet of salsa and 20Kcal, 04g fat for the seasoning.

              Only available in Asda stores priced at £1.50 per kit.


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              21.08.2009 07:41
              Very helpful



              See review.

              Up until quite recently I had never really tried anything Mexican, I had always bought the better known brand of fajita mix kits, but never actually eaten them myself.
              After buying them one day and feeling curious I tried one, don't tell my husband it was one of his, I made out I had dropped one! Lol!

              The taste was a revelation, so from that moment forward I knew I was a fan.

              After my weekly shopping trip to Asda I noticed that they had brought out their own version of the better known brand but at a much better price.

              The product I will now review is - "Asda, Mexican fajita dinner kit"

              The box is actually very similar to the earlier mentioned kit (sorry, for the life of me I can't remember the brand name!), being all burnt oranges and cactus', there is a lovely picture of the made up fajita's on the front with a pile of salad, this makes me laugh as we have ours with chips and even if I spent all night preparing it, it wouldn't look anything like the one pictured!

              The box states that there are 8 x flour tortillas, 1 x spicy salsa mix and 1 x fajita seasoning.

              The instructions for cooking are really easy, hence the reason this is a tried and tested fall back dinner!

              You simply fry up 450g sliced chicken....ok I'm feeding me and very hungry husband, 450g is never going to be enough, so change that to a tray of chicken breasts, sliced.
              1 x large green pepper, 1 x large red pepper and 1 x large onion sliced.

              You fry up the chicken until almost cooked, add the vegetables, then after a few minutes add the fajita seasoning. The oil in the pan will help the seasoning stick to everything and you are left with a pan full of smoky spicy goodness.

              Before making up your fajita's warm them for a few seconds in the microwave then layer them with the mix and some salsa, I like a dab of garlic mayonnaise on mine to counter the spicy flavour, though I am not a "hot" spice fan, but these are more tasty than take the skin from your tongue!

              You roll the tortilla, very carefully then munch.

              The tortilla's are soft and floury, with the salsa being a little crunchy and spicy against the soft smokiness of the chicken and vegetable mix, needless to say it is incredible and the perfect dinner!

              You can use whatever you like ingredient wise, I would imagine these would be just as nice vegetarian style, in fact thinking about it these would probably be nicer, and take less time to cook.

              Preparation wise these will take you minutes, though if using meat you will have to ensure the meat is cooked thoroughly, I tend to poach the chicken breasts first then give them a blast in the pan with the vegetables and fajita mix.

              The nutritional information is as follows -

              Tortillas (per 2), Salsa, (per ¼ pack), Seasoning,
              Per 1/4 sachet,
              231 kcal, 11 kcal, 83 kcal,
              38.8g carbohydrate, 2.0g carbohydrate, 3.5g carbohydrate,
              7.8g of which are sugars, 1.7g of which sugars, 0.8g of which sugars,
              5.5g fat, 0.2g fat, 0.4g fat,
              2.4g of which saturates. Nil of which saturates. 0.2g of which saturates.

              After reading this information, (I am not a very concerned shopper normally!), this makes this quite un healthy sugar and calories wise, you must also realise the information is without the vegetables and meat, and of course whatever oil you choose to fry the ingredients in.

              Allergy advice states that this contains gluten and wheat, and may also contain traces of seeds and/or nuts.

              For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

              As mentioned earlier the main reason for buying this was the price, as an own branded item this will set you back around £1.60, which in comparison to the better branded one's is a saving of around £1.00

              Well I will stand by my earlier admission that this is a lovely, quick and easy to prepare dinner, though I may have to reduce down the times I eat this in a month!

              Thanks for reading x


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