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Asda Smart Price Golden Almond Marzipan

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Brand: Asda / Type: Almond

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    3 Reviews
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      11.02.2010 00:22
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      69p A Packet!!! Bargain!!!

      I do some baking with my little sister sometimes but I've noticed the prices of ingredients is going up big time. The other day she decided she wanted to make an apple crumble with marzipan under the crumble like we had in the pub one time but I was SHOCKED at the £2.29 price of marzipan in the shop by me!

      I had to go to Asda the same day and I was happy to see they do marzipan in their Smart Price range and a 250g pack is only 69p so that's a mega saving.

      It's as good as any other marzipan I've used and the only difference for me is that the colour is a bit paler than the dead golden marzipan I usually buy. It's still got a wickedly sunny colour and looks proper nice though so I wasn't bothered about it.

      The marzipan is quite soft and rolls out easy, it doesn't smell that strong but when I nicked a bit off the end I realised the taste was amazing! It's got a smooth flavour that is dead strong of almonds and is also very sweet, it's marzipan so that's exactly how it should taste! It's not sticky to touch and doesn't feel wet when I come to roll it out and I was happy about that because I like marzipan to have a just right texture.

      When the apple pie was done the marzipan was wicked. It went soooooo nice with the apple and the sweet taste come out even better because it was with the sweet apple and the sugary crumble.

      This is a wicked bargain and I reckon it should cost more..... don't tell Asda that though! lol For 69p you're getting something that would cost 3 times the price in smaller shops and the only difference is the colour of it and that the more expensive stuff comes in a bright shiney wrapper! lol

      Recommended..... this is one of the best bargains in the supermarket and if you do more cooking than me you'll be quids in over the year!!!


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        20.12.2009 20:41
        Very helpful



        It is as good as any.

        Every year I make some small gifts for our church bazaar and I always find that home-made sweets go down well. I cannot really afford to spend a fortune on the ingredients but I do like to try and make them as attractive as possible.
        Marzipan and chocolate almonds always seem to be good sellers so each year I look out for the best value when it comes to buying the ingredients.

        This year the marzipan is the Asda Smartprice, the almonds were another Asda bargain and the chocolate is courtesy of Cadbury's, I have tried using other types of chocolate but nothing beats the sweet silky Cadbury's Dairy Milk.
        These are simple to make a layer of Asda marzipan is rolled around the nut and pressed well together around the edges. Then I melt the Cadbury's chocolate in a Bain Marie and then put the marzipan covered almonds onto the end of a skewer and dip them into the Cadbury's chocolate. I try to make the layer of milk chocolate as thick as I can. Then I place them onto a piece of greaseproof paper to dry and put them into Petit Four cases ready to sell. They don't have a long life so I always make a point of telling people that they need to eat them quite quickly.

        I had never used the Asda Smartprice marzipan until this year, I weighed up the prices and the Asda golden marzipan cost £1.42 for a 500g block against the Asda Smartprice marzipan at 69p for a 250g block, so although the difference is only pence I decided to try it.
        The ingredients of both Asda Smartprice and Asda Golden marzipan are much about the same, both contain 25% almonds, sugar, glucose, sugar syrup and colouring.
        100g of Asda Smartprice marzipan contains a very hefty 428 calories, it is obviously unsuitable for anyone who is allergic to nuts but it is fine for vegetarians.

        The ready to roll block of Asda Smartprice marzipan comes in a very basic wrapper, it smells as marzipan should and although it may look a little bit pale it tastes as good as any other I have come across.
        The block feels fairly sticky when you remove it from the wrapper and I usually sprinkle some icing sugar onto my work surface to make it easier to roll out. You need to sprinkle the rolling pin with some icing sugar too.
        The Asda marzipan feels `grainy` when you touch it and all the time that you are rolling you can smell nothing but almonds, I love the smell so that suits me fine.
        The marzipan rolls well and as long as you let the block warm up to room temperature before rolling it out then you should have no worries about it cracking too much.

        Marzipan is very rich and sweet and the Asda marzipan is no different, a little goes a very long way and I find it is better not to make too thick a layer of the almond paste or things could get a bit sickly.
        Marzipan has a very high calorie count and it is extremely high in sugar.
        I made my Marzipan and chocolate almonds for the church sale long after I put a layer of marzipan on my Christmas cake and I used Supercook marzipan thinking that it was a superior version but next year I would not hesitate to use the Asda Smartprice marzipan.
        Out of sheer curiousity I looked at the ingredients in the Supercook marzipan and they are much about the same as the Asda Smartprice.


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          14.12.2009 22:55
          Very helpful
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          Sshhhh! Don't tell Asda but it's worth twice the price!

          Review of Asda Smart Price Golden Almond Marzipan

          The Product

          Marzipan is one of those things that people seem to love or hate, I am definitely in the 'love' category! At this time of year, thoughts of Christmas cakes are never far from my mind, so please bear with me while I explain!

          It has long been a tradition in our family for my Grandmother to present each of us with a home made Christmas cake, made to her own recipe, which has been passed down through several generation. We are given our cakes around the end of November and we each marzipan and ice them to our own taste. My Grandmother then looks at them all and chooses her favourite. It all sounds a bit daft, but it's just our family tradition!
          It has become a question of honour to try to out do each other in our cake decorating skills.

          My Grandmother is very elderly, having just celebrated her 96th birthday and she now lives in a nursing home, however she still wanted her daughters and grandchildren to have their cakes, so she passed her recipe to my aunt with instructions to produce the said cakes! We plan to photograph the finished cakes and show the pictures to my Grandmother to decide who wins this year.

          I always cover mine with a generous layer of marzipan in November and leave it to dry out before icing in mid December. Some years I have made my own marzipan with ground almonds, but mainly I buy ready to roll marzipan.
          This year, money is very tight and after looking around the supermarket home baking sections I came to the conclusion that making marzipan was out of my budget, even the ready made variety seemed rather expensive, so I was trying to think of a way to serve my cake as an un-iced fruit cake and hoping that it wouldn't look as though I hadn't bothered, when I spotted Asda Smart Price Almond Marzipan lurking on the lower shelf of the baking section.

          The price was an unbelievable 69p for a 250g pack, compared to the other brands on display, this was around a quarter of the price!
          I grabbed a couple of packs and threw them into my trolley, at that price I felt it was worth taking a risk. If the marzipan was one of the horrible, 'full of almond essence' type of products I felt that I wouldn't have wasted too much money.

          On getting the marzipan home and setting out my cake, jam and other equipment, I opened the white foil package and sniffed the marzipan, it smelt delicious, almondy and sweet, just like marzipan should smell! The colour was a pale gold, not the vivid yellow some shop bought marzipan seems to be. The marzipan rolled out well and was very easy to work with. In no time at all I had covered my 8" cake on the top and sides. As always I brushed the surface of the fruit cake with warmed apricot jam to give the marzipan something to adhere to.
          My two packets of marzipan were more than adequate to give a good coverage and there was quite a bit left over for tasting.....well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

          The marzipan tasted fresh and strongly of almonds, not a hint of that slightly bitter almond essence flavour. It had a smooth texture with a few vaguely gritty bits just like home-made marzipan and had absolutely no after taste at all. My other half wandered into the kitchen at this point and grabbed himself a generous lump of my left over marzipan.
          Now what follows is honestly true and not a fabrication for the sake of the review, he gobbled it up and said how pleased he was that I'd made it myself instead of buying that 'shop stuff'!

          I am not really the domestic goddess type so I showed him the empty Asda packs and came clean!
          We both felt that this cheap marzipan was really good quality and worth twice the price I paid...just don't tell Asda, they might increase the price!

          Storage, Ingredients and Nutritional Values

          Marzipan should be stored in a cool dry place and used by the use by date printed on the packaging.
          Asda Smart Price marzipan contains sugar, almonds, glucose syrup, Invert sugar syrup and colour (Lutein).

          The nutritional values are staggeringly high as one might expect with a product such as marzipan. Each 100g of marzipan contains 428 calories, 6.4g protein, 69g carbohydrate, 14g fat, 1.5g fibre and 0.12g sodium.
          Allergy advice:- marzipan is produced using almonds and may contain traces of other nuts and seeds, so nut allergy sufferers should avoid it.

          Asda Marzipan is suitable for vegetarians.

          ==Availability and Price==

          Available from Asda Stores or online from www.asda.com
          The price is 69p for a 250g pack.
          As with all Asda products, Smart Price Marzipan is covered by the company's refund or replace guarantee should consumers not be 100% happy with an Asda product.
          Asda can be contacted via their website or by phone on the customer care line number 0845 300 111.

          My Thoughts and Conclusion

          I am delighted with this product. I bought it with no great expectations as to the quality or taste, it really was a case of buying this or doing without marzipan on our cake this year!
          I am happy to say that I am pleasantly surprised that such a nice tasting marzipan should cost so little and all I can add is that I heartily recommend this to others!

          Thank you for reading.
          ©brittle1906 December 2009

          N.B. Please note my reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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