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Asda Fresh Double British Cream

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Brand: Asda / Type: Dairy

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2011 17:40
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      A good double cream that tastes lovely and creamy.

      I know it isn't exactly healthy, but I do love a bit of double cream once in a while!

      I had to buy some double cream the other day for a recipe I was making and since Asda was the closest supermarket to me, that is where I bought it.

      The carton looks like any other similar carton of cream, plastic with a foil lid and a plastic replacement lid to keep unused contents fresh. The labelling has the usual Asda logo and it says that the cream is British.

      Asda sells it's cream in three different sizes: 150ml (65p), 300ml (£1.00) and 600ml (£1.71).

      The cream stays fresh for several days if unopened, but obviously as it's dairy you need to keep it in a fridge. Once opened it must be consumed within 3 days.

      Double cream is very versatile. You can use it as a pouring cream (delicious on strawberries!) or whipped (careful not to overwhip it or it will start to turn to butter and the whey will ooze out) which can then be used to fill cakes and scones. It's also great to use in savoury dishes and to make cream sauces. You can add double cream to hot drinks, though personally I prefer single cream for that unless I am making Irish coffee. If you want cream to float on top of a hot drink then you do need double cream for that, so this cream would be suitable.

      Naturally, if you are allergic to dairy products cream is off-limits. The label on this cream clearly states that this 'product contains milk'! Weightwatchers will not be surprised to know that double cream contains 445kcals per 100ml, so probably best avoided if you are on a diet. Double cream is also very high in fat, 47.5g per 100ml to be precise, so again if you are on a low-fat diet, then this is not for you!

      I found Asda cream tasted really good. A lovely creamy taste in fact, and the thickness was just right. It did not smell sickly, so was obviously very fresh. It was not too thick that it wouldn't pour easily, but thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. I made some toffee sauce with the cream I bought, which turned out really well. The cream did not split when heated and the sauce tasted really good!

      I would certainly buy cream from Asda again!


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        07.03.2011 23:26
        Very helpful



        Nice cream at a great Asda price!

        I love nothing more than either custard or cream on puddings and desserts. I try not to have any puddings and sweet stuff but it is extremely difficult when your boyfriend comes to stay and basically lives on junk food!

        So when he does travel to see me I do inevitably get foods in that I know he will love and get in things like cheesecakes and hot puds and of course cream and custard to go with too and usually from Asda as thats my preffered place to shop.

        This one I spotted in Asda and as I appreciate a cream that is reasonably thick with 'body' to it I opted for this instead of the single cream version I could have opted for that Asda sell as well.

        The Packaging:

        This is available in three different sizes however no matter the size you opt for the appearance of the blue and white plastic pot with a peel off matching foil lid to the top of it is the same. On the lid and on the front of the pot we are told that it is Asda Double Fresh British Cream and there is a photograph of the cream on there on what appears to me looks like pancakes and we are told that it is suitable for whipping, cooking, pouring and spooning and the size of my pot is stated on there too which on this occasion was a 300ml size. Other information on the back of the pot includes ingredients and allergy advice, storage instructions are given as is a full nutritional chart (this is said to give 10 servings by the way in this size) and contact details for Asda are of course listed. Nice enough pot and its informative enough.

        The Cream Itself:

        White and reasonably runny with simply a waft of a creamy smell to it you can of course whip this up which is ever so easy to do and not at all time consuming to do as it whips quick and holds well. Of course you can use this simply as double cream for cooking (i.e make sauces with it), spoon it on to puddings/desserts the way it is or pour it. I don't advise you to put this in coffee based drinks though as it does give off a really unappertising yellow grease pool to the top of the drink that foes taste purely of grease.

        Taste wise well this is only made from 100% double cream according to the ingredients list which is of course milk (according to the allergy advice stated lol). It does have body to it, doesn't taste greasy unless added to warm/hot drinks and isn't really sweetened or anything like that. It simply tastes off thickened milk and I and my household loved this!

        Not too greasy, it holds itself well on warm/hot things and has a really thick, fresh and creamy taste. Great for whipping up if that is your persuasion giving off an airy light taste and doubling a pot in size this gets a thumbs up from me big time!

        Nutritional Information Per 100g:

        Energy 1831kJ/445kcal
        Protein 1.7g
        Carbohydrate 2.6g
        of which sugars 2.6g
        Fat 47.5g
        of which saturates 29.7g
        Fibre Nil
        Sodium Trace
        equivalent as salt 0.1g

        Only available in Asda stores costing 60p for 150ml, 300ml for 82p a pot or 600ml for £1.50.


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