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Asda Toffee Cookie Kids Cake Mix

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Brand: Asda / Type: Mix

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2010 11:55
      Very helpful




      Another approved suggestions!

      *The Product*

      This review is for Asda Toffee Cookie Kids Cake Mix or described on the box as Asda Mini Toffee Cookies. This is a near enough pre-made cookie mix with real toffee pieces and is designed with kids in mind.


      The cookie mix comes in a bright and eyecatching yellow box. The front has the brand (Asda) and the name of the product (Mini Toffee Cookies) aswell as a little description of any extras you need, some food facts and a picture of a chef with a wooden spoon and some inviting cookie images! The back of the box has the how to cook information. One side panel of the box is blank and the other has ingredients, allergy advice, nutritional information, storage information and details of how to contact Asda. Inside the box there a single pack of cookie mix. Nothing more and nothing less!

      *What do I need*

      In addition to the cookie mix, you will need

      a mixing bowl
      baking tray
      25g butter (softened) or margarine
      1tablespoon of cold water


      To make these cookies, follow the simple process below :

      *Pre-heat oven to 190C/375F/Gas Mark 5
      *Pour the cookie mix into a mixing bowl, add 25g (1oz) softened butter or margarine and 1tbsp cold water and mix with a spoon. Knead the ingredients until a non sticky dough is formed. Make 12 evenly sized balls and place on a greased baking tray. Tap lightly into shape to form discs approx 1inch across and make sure the cookies are at least 2inches apart.

      *Bake in the centre of the oven for 8-10mins. Allow to cool on the baking tray for 5mins before transferring to a wire cooling rack.

      Asda also state to ensure you wash your hands before you start, to remember the cookies will be very hot and to remember and turn the oven off when you are finished.

      *Ingredients & Allergy Information*

      Wheat Flour , Sugar , Toffee Pieces (10%) [Sugar, Glucose, Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk, Palm Oil, Butter Oil (Milk), Flavouring] , Vegetable Oil , Whey Powder (Milk) , Dextrose , Raising Agents (Diphosphates, Sodium Bicarbonate) , Natural Flavouring (contains Milk, Wheat) .

      Contains gluten, milk and wheat. May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds. Suitable for vegetarians. Free from artificial colours and artificial flavours.

      *Nutritional Information*

      Each cooking contains

      0.9 protein
      7.2g sugar
      1.5g fat

      *Price and Availability*

      This cookie mix is exclusive to Asda and you will locate it in the baking section of your local store. The box contains 206g and costs 51p but is currently on offer unti 27/4 at 2 for £1 and you can mix and match with other kids cake mixes including fairy cakes, shortbread and muffins.

      *Contact Information*

      Asda Stores Limited
      LS11 5AD

      *My Opinion*

      I love baking and I am trying to encourage my son to start young but at the moment he prefers sitting at the kitchen door in his high chair barking orders at me then sampling the finished product! Usually I stick to fairy cakes or crispy cakes and had never tried cookies before. I wasn't confident in making them from scratch incase I messed them up so whilst browsing in Asda I came across these beauties and they caught my eye!

      I think the packaging is very attractive especially for kids and looks nice in my baking cupboard! I picked this up on the 2 for £1 offer alongside the Muffins. Yesterday, the temptation got too much and I decided to make these whilst Boo was having his nap. Here are my views stage by stage!

      First impressions - I was suprised that the only packed in the box was the mix. The pack is about 2/3 full and full of the toffee pieces. I opened the bag with ease and it smelt biscuity if that makes sense and you definently get a strong whift of the toffee which was lovely and sweet. I poured the mix into my bowl and added my butter. I use Stork in my baking and didn't even need scales as Stork has markings on the tub so I simply used my knife and scraped the required amount out and into my bowl with my tbsp water. I used the spoon and found that the powder had completely absorbed the water and I found that I needed a little tad more water, just a sprinkle. After mixing I got into it with my kneading hands and produced a slightly stick mound of cookies dough!

      I pulled bits apart and decided that rather than making 12 mini cookies as the box suggests, I would make 6 slightly larger cookies. This used up the full dough. It was smooth though I did get in some mess! I had pre-greased my tray with a little Stork and my oven was already pre=heated so I shaped my 6 bits of dough and popped them on the tray and into the oven! I used the cooking time to do the very few dishes I had from baking..normally I have lots if I make from scratch so this was pretty quick!

      After a few minutes in the oven, you a thrilled with a sweet toffee aroma and as I have a see through front on my oven, I peered through to see my cookies rising nicely. After about 8mins the cookies were golden brown and for once I managed not to burn them! I removed them and left them to cool. The smell was amazing and the cookies looked delicious. You could easily see there was plenty of toffee pieces dotted around each cookie which impressed me as Asda didn't skimp on them.

      Hubby must've smelt these as he was in from work 10mins after I took them out the oven and needless to say they didn't make it to the cooling rack!

      Taste oh my..I was in heaven! The outside edges of the cookie were crunchy and tasty and the base and middle were fairly soft and very tasty. The toffee tasted real and not artificial which is a bonus. Although these aren't the healthiest cookies judging by the sugar intake, they are ideal for parties and treats.

      I would not hesistate to buy these again. Making and baking time including cool is around 20mins maximum. Price is around 60p including your butter. The taste is well..priceless!


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