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Asda Peach Slices in Juice

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Brand: Asda / Type: Other Fruits

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    2 Reviews
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      23.08.2011 13:52
      Very helpful



      So so depending on how you use them!

      Before I get stuck into this review must point out that I am not reviewing Asda peach slices in juice but Asdas 'Smart' Price ones in light syrup. Dooyoo have refused to add another link and suggested I pop it here so here I am!

      When it comes to tinned fruit its always something that I have in my cupboards. I like it to eat with custard or cream and occasionally I will try my hand at a trifle. However like most people I am on an economy drive at the moment and so have made some small cut backs. I spotted these tinned peaches costing only 29p for a can of 411g of them and so I decided that was considerably cheaper than what I normally purchase and so I picked up a couple of cans.

      The Packaging:

      The can has a green and white label with a photograph of a peach on the front of it and we are told that they are Asda Smart Price Peach Slices 'In Light Syrup' and that ½ can counts as one of the recommended portions of fruit/vegetables a day and that they are suitable for Vegetarians and the weight is stated. On the back of the can other information listed includes ingredients and nutritional advice and contact details for Asda are given. This is a basic looking can and really obviously economy and with no ring-pull to the top of it however I always think that it's the product that counts over the packaging anyway.

      The Peaches:

      In a can you get rather a lot of generous and thick slices of orange coloured peaches in a thin murky looking liquid which is of course the syrup.

      What this basically is, is peaches in water and syrup and the peaches do taste a little soggy as they have been stored in the liquid but do taste like peaches really though not really, really strong in flavour. The syrup is thin and sugary but well blended and so not bitty and although it tastes sweet it doesn't make the peaches taste overly sweet or anything like that.

      I always drain mine off and they're great with jelly, custard and even in a trifle but although I like them right enough they do taste economy because they are not all that full of flavour and so for that reason they are best put with other things!

      Nutritional Information Per ½ (The Important Bits):

      Energy: 73Kcal
      Carbohydrate: 17.5g
      Of which sugars: 17.5g
      Fat: Trace
      Of which saturates: Nil

      Only available from Asda stores.


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        17.07.2008 12:48
        Very helpful



        Peach Slices

        I am not a big fan of fruit, and I find whenever I buy fresh fruit it doesn't get eaten and ends up in the bin. Unfortunately it's often the same with tinned fruit, as I will tend to eat about half a tin and the other half stays in the fridge until it needs to be thrown out.

        I do like peaches though, and when I was last in Asda, I spotted that they do small tins of peaches in grape juice. As the tins were so small, I decided to get a couple as I knew that there would be no wastage once I had bought them.

        ~About the product~

        These are peach slices which come in grape juice rather than syrup. I prefer tinned fruit that comes in juice as obviously it's healthier than syrup which is packed with sugar. Other than the peach slices and grape juice, the only other added ingredient is citric acid.


        These come in a tin like the one pictured. As it's only 213g it's fairly small. The label is pale blue with pictures of peaches on it, and the back of the label has a recipe suggestion - peach praline.

        ~What I thought~

        The peach slices were a pretty good size and looked juicy. They have their skin removed, and obviously the stone as well. I've bought tinned peaches in the past (usually economy brands) that have bits of skin or stone still attached, but thankfully these didn't and were pretty perfect.

        The grape juice is very thick, and to be honest looks a lot like syrup. It has a sweet flavour, which goes well with the taste of the peaches, whilst not overtaking their flavour. If you don't like the grape juice, however, you could always drain it off.

        The peaches themselves are lovely and juicy, and I think they taste just as nice as fresh ones do.

        I tend to just eat these on their own, but they're really versatile, they go well with ice cream, or can be used in lots of different desserts, such as trifles.

        ~Nutritional Info~

        Each half can contains...

        53 calories
        12.7g carbs
        Trace of fat


        A 213g can costs 29p from Asda.


        These peaches taste really nice, and they go brilliantly with the grape juice they come in. The small can makes them a lot better for me personally, as there is less wastage.


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